Big Cats In 3D Bedding-Enter A World Of Amazement!

Big Cats In 3D Bedding-Enter A World Of Amazement!


Lions, Tigers, and… What no bears? Nope not in is this post anyways!

I was searching for some new ideas and I found some 3D comforters that enhance the true beauty and gracefulness of the glorious big cats! I am talking almost like you are standing right next to them feeling all the strength and power that radiates from them.

I know I have done a couple of (3D) comforter posts on here but I thought this could be something that the guys might like as well. (Not leaving the women out) I have written a lot that women would probably love but I think guys deserve something not so girlish too.

So here you are I thought a good way to do this post was to break it down and offer some information on each of the awe-inspiring big cats. You know see what they are really about. What is better than learning about nature in its natural habitat.

O and of course I will have pictures on here for you to see exactly what I am describing!

The King of the Jungle!

Lions-the Almighty King of the Jungle. Lions got this nickname due to they are the top predator in the wild. However, we as humans are their only threat as far as being hunted goes. Think about that for a second here is a massively, strong creature that is so big and fierce that other animals won't even attempt to go after. And that is how it got the name The King of the Jungle.

Here you go here are some amazing facts that I have found on this extremely impressive animal!

    • Lions are the only cats that live in groups. (the groups are called Prides)
    • The Lioness (female lion) are the primary hunters.
    • Generally Lions will live anywhere from 10-18 years in the wild.
    • If a Lion is in captivity it could help prolong their life span up to 30 years.
    • A full-grown Lion can get up to over 10ft. long and weigh over 400lbs. (This is massive)
    • The Lion's population has decreased around 43% over the 21 years.
    • It has been recorded that these brilliant and impressive creatures have been around between 800,000 to 1 million years.

I found all of this information absolutely wonderful. However, I have even more impressing information to come. So here you go more on Lions.

Lions used to inhabit several areas of the world places like Greece, India, Asia, and Africa are just a few place out of many more. However, now that the population is down 43% people stated that the only places that Lions are living are in 2 areas, one is in the Sub-Saharan Africa and for the other place is India's Gir Forest. The Lions that live in the Gir Forest is a very small population though.

Did you know that actually Lions are what I would consider to be more on the lazy side. Here this is why I came to that conclusion. I found out that for around 20hrs. a day Lions mainly just lie around and relax. Wow wouldn't that be nice huh? These brilliant creatures only walk around on average of 2hrs. a day. Here's a question for you. How long does it take you to eat, I mean if you do an average overall in a day? Well I think Lions have us beat or at least me. Lions usually spend around 50 minutes eating their catches. This puts "take your time" in a whole new perspective.

On the whole subject of eating I wanted to tell you about how farmers came up with a great idea on keeping Lions from eating their live stock. Did you know that if a Lion thinks it has been seen while hunting it discourages them from hunting? What does this have to do with farmers? Well farmers learned about this unusual fact and they have started painting eyes on back end of their cows so that it seems like the cow has seen the Lion which discourages them away. Funny right?

Here is one final thought before I wrap on Lions. People who have been studying Lions have discovered that once in a while a Lion will breed with both a tiger (mainly the Siberian and Bengal) and a Leopard. This fact blew my mind to, I never would have thought of this. So when a Lion breeds with a tiger and young are born they have given them a couple of names. One is Ligers and the other name they have come up with for this unusual breed is Tiglons. Crazy! Now if a Lion has produced young with a Leopard that have named this breed leopos.

There you have it folks some very great and interesting facts about our one and only King of the Jungle. I hoped you enjoyed all this crazy information!

"Their Grreeaatt" As Tony the Tiger Would Say!

Tigers-"Their GRRRREEEAAATT"! As the famous TV character Tony the Tiger with frost flakes would say. I know he is advertising Frosted Flakes cereal, but since he is a tiger himself I am sure he would think this about the actual tiger as animal!

Although there is only 6 species of Tigers left they are an amazing animal to say the least! Just real quick I want to give you a list of the 6 species that are left today.

  1. Bengal Tiger (this one is on the endangered list)
  2. Siberian Tiger
  3. Indochinese Tiger
  4. Malayan Tiger
  5. Sumatran Tiger
  6. South Chinese Tiger (this one is extinct in the wild)

These proud and beautiful animals was once a huge population covering several areas of the Earth. However, a big part to their declined population is due to being hunted. As we know a Tiger is well know for it coloration on its body. A gorgeous blend of oranges brown with black stripes all over.

So the Tiger has been hunted for this beautiful coat and its teeth. Which in turn has lead to a serious decrease in its population.

Besides its wondrous beauty, researchers have study them and came up with some great knowledge that I would like to share with you real fast.

    • First off out of all the big cat family Tigers are the largest. They can easily weigh in at 450lbs. and some Tiger can even get up to 720lbs. (humongous)
    • Tigers also seem to have a longer life span than say Lions. Tigers typically can live up to 20years
    • Here is another great one that is unusual. Tigers like to swim! Yes they like water. Tigers will go sit in water to cool and have no problem catching prey that is in water. They simply drag it back up to the shore.

There is a lot of fascinating fact out there when you start researching animals. Yea some of them can be common knowledge, but I love it when I run across facts like these and it is something new.

Before I move on I wanted to give you one last little piece of information. So here you go. According to fossils that have been found it shows that are majestic creature (Tiger) has been around for almost 2 million years. How's that for a thought to fumble around in your mind!

"The Ghost of the Forest"

"The ghost of the forest"! Black Panthers have been given this nickname due to the fact that first of all they are mainly nocturnal animals and second of all with their dark brown or black coat, combined with their "sneakiness" they are hardly ever seen. Making them a very illusive animal.

