Memory Foam Mattress Topper-Cloud 9(Review)

Memory Foam Mattress Topper-Cloud 9(Review)


Are you searching for some memory foam mattress topper reviews? Well I have done a pretty good one on Cloud 9 4.3, so keep on reading, I am certain you will like what I have to say!

How many of you out there have an old beat up mattress? You know the kind! Springs poking their ugly little selves up through your mattress, ensuring your sleep to be as comfortable as it would be sleeping on a bed of needles standing pointy end up. Or maybe your bed has more of a type of broken down mattress that resembles sleeping in one of the most shallow crevasses of the Grand Canyon.Grand Canyon valley

Kids shoes are suddenly to small, cramping their ever so fast growing feet. Or maybe your car just broke down right in the middle of rush hour traffic, on one of the hottest days ever. In these types of situations normally the human mind starts to kick into gear and we begin to prioritize our budgets.

Facing issues of this sort, that brand new, ohh so comfortable mattress, you were planning on buying, now has hit the bottomless, never ending, pit of the budget list. Leaving you on the old spring poking, crevasse  mattress hoping and wishing for a better nights sleep.

What if I could give you a solution? Would you possibly be interested? I am talking a more restful sleep resulting in a possibly brighter and better day than you have had in what seems like centuries.

I am crazy or even have a few screws loose? Nope here is my grand suggestion for you. How about trying a new memory foam mattress topper. Do I have your undivided attention yet? Yes! Good, now why don’t you pull up a seat and read about this great product that I have found.outside chair

What is it you may ask? This great product I am caring on about is a Cloud 9 (4.3) foam mattress topper. This product could be your savior. Possibly allowing you to have such a great sleep that when you wake up the whole earth is brighter and more alive than ever. And all of this can be available to you at a more affordable price than a brand new mattress.

Yes this product could be an everlasting solution to that horrible mattress you currently own. Or at the very least it could be a great go-in- between until your budget loosens a little allowing you to buy the mattress of your dreams.

What is the Cloud 9 Memory Foam Mattress Topper?

With your best interest in mind, I want to tell you first off no I have never used this product, however, I have done an impeccable review for you! Thus bringing you the best information and opinions that I could find. Upon reading review after review, my personal opinion is that I don’t think you could go wrong with the Cloud 9 4.3 memory foam mattress topper.

Is your curiosity getting the best of you yet? Are you wondering what this product is all about? And what makes it so great that I am giving it thumbs up? Well if you answered yes then please keep reading. I am going to let you know all about Cloud 9 and much more, such as personal reviews from other people.

Sound like a good deal? You get to find about Cloud 9 AND have the chance to read what other people have to say about it. I don’t think you will be disappointed in all the information I have brought here for you. Have a look!

First off I want to let you know that the Cloud 9 is available in different sizes including twin, twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and even the California King! Taking all of the available sizes into consideration, I believe this a great starting point to show you that Cloud 9 has your best interest in mind as well.

How about we move on, I want to show you some more reasons why I think this would be a great investment into your overall better sleeping health, and leading you to more restful nights!

So here you go, I have jotted down some more wonderful benefits that support the idea of owning a Cloud 9 and how buying it would be a great decision.                           Image result for number 20

  • Cloud 9 is a US made product =quality and more open job placements here in the US helping the economy to keep growing.
  • No worries when it come to toxins. Cloud 9 is a toxic free product.
  • It comes with a 20-year limited warranty! Wow 20 years that is impressive!
  • And lastly when you purchase the Cloud 9 you will also be receiving 2 contours pillows for free! Yep it sounds to me like they are willing to go above and beyond for their consumers.

Sounding pretty good so far? Well I want to tell you about two of benefits that I admire most when it comes to the Cloud 9. They are, it comes with a 20 year warranty and it is toxic free. Let’s take a  quick look at these benefits.

First 20 years limited warranty! Wow! Yea you could go out and still buy a new mattress, but heck you can purchase this product a whole lot cheaper. And even though you spent less, the Cloud 9 could still give you the same great quality of sleep as new mattress would. However, a Cloud 9’s quality is going to last longer. I am only mentioning this because advertisements state that you should purchase a new mattress every 8 years.

