New Bedding Sets-Rejuvenate Your Bedroom!

New Bedding Sets-Rejuvenate Your Bedroom!


Have you walked into your bedroom here lately, looked around and decided your bedroom could use a little sprucing up? Well why not start with buying new bedding sets!

Right here I am offering comforters, sheets, and pillow cases all in one stop shop! Come have a look around and the variety I am offering. I have done the searching for you to make it easy and I am offering different looks for different folks.

 Elegant and Stylish Bedding Needs

Are you looking for something elegant but stylish for your bed? I have done a little looking around for you and complied some different ideas that I am sure you are going to love!

While I was searching for the stylish but elegant lovers out there I came across a store that offers a good variety of bedding that would meet your needs. That store is Wholesale Bedding.

Now I am not much for the elegant style, my style is more taste is a little more bold. Taking that into consideration I even found some very beautiful, unique, and eye-catching colors and designs while looking through Wholesale Bedding.

Now I know one of your next questions might be do they have a size to fit my bed? I am here to say that I checked into that for you I found sizes for twin XL to California kings and mix in between.

Another question I can see that you might want to know about is, what kind of materials are available? Starting with comforters, they are mostly offering cotton and microfiber. But I also did find some polyester and bamboo filled comforters on here too.

If thread count is your thing, well at they are offering in both comforters and sheets information on that. Since I want to make shopping for bedding easy for you I looked through some of what they have to offer and I found thread counts from 200 clear up to 1000 and many choices in between.

Overall I feel like this store is a place where you could find a design, color, fabric, and your comforter in thread count that you might be searching for. With that being said I would like to offer some of these right here on my site, that way you have an idea of what I am describing. If you find something you like please feel free to jump right in and click on one to purchase.                              

 Many More Ideas and Themes to Come

One of my main goals is to reach you as a customer and make sure that I can try to meet your needs in the comforters and bedding departments. Which is why I am offering such a wide variety of choices for all ages and styles. As you decide what type of style or theme you are interested in continue to look around my site. Who knows I might just surprise you with what I have found for you.

Let The Rejuvenation Begin!

 I Am Here For You

I want to ensure that everyone that stops by might sight knows I am very willing to accept any new ideas, suggestions, or comments. I am here to make sure that I am always striving to find new ideas for bedding.

Are you looking for even more ideas on bedding sets? You may want to glance at this video!

If you are looking for something in particular or even if you would like to see more of a certain theme or age group that I am offering please feel free to leave me a comment below or as always you can reach me at my email. I am here for you!

12 Replies on “New Bedding Sets-Rejuvenate Your Bedroom!

  1. Hello there! I live by myself and my apartment especially my room is so sad and dirty. I wanna change it up a little bit and try to change my bed sheets, pillow sheets and my curtains. I found your article about different types of comforter and themes and this is really great to sprucing my bedroom. Thank you for sharing this and I think that this comforter is good for the price.

  2. I am all about elegant bedding and I loved the site wholesalebedding. They have gorgeous elegant sets and of course comfort is very important to me too. I am always on the lookout for different shops that sell nice bed linen so thanks for the recommendation. Also I love the baby site– I am pregnant and due in a few months so I am trying to organise the baby’s room a little now! They have gorgeous stuff!

    1. I am very glad that I have useful things for you. I am not much on the elegant side, but wholesale bedding was beautiful to me. And baby stuff that is always so cute and fun to look at. Congratulations by the way. If you decide you would like to purchase something and you are looking for something a little different, please let me know and I will try to find it for you.

      Thank you so much 

  3. I LOVE this site! Because of the useful knowledge you have on this site, me and my fiance found the perfect bedding for our bed for our first home! Thank you so much for helping this oh so desperate bride-to-be (:

  4. Hi Melissa!

    So happy to have come across your website.
    I’m just in the process of renovating my son’s bedroom.

    You have so many wonderful ideas here. I was having trouble choosing colors but matching bedding and trim is going to make this super easy for me.

    Do the bedding styles vary with the bed sizes?

    Can these comforters be used on all mattress types?

    How do behave with “futon” type mattresses?

    Thanks, Paul

    1. Thank you so much for looking over my post. Although I am still working on my site I have a couple of kid themed things on there. But I also have provided link in my posts that will lead you directly to the site and and I the link I would tell you to use would either Bedding inn they have a massive variety to choose from or the gearsxs. Now the gearsxs doesn’t have as much but they do have kids throw blankets that are very nice. At the Bedding Inn I do know the provide all sorts of sizes as well. I just checked to make sure they would have something for futons as well and they do.

      If it would be easier for you I would be more than happy to search and post some on my posts, if you can let me know a better idea of what you are looking for and what size. I have no problem at all finding some to show for you.

      Thank you again let me know and as always have a wonderful day

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