Also, with this dark brown/shiny black coat, it makes Panthers another high target for hunters. And because of these Panthers are in most parts of the world are considered to be on the endangered list. Whereas they used to roam most of the world, Now they mainly can be found in 3 continents.

    1. America
    2. Asia
    3. Africa

Yes hunting has had a tremendous effect the population decrease, but another factor to include in this decrease of populations is due to Panthers do not have a very long life span. I found out through research that typically if left in the wild a Panther can live up to 12 years. However, if in captivity their life span could significantly increase up to 20 years.

panther 3D bedding                 panther 3D bedding                  panther 3D bedding

Okay enough on the life span for now, why don't we move on to some fun and interesting facts.

    • Fact 1-Panthers are well-known to be one of the strongest climbers out of all the big cat family.
    • Fact 2-One reason that Panthers are such strong climber is because their hind legs are much stronger and longer than their front legs. This allows the to push up while climbing.
    • Fact 3-With these powerful hind legs it also allows them the ability to jump up to 20ft. in the air.
    • Fact 4-New born Panthers are born blind and they will stay this way till they are around 2 weeks old.
    • Fact 5-Lastly "the ghost of the forest" is also know to be one of the most intelligent and ferocious predators in America.

One last note on Panthers, as I was researching people stated that panthers are part of a species that includes Jaguar and Leopards. However, for this article I wanted to keep them separate since I am writing about Leopards as well.


Although there are still several more species that are in the big cat family, I want to cover at least one more. And that is the Leopard. Just like the other big cats I mentioned above the Leopard also has some great, unique qualities. Here let me show some of what I am talking about.

  1. One of the favorite places to be for a Leopard is up high in the trees. The Leopard likes it so much up there that this is where the mostly do their hunting. What is even more crazy is they will also drag their prey up into the branches of the trees to consume them. This is a way to ensure that most other animals will not get a hold of their food.
  2. Like the Tiger, the Leopard also loves water. So much so that they are extremely strong swimmers.
  3. On land, they are just as efficient. Leopard are very agile as well. They can run up to 36mph., jump forward as far as 20ft., and as for jumping upwards they can reach a jump of 10ft.
  4. Leopards have 5x better hearing than us humans do.
  5. Even though the Leopard share a lot of qualities as the other big cats, it is the smallest of the bunch. On average, they typical grow to be 6.2ft. in length and the females usually weigh between 46-132lbs. While the males average weight is between 80-165lbs.

The Leopard can be easily confused with a Jaguar and a Cheetah. This is mainly due to the fact they all 3 have somewhat similar body builds and the spotting on their coats are strangely similar. However, they are 3 entirely different animals all within the big cat family.

Hold on just another minute here, I have just a couple more of need to know facts about the ever so beautiful and graceful Leopard.

I want to tell you about what regions you can find the Leopard. Sub-Saharan Africa, Northeast Africa, Central Asia, India, and China. And although they are located in many more parts of the world than the other big cats I talked about, the Leopard is also still on the endangered list. However, this list is for all of these locations except Africa. They are more populated in Africa.

And for the last piece of amazing knowledge I want to let you know that rarest Leopard to date is called Amur Leopard. There are only 30 Amur Leopards in existence. They are located in Far east Russia, Korea, and in Northeast China.

Here are a few more animals featured in 3D bedding.

Hope to See You Soon!

Well there you have it everyone. At bedding in they have some magnificent bedding that features these beautiful and amazing big cats. I want you to not only see how great of an animal they are, but I figured it would make your experience even better by knowing these few wonderful facts about the great big cats.

Is 3D Bedding For You?

I hope you had a wonderful time here and thank you so much for stopping by. If you have any comments, questions or ideas I would love to hear them! You can leave them for me in either the comment box below or email me at the address listed below as well.

Thank you again for stopping by, I hope to see you very soon!

And as I hope you have a wonderful day!

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  1. This is quite extraordinary. I have never seen this before and I am utterly intrigued. What a concept! I know that many children are going to definitely want one of these sets for their bedrooms. I also enjoyed the extra info you provided us with on the different cats. Great facts to share with the kids at bedtime.


    1. Thank you. This is one of my favorite sites to visit. Bedding Inn also carries 3D curtains and hoodies. It is an amazing place to visit. I love blankets and comforters but I like to give people a little something more to read about. Thank you so much for coming by come back soon.
      Have a wonderful day!

  2. I am amazed.. These comforters looks so great.. I need to have at least one of them, I love big cats. I know my man will also like this, may be I can surprise him with one of these (may be the Tiger one).
    Thanks for sharing this Melissa.

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by. I am glad you enjoyed this post. I truly love the 3D bedding that I have found at Bedding Inn. They also have some 3D curtains. It is an amazing store to visit.
      I really like all the big cats featured as well. I your man would love one of these. What a great surprise that would be.
      Thank you so much for coming by I hope to see you soon.
      Have a wonderful day.

  3. Wow, these 3D comforters are amazing. They are so life-like and very detailed. I love the African Safari one with all the animals including the big cats! Not me shopping right now though. My daughter’s room is in remodel and she is going with a dark theme. Her birthday is right around the corner. I am thinking that one of the black panther ones would make a great gift and fit perfect in her new room.
    I saw you mentioned to another they have 3D curtains as well. Do you know which of these panther comforters have a matching curtain or accessories?
    Appreciate your help!

    1. Thank you so much for coming by. I agree I love this style of bedding. There are several more options at this site to look through. Including 3D curtains. There they do also offer the black panther 3D curtains as well. Tell you what if you click on the link at the bottom. (The big button) It will take you to my review page on Beddinginn about this site and if click from there it will take you directly to the site. I encourage you to go look around there is so much to offer at this store. Who knows you may even find something else your daughter likes better.
      Thank you so much hope to hear from you again soon.
      Have a wonderful day!

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