Eight years, lets think about that for just a moment. This is truly not a very long time indeed. Basically, yes your mattress may still be in decent condition after 8 years. However, if you look at Cloud 9, they are stating that this product should remain high quality up to 20 years. That a huge 12 year difference!

How about toxic free! In our world today there are toxins in almost everything you purchase, from foods to clothes and a lot more in between. Toxins that can not only make you sick and feel run down, but toxins that can create much bigger problems. I am talking about things such as allergies, constant headaches, and even problems like Gout.clear image of head with hands

And here lies a product that is toxin free! Helping you stay healthier longer. I have to give kudos to Cloud 9 and doing a great job of looking out for their consumers long term health.

Another plus is you are going to be achieving a much better sleep if you are not having to lay there in your nice comfy bed breathing in dangerous air every single night. Sound good? Well this can be achievable by purchasing a Cloud 9. The reason being is simply due to the fact the Cloud 9 is already toxin free. Not to mention also, you can have this toxin free sleep for a much lower price than you can purchase a brand new premium, high quality mattress.

How’s this for a deal of a century (or 20 years)! Cloud 9 (4.3) memory foam mattress topper can be found at Amazon with free shipping. So let me make sure I am telling you all of this right! You can get a truly great product with a 20 year warranty, toxic free, 2 bonus contour pillows, and free shipping all for a much lower price than you could get a brand new mattress.

In your mind are you still debating on whether to replace your Grand Canyon, spring poking mattress with a brand new one? Or are you more leaning towards the thought of going ahead and revamping your old mattress? Allowing yourself a new way of sleeping while still making that tight budget a little more flexible to include all of your priorities and not dismissing one because of the high expense.  thumbs up and down

Well if this is where you are at, undecided and still weighing out the pros and cons. Maybe this next part will help assist you in that decision. How you might ask? Well I have taken the time to read through some people’s great reviews and have brought them here to share with you. Just to ensure you that I am not a one  sided person, I also made sure to include the reviews from people who decided Cloud 9 wasn’t for them.

4 Stars or Less- Reviews

Usually I begin with the positive reviews for a product. But I was thinking it might be time to change it up a little! This time I am going to start with the people who have decided the Cloud 9 didn’t suit them. However, the reviews and comments that you are about to read, I don’t see as being that bad. Although, I still feel it is necessary to provide you with an array of opinions. Allowing you to be able to use your best judgment to make your ultimate decision.

  1. First up a person mentions, that they purchased the Cloud 9 mattress topper based off the reviews that she had read. She was not pleased with the outcome. Her statement goes on to say that the mattress topper, and the 2 contour pillows included were not as comfortable as she expected them to be.
  2. I also discovered 2 comments stating that the mattress toppers felt more spongy and had more of a squishy feel than a foam feeling would have.
  3. One person did mention that to them it didn’t feel like memory foam, but it felt more like a regular foam was used instead.
  4. Another downside, but just a little downside, someone said that a cover was not included in the purchase. Which was disappointing to them.
  5. One other person mentioned that they were disappointed in the thickness (not thick enough) and should have selected a thicker one.
  6. And lastly this person wrote that she had a big problem with the odor and that she did try to air it out for a couple of weeks. Also that it had started turning an off-white almost yellowish color. She said she had owned the product for about 2 months now.

Out of all the looking I did these were the worst of the reviews. I did want to mention with that last review about the smell, it does say when you purchase this product to air it out for a day before use. And almost everyone else that gave a review said this solved the problem with the very slight smell. I honestly don’t know what happened with the lady in the last review.

alarm clocks                                                                                         cloud 9 

4 Stars and Above

Finding great reviews on the Cloud 9 took very little effort as there was an abundance of them available. Honestly I could post hundreds of them that I located. However, in efforts to save you from reading a forever long list, I went through and picked out some of the positive reviews that showed up repeatedly. And here you go!

