Storage Beds-Just Tuck It Away!

Storage Beds-Just Tuck It Away!


Do you happen to have a house that the bedrooms are so tiny if you breathe it may be taking up too much space? Or maybe you are looking into buying a house. And you have the found the perfect one except the bedrooms. All the bedrooms are very tiny and you don’t know how you are going to fit all of your need furniture in there.

Room Here is a thought for you! Have you heard of storage beds? These are a great idea, especially if you are limited on space in your bedrooms! Storage beds are a very simple concept, but at the same time are a wonderful invention!

Okay so a storage bed is basically how it sounds. You have storage space under your bed. But did you know there are different versions of these? Yep, there area actually a couple different types of storage beds. If you would like to know more about these stick around.

Also, I thought I would explain which type of storage bed is available in different sizes, as well as a great site that I have found these on. Along with some of their information, such as shipping prices, warranties, and even the areas they ship to. So keep reading if you are looking at a way to save space in your bedroom. This could come in very handy!

Is There Not Enough Space In Your Bedrooms?

You know when I first started searching for my new home that I was wanting to purchase, I came across some very nice ones. However, not thinking of ways to down size, I saw the bedrooms of many of them entirely too small.

I knew by the time I put my full sized bed in there I would be lucky if I could squeeze in one tiny dresser. So I walked away. Now don’t get me wrong I have now found a house that we love with great bedrooms, but I turned down several due to the bedroom sizes.

Does this story sound familiar to you? Well let me tell you what, if I had been thinking at the time of ways I could have down sized I may not have walked away from them homes. So if you happen to be house hunting but you seem to be running into a similar dilemma you may want to take a look into storage beds as one idea.

For those of you that are already settled into your home, storage beds can come in handy for you as well. I mean let’s face as the years go by living in our home, we have a tendency to buy more and more things. And somehow over time your once larger bedroom is now very compact.

In a case like this a storage bed could give you some more space as well. Now I know I haven’t really went on to tell you what kind of options there are with storage beds but I am going to tell you more about that next. But in the meantime if you seem to be stuck in one of these hard to deal with spots keep a storage bed in mind. Now how about I tell you what I have found available.


 What Type Of Storage Bed Sounds Good?

How I managed to forget about storage beds while I was looking for houses, I am not sure. Simply put I have always loved the look and the design of storage beds I think they are unique and interesting to say the least. And as time has gone on more style have become available. Here I would love to explain some of these to you, give you a better idea, so you can also see how neat these are!

  • Storage beds with drawers– Now these are the more common type. A style that I am more familiar with and have been around for a while. These are simply beds with dresser drawers built into the base. Basically you are sleeping on top of your dresser. The drawers are usually built into the sides of the frame, but occasionally you can find them also built into the end of your bed.
  • Lift top storage beds– These are a newer style to me. I have only seen them being mentioned in the past couple of years. I am not saying that they haven’t been around longer. I just haven’t seen them or maybe I wasn’t paying attention. Anyways with this style you have your bed, but your mattress sits on hinges, allowing you to easily raise your mattress and have a hollowed out space underneath. Great for storing different items like extra pillows or even maybe extra comforters, what ever you may need to tuck away to give you that little extra space somewhere else.
  • Trundle beds– This one is a little different concept. But still a very common one. This one could come in handy if you have multiple kids sharing a room or even if one of your kids has friends sleep over. Okay so here is the low down on this one. This is a bed that has another bed underneath it. Kinda similar to a bunk bed. But the difference is that a trundle bed looks like just one bed. The other bed is on rollers/ wheels and can easily be pulled out as an extension. And then magically just like that you now have 2 beds. When you are done it is nice and easy to push back in and poof you are now back to one bed!

I also do want to mention there is one more that is very similar to the lift top storage bed. The big difference is though instead of the top lifting up to open up this storage compartment, the mattress stays in place but it has door that you can open up on the side and access the storage that way.

I am sure there are more types of styles available out there for storage beds, however these seem to be the most common types. So I wanted to at least explain these to you. So what do you think about storage beds?

What Each Size Of Bed Offers For Storage!

One thing I wanted to make sure to bring to your attention is that not all sizes of beds have the same type of offering in types of storage beds. There are some reasonable explanations for this and I thought I would go ahead and fill you in on what type of storage can be found in different sizes and why some features are not available in all sizes. So if you are wondering about this here is some great information for you.

How about we start of with the trundle beds. Now the trundle beds are the beds with a bed underneath them. The trundle beds are mainly found in the twin and twin XL size beds. The reason behind this is that this is a typical size of bed that we buy our children.

And with the trundle beds it is usually a kid or a teenager that would benefit most from having a trundle. I say this because they are the one who are more likely to have a friend sleep over and of course want them in the same room so they can stay up all night playing and joking around.

However, if we take a look at let's say the lift top mattress, these you are going to mainly find in full size beds and larger. However, they are available in all sizes, simply just more common in the bigger beds. As a reminder this is the one that has the mattress that you can push up for a storage area under the bed. 

As far as the beds with the drawers built into the side and the storage beds with the extra storage area that you can access through doors, goes these are available in all sizes. This can make it really handy if you don't have dresser space or you need to have a space for toys or anything extra just lying around.

There you have it, storage beds and what types are available in different sizes. I hope this can help you in choosing which kind would best suite what you need and in which room would be best for each type. Now I also have some very valuable information where you can find some of these beds, along what to expect with this particular store. All you have to do is keep on reading!


Need To Know Information!

I am sure that many stores offer the storage bed set-ups. However, I wanted to tell you about one I have found that does have an array of options to choose from if you are looking into purchasing a storage bed. This store is called Urbangreen Furniture. Here is some more very helpful information you probably should know about if you choose them.d

Here they have put a team together that when combined they have over 70 years of experience in handcrafting these wonderful and amazing beds. Urbangreen Furniture is based out of Brooklyn, USA. Once other plus I wanted to mention they use locally sourced wood.

As far as shipping goes, they do ship to US, Canada, and Puerto Rico (Now they may ship to more areas but these are the only ones I have found listed, so if you live elsewhere and would like to know if you are covered simply ask me and I can provide you with an email address that will help you out). Okay so now if you happen to live in Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico or Canada, they ask that you call ahead for different shipping methods.

As far as prices go, it seems like there is a wide range on shipping prices depending on what area you live in and your preferred method of shipping. So if you would like to know a little more information on what price you are looking at here is an email address that you can reach the store through, Here they should be able to give you a more accurate price for shipping.

If I happen to left out any information that you need or would like to know more about please feel free to contact me. I will be happy to provide you with any information I can.

If you would like to see how the lift top storage bed works take a peek at this video!


Is A Storage Bed For You?

Storage beds, wow what a great invention, don't you think so? Storage beds can come in very handy for any bedrooms and you can find different styles and sizes for each kind. So before you become over crowded in your bedroom or turn down a house because of the smaller rooms, you may just benefit from having a storage bed. What is your thoughts?

Do You Have A problem With Extra Space?

If So You Might Want To Check Out One Of These Beds!

I want to give you a big thank you for stopping by to read the information I have gathered on storage beds. I would love to hear you thoughts, opinions, and ideas on them. Also, if you have any questions just holler I am always willing to help. Now you can get a hold of me by leaving a comment in the box below or you may also email me at the address I have provided below. Either way both are fine with me.

Thank you so much for coming by. I really do hope to hear from you soon.

Have a wonderful day!

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