The Company Store-A Superior Store?(Review)

The Company Store-A Superior Store?(Review)


Have you ever heard of The Company Store? Me either until I joined their program as an affiliate. I have to say I am surprised as much as I love bedding that I haven’t heard of them yet.

Did you know the have been around sine 1911? That is quite some time for a store to stay open and moving. And if you honestly think about it for a store to open that long they have to have a pretty good customer base.The Company Store pillows

 Of course, I did some snooping before I joined their program to ensure I was bringing a great company to them. I have to say their are some really great comments about The Company Store! So I have decided I would bring some information on them this way you can judge for yourself.

Here are some ideas I thought you might enjoy and find helpful in deciding whether The Company Store is some place that you would like to see as a possibility.

First off I wanted to explain a little more about the company itself, you know how it came to be how long they have been in business that sort of thing. Then I thought I would fill you in a little more of what all they have to offer.

Although I know these are nice facts to have, I also understand many of us look to see what others also have to say about the businesses as well. So I will also be bringing some comments (both good and bad) made by others, so you can see for yourself what people like or dislike about The Company Store.

Sound good so far. Well let’s get a move on and see if you like The Company Store as well!

What Is The Company Store?

The Company Store does seem to have a unique background as to how they became a business. This starts in the 1800s with their ancestors that settled in Wisconsin. Now I haven’t personally been to Wisconsin however, I have been told by many people it does get pretty cold their. So what better place to know how to make warm and cozy bedding than someone who lives in Wisconsin.

Anyways their ancestor passed down their craftsmanship and knowledge on how to assemble one of these fine quality bedding sets. After a couple of years and generation The Company Store was born.

Actually in 1911 when they opened their doors they were first named The La Crosse Garment Company. Later on down the road the changed their name to The Company Store. I am not a 100% sure as to why they changed it, but I figure it had to do with expansion of the business.

You see La Crosse was the town they had started off in so it makes perfect sense to use this a name for a business. But now that wouldn’t be so fitting since they do business internationally as well. So I believe that is how the store came to be now as we know it The Company Store.

Even with their expansion their are certain products like the natural cotton and the large cluster European down that they still produce right their in La Crosse Wisconsin to ensure the quality of the product. Now this isn’t saying that don’t monitor them all but they can keep a closer eye on what is being made.

The Company Store banner

Will The Company Store Have Something For You?

At The Company Store they do have a vast amount of bedding ideas to choose from, and this is also one of the reasons I have chosen this company to bring to you. Now for those of you who are curious yes they do offer more than just bedding. I will give a few example so you have an idea.

    • Pajamas
    • Winter and summer apparel
    • Bags and luggage
    • Some Pet items

Okay their is a lot more, however, I just wanted to give you an example, simply because I mainly want to focus on the many options you have when it comes to bedding needs here at The Company Store. Alright let’s dig in and see what we can find to interest you.

First off how about we take a peek at all the sheets they have to offer.

  • Solid sheets
  • Patterned sheets
  • Percale sheets
  • Sateen sheets
  • Jersey sheets
  • Organic sheets
  • Flannel sheets

As you can see they do have an array of options to choose from. The Company Store also has a variety of sizes and thread counts available to choose from.

Now through all my research I have done with bedding I have learned that having a good pillow can be a real plus when it comes to getting a quality nights sleep. I think The Company Store knows this as well. Here is what they have to offer.

  • Down Alternative pillows
  • Down pillows
  • Memory foam pillows
  • Support and specialty pillows

One thing to keep in mind when you are shopping for a new pillow is, to offer your self the best sleep it is best to choose a pillow that is designed for your sleeping position. More simply put depending on how you sleep like on your back, depends on what type of firmness you need from a pillow.

Well The Company store has you set up as well in that offer they provide you with a simple check list so that you can find a pillow that is best for you.

I know we haven’t covered blankets yet, so let’s have a look at these as well. Here at The Company Store I assure you, you will find a wide assortment of different styles, colors, makes, and designs. So what are some types of blankets they offer? Well they have,

In each one of these categories they do have a huge assortment to choose from regarding the looks and sizes. I encourage you to look around at their very nice selection that they offer.

I do realize I have brought a lot to the table for you to think about, but I want to let you know their is even more. I could probably write 2 or 3 pages telling you what all The Company Store has to offer. But I wanted to basically just give you a taste for now.