  1. This one is a perfect example of what I was describing earlier about a broken down bed and a budget. An elderly couple had an old broke down mattress but really didn’t want, or couldn’t spend the money to purchase a new one. So they saw Cloud 9 and decide it was worth a try. Here’s what they had to say. We as many probably do, were suffering from hip and back pain constantly, once we slept on the Cloud 9 we discovered all of our pain eased up and eventually was gone. Soon this couple became pain free, can you imagine being able to say that?
  2. Another person also was in a predicament with a springs poking through mattress. However, with this person they were only going to be sleeping in this bed for about 6 months. So instead of investing a good amount of money he decided to go a cheaper route and purchase the Cloud 9 for the time being. He was extremely happy that he did. He saved a lot more money and slept more comfortably for the remainder of the 6 months.someone sleeping
  3. “Well worth the money, I actually slept all the way through the night without waking up constantly to shift positions.” Was a comment made by one person. And I don’t know about you, but I am one of those people who constantly wakes up to switch positions so this sounds like a real plus to me!
  4. I saw where one lady had stated that she suffers from pressure pain. To break that down for you, basically any little pressure can cause her severe pain. She said that even the stitches in her pillow top mattress hurt her while she was trying to sleep, making it next to impossible to get a sound nights sleep. So this product benefited her greatly by being not only a smooth, flat surface, but it’s soft texture helped her avoid any extra pressure. And now since she purchased the Cloud 9 she is getting a much more restful nights sleep.
  5. Here is yet another one that I really like. A person mentioned that the Cloud 9 did not trap their body heat. Which in turn allowed them to not have to wake up covered in a nights sweat. How does the Cloud 9 help prevent me from waking up covered in sweat? Well one great answer is that it has good air flow, allowing it to be cooler while you sleep.
  6. Yet another person wanted to make sure she let people know that after taking this out of the box and packaging that it didn’t take very long at all for it to poof up and regain the form it was designed to maintain.

For the last 2 positive reviews they talking about the customer service department. Since it wasn’t about the Cloud 9 itself I choose to separate these comments from the product reviews. But I still deem it necessary to explore how you may be treated as a customer with the the Cloud 9’s service department. So here are those 2 comments listed below.

7. The first one said that at Cloud 9 they have exceptional customer service. There they are very attentive to your needs, making sure that when speaking to you they ask several questions to ensure they are providing the best product for each individual person.

8. And for the final comment several people mentioned the speed of delivery. They were not expecting the product to arrive so fast. For them this was exciting because, it allowed to have a more quality nights sleep even sooner than they expected.

Some pretty amazing positive reviews, you agree? I am sure by this point you have began to see why at the beginning I said I may have a solution for you and your old broken down mattress. Now you can see that I am not alone in this way of thinking.

Ways to Easily Purchase Cloud 9 4.3 Foam Mattress Topper
what's next sign

First up have you come to a conclusion yet? Does Cloud 9 4.3 memory foam mattress sound like something you are willing to give a try? If you answered yes then I have provided some very easy methods to being able to obtain this product. Starting with the easiest way first.

I am sure as you were reading you saw my picture of the Cloud 9 memory foam, (I also have another picture right below this), well all you have to do is scroll up, (or down), and click on the picture. When you click on it, it will automatically take you to a page where you can finalize your purchase. Easy right?

Well hold on a minute, I made another way for you to buy the Cloud 9 and it is almost just as easy. As you were reading through my detailed review did you happen to spot a couple Cloud 9’s that are different in color and stood out just a little more.

If you did then you have spotted my other links that I added in attempt to give you many easy ways to help you make an easy and successful purchase. So now all you have to do is just put your mouse on one of these colorful Cloud 9’s and click! Yep that easy and you are well on you way to making a wonderful decision of purchasing the Cloud 9 .

  sleeping bear

Check out what people are saying is the top 10 best mattress toppers.

Now It is Solely UP to You 

To buy or not to buy, well that is solely up to you. I have provided some valuable information in hopes to help ease your decision making process. And for those of you who have decided this is a terrific idea, I went as far as to making the purchase very easy and accessible (shown above). Me personally if I was stuck sleeping on a horrendous, old broken down mattress and tight on money, this would be a great solution. And sure enough I would be clicking on these pictures to purchase a Cloud 9. However, that is your choice to make!

 Last but not least I really hope you have enjoyed my review along with that, I also hope you have found some very valuable information that was helpful to making your decision.

I want to thank you for taking the time to stop and read my review. Also I would love to hear what you have to offer from your point of view. So please feel free to tell me about your experience or if you have any questions/comments, I have a comment box below for you to use. If you would rather your message not be private you can always email me at the address provided below.

Thank you again and have a wonderful day.


12 Replies on “Memory Foam Mattress Topper-Cloud 9(Review)

  1. I’m currently in the market for a new mattress or mattress topper and have been looking at various options. I had not heard of Cloud 9, so thank you for this article. It seems to have a lot of great reviews and as a chronic insomniac it may be worth consideration! I particularly like the idea that it doesn’t trap body heat meaning you stay cool all night – waking up because I’m too hot is a real problem for me. Thanks again for this great information!

    1. You are so welcome. We are in similar boats, I have never heard of Cloud 9 either but it looked good so I thought I would give it a shot. And although I do not suffer from insomnia my bed is broke down and I do suffer with a lot of pains. And getting to hot at night oo yea so me.

      It looks like this may be a good product for the both of us.

      Thank you so much for coming buy and if you have any questions or are interested in a purchase feel free to stop by back by.

      Thank you again and have a wonderful day.

  2. One of the good aspects brought out is that the Cloud 9 foam mattress has good air flow allowing it to be cooler while you sleep and making sure that you will not wake up covered in a nights sweat.
    I like non-toxic quality of the mattress also.
    One should remember to air it out for a day before use.

    1. Hello and thank you reading my review. I like the whole idea of not overheating at night also. This is something I currently have a problem with. I found lots of useful information on the Cloud 9. So glad you stopped by and I hope you have a wonderful day

      Come back and see me soon

      Thank you

  3. I know so many people who complain about waking up with cramps and knots in their backs, and I keep telling them they need a memory foam topper, and now I can send them a link to this webpage. Thank you so much for finally explaining it in a way that they will understand. The prices here are much better than where I bought mine! Thanks again…


    1. You are welcome. And yes send them my way. Make sure to let them know if they have any questions to let me know and I will be glad to help them out.

      Yes the price does seem pretty decent for this type of product. Too bad you already have one. 

      Thank you so much for coming by. Stop back by anytime 

      And have a wonderful day!

  4. You have really gave me some great Ideas on what to do about achy muscles and low back pain.
    There isn’t a morning I wake up without the ouch ouch sound. Now, I know where to start at. Thank you
    very much for inviting me to your site. I have picked up on great ideas and suggestion as I write. I
    know you will be very successful with this passion great passion.

    Thank You!

    1. As I was doing research for the Cloud 9 I was truly impressed by it. I personally fell like this would be a great buy if someone wasn’t wanting to purchase a whole new mattress. And from all I read it seems it did help a lot with all of these aches and pains.
      Thank you so much for stopping I hope to see you soon.
      Have a wonderful day.

  5. I have heard of the Cloud 9 Memory Foam Mattress Topper. Some of my friends actually have them.

    I did research on this before and like you mentioned they are toxic free and apparently they have a 20-year limited warranty. This sounds wonderful, but I’m wondering what they mean by ‘limited’ warranty?

    1. Hi Monica thank you so much for coming by to visit with me. I am super glad to hear you have friends that have used the Cloud 9 and do enjoy it. And yes one of its best qualities is that it is toxic free. I love this less trouble with migraines, allergies and sickness altogether. As far as the limited warranty goes I would like to give you the site so as you can read it. I am only doing this because it is very lengthy and detailed. I would rather you be able to read all of the details this way you know exactly what is covered. It is called I have add a link so you can click on it and get there very easy from here.
      I hope this helps to clarify your question if not please let me know and I will be glad to help.
      Thank you very much for stopping by I hope to visit with you soon.
      Thank you again and have a wonderful day!

    1. Hi Monica. I was glad to provide it. I know I kept trying to type it out but there was so information there I was scared I would leave something out. I am so glad that this will help you understand it better. If you have any more questions please feel free to ask away.
      Thank you so much for coming back by to let me know.
      Have a wonderful day!

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