So now you see that they are a store with a lot of options when it comes to your bedding needs, how about we move on and I fill you in on what other people have to say about The Company store.

A Lot Of Great Things To Say!The Company Store Sheets

Most of the time when we are thinking of checking out a new store we will often look at what other people have said to see if this would be a good place for us to shop. And that is the reason I want to bring to you some great comments that have been made about The Company Store.

  1. “Their comforters are the best, they are soft and keep you warm without overheating you. The feathers don’t mat together allowing them to keep their shape”.
  2. Someone said they purchased a down comforter a couple of years ago and the quality is still holding up and it came in a great variety of colors. Also, she mentioned that their prices were very reasonable.
  3. One person went on to say The Company Store is a must if you want quality and uniqueness.
  4. Another person said that she has had 2 of their comforters over 15 years. The last a long time and they fit well in her washer.
  5. 3 different people were also was complimenting the different varieties that The Company Store has to offer.
  6. The colors are amazing
  7. One person mentioned that they are very picky about their pillows and they went on to say they prefer The Company Stores, because it holds up on its shape and is washable.
  8. Sleep is 100% improved by sleeping on one their pillows said it was like sleeping on a cloud.
  9. The customer service is very helpful and friendly
  10. Another went on to say they were impressed with the quick delivery and completely satisfied with the quality of the bed spreads.

This is just a small handful of comments that I found that are surrounding the idea that The Company Store is a place of quality. To me it also seems to speak volumes when it comes to showing that they also do have a variety of choices and colors. One other thing that all of these comments said is they would recommend this store to everyone and they will continue to shop here.

Well of course their is always the good side of things and a bad side as well. So next I want to tell you about some problems people were having with The Company Store. This way you can a better rounded picture of what you are looking at.The Company Store bags and luggage

A Few Problems.

Now with every store out their, their is always going to be some bad remarks. Some of them can simply put as people just not liking what is offered and others can be a little more serious and should make you aware of some problems you may run into. With that being said I am going to now also tell you some problems people experienced while dealing with The Company Store.

  1. Sheets are too thin, collect lint easily, and have a tendency to wrinkle.
  2. One customer was offered a coupon for free shipping after they placed their order and then was not allowed to use it on the current order but had to wait till the next purchase.
  3. Someone was upset because they had to pay for their return shipping.
  4. Another person mentioned that they had bought a La Cross blanket and it lost all of its feathers. Said they were falling out on a daily basis.
  5. Someone was also upset that they bought a firm pillow and it wasn’t all that firm.
  6. One guy said someone purchased him sheets and pillow cases for his birthday but he only received the sheets no pillow cases.

As you can see, yes these and many more are things to take into consideration before ordering with The Company Store. But just like any other store or person we all have our mistakes and down falls. But that doesn’t mean that it is completely bad. So take a minute to read what people have to say before you make a decision.

What Do You Think Overall?

Overall I have I am pleased with The Company Store and even if their are a few hiccups, it seems to me that if a business can stay open as long as they have that their overall performance and deliver has to be pretty good.

If you would like a little more information here is a short video for you!

I hope I have brought you enough useful information for you to seriously considering using The Company Store as an option for your next bedding purchase. But as always see what others also have to say. For me personally I have found some great information and think they are well worth it.

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Thank you so much for coming by. I am always open to and welcome any questions, comments, ideas or suggestions. You can leave them for me in the email or comment box that I have provided below. Hope to hear from you soon.

Thank you again and have a wonderful day.

2 Replies on “The Company Store-A Superior Store?(Review)

  1. Melissa, that is some information that you have put together about The Company Store. I can see where it would help people. As you may know, good quality pillows and good quality clean sheets are a great help in getting good quality sleep, so I was wondering do their pillows and sheets help in getting good quality sleep?

    1. Hi David thank you so much for coming by I hope all is well with you. I am glad you have my information helpful. And yes having a good bedding set from the frame all the way up to the pillow cases can affect our sleep. And to answer your question, I have done a lot of looking into this company and they have very outstanding products including their pillows, organic pillow and sheets. Almost all the reviews I read about them have been nothing but outstanding. So yes I do believe you would be getting quality products that would greatly enhance your sleep.
      Thank you so much for stopping by and I hope you have a wonderful day.

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