Homescapes-Better Than The Game?(Review)

Homescapes-Better Than The Game?(Review)


Here is a funny story for you for starters. Okay well I have recently been accepted to be an affiliate with Homescapes store. So I set off to do a review first, good starting place right? So I have a routine for when I do a review. First I started with the site itself see what all it has to offer that I can let people know about. Second I look at the reviews listed on their site, I really want to know what people are saying and how the company reacts to it.

Third I set off searching the world wide web for other reviews that have been made for this company I want to give my audience the most information I can on this site. And finally fourth I bring them here to my page arrange all the information and put it all together.

Well here is the funny part, it happened while I was on step 3. I put in Homescape review like I always do at this point. Well I completely forgot that there is this new video game out who also shares this name. So low and behold I really had to do some digging to find this housewares site instead of the game!

No worries though, I have found ample information to bring to you so that you still will be able to make a great sound decision. So have a look let me know what you think or if you have used this site I would love to know your opinion.

What is Homescapes-The Homewares Store

Homescapes is a store that has been established in the UK since 2000. I was amazed upon looking at their site. The have an extremely wide range of different products. Here, for a small idea of what you could find there I will give you a list of what all areas they cover.

    • Bedding
    • Bath
    • Kitchen and Dinning
    • Curtains
    • Furniture
    • Home decor
    • Artificial plants and flowers
    • Garden

Now if that is a list for your whole home then I am not sure what is! Keep in mind these top menus also have a bunch of sub items listed within them. And this is just a start of why this site has caught my eye.

A little more information for you about this place before I go into the actual review part. I did a little bit of looking to see if they had a motto and they do, and it is a great one so here you go,” Department Store Quality – Direct from the Manufacturer”. To me it sounds like they have a very good goal set in place.

Just 2 more great details I wanted to make sure to include. First off they use a company called Trust Pilot for their reviews and second with this company, because all of their tremendous reviews, Trust Pilot has given them a 9.4 out of 10 trust score. Pretty impressive if I do say so myself.

Categories Review

At Homescapes they are rated under 6 different categories. For me this would seem to be an important factor when I am choosing to possibly buy a product. So I thought it would be a good idea to share with you as well.

  1. For the Barbecue and accessories category there are total of 43 ratings and Homescapes is ranked 6th.
  2. Next category is the Bathroom, here Homescapes is ranked 40 out of 269.
  3. Of course the category Bedrooms is always important here they are ranked 42 out of 452.
  4. In the Furniture category the have a ranking of 51 out of 457.
  5. Home and Garden is another great category to see the rankings in which here Homescapes rank 488 out of 3089.
  6. For the last category that Homescapes is ranked in is the Kitchen, which here they rank 49 out of 283.

I know these numbers aren’t huge by any means, however if you look at how many they are ranked against these are not bad numbers at all. Another thing to take into consideration is yes this company has been established since 2000 but I am not sure what other companies they were ranked against. Eighteen years is a very long time, but they may up against companies that have been here for more than 50 years.

So in my eyes these rankings are great and I think in time they will continue to keep rising! Now that is my opinion, how about we take a look at what other people said on their reviews.

Actual Customers Reviews

Before I give you other people’s thought on Homescapes, I would like to tell you a fact that I was very impressed to see as I looked through the reviews. And that fact was, I seen a response for Homescapes personally on every single review, good or bad. They did take the time to make sure to respond to every person. I give them kudos for this because a large company like them somehow manage to lose that great respect. It shows integrity and personalization.

Okay on to the good stuff! They have 281 pages of reviews that date all the way to 2014, now as a heads up I didn’t read every single one of them. This is partially because it took me 10 pages to even come up with 6 reviews that were less than 4 stars.

So yea they have a LOT of great reviews. However, I did look over a tremendous amount of these pages and brought you some very helpful information. So here you go see what you think!


  1. Dakota coffee table is very solid piece of furniture
  2. Very nice sheets
  3. Pillow protectors are a very good quality and an excellent value
  4. Mattress toppers are well worth the money and plans to buy more
  5. Completely loves new wool pillows
  6. Ordered the pillow cases, pillow protector, and a flat sheet, very satisfied and has ordered multiple times

Over all Service and Delivery

  1. Prompt delivery
  2. Good Service
  3. Easy exchange when received the wrong color
  4. 10/10 first time ever using this company. Highly recommends. Great customer service, fast delivery
  5. Great customer service, product sent to wrong address and customer fixed it the same day

More great reviews about different areas

  1. Black out liners, very easy to stitch in and is excellent in keeping the light out
  2. Lovely towels and great product
  3. Great Rose trees the look real
  4. Beautiful and stunning rug

These barely even top the cake. The positive reviews about Homescapes goes on for a while. This is just a small sample. I hope it is enough to show you that a bunch of people are very happy with Homescapes, their products, service and delivery. If you would like more information please let me know in the comment box at the bottom and I will be happy to get it for you.

All companies, no matter how great they are, still are going to have a few rough bumps. Here at Homescapes this is no different. But, as I mentioned before I had to search hard and many places to find them. So here they are as well.

  1. Need a different delivery service, Yodel, held a package for a week. (Homescapes responded this was due to bad weather)
  2. One person was upset because Homescapes was unable to fulfill their order. This was due to some products Homescapes received were damaged and this person said it would take to long to wait for them to receive new products.
  3. There were a couple of complaints surrounding the packaging. These people went on to say when they pulled the packaging out of the box it just crumbled in their hands. The products were great though.
  4. Another person mentioned they had placed an order and the next day they received both an email confirming the purchase and the shipment of the product. However, two days later received a credit memo that stated they would refund the money in 5 days due to the fact the product that was ordered was out of stock.
  5. Unsatisfied with the color choices available for the fitted sheet in their needed size
  6. One last one ordered a rug that appeared very nice on the pictures but when arrived it looked like a large cover instead of a rug.

There you have it, a very small version of what I have found out while searching information about Homescapes! I tried to combine some statements that were very similar to make it a tiny bit easier for you.

What Does Homescapes Actually Have?

I know I told you what departments Homescapes covers but I don’t want to leave you wonder what exactly they carry. So I want to give a few examples of this as well.


Pillows, Special pillows, Duvets, Bed linen, Continental bedding, Designer bed linen, Mattress, and Mattress toppers


Bath linen, Towels, Embroidery, and Featured products

Kitchen and Dinning

Table linen, Kitchen linen, Bar stools, and Bread baskets


Curtains, Made to order, Shop by color, and Accessories


Living room, Dinning room, Bedroom, Home office, and Collections

Home Decor

Cushions, Textiles, Mats and rugs, Decorative accessories, and Storage

Artificial plants and flowers

Artificial flower, Artificial trees, and Artificial plants


Garden, Out doors, and Featured product

Now just for clarification purposes I have given you the main headings and the subheadings, however, under most of the subheadings there are several products listed. I did this in order to give you a somewhat general idea. Homescapes is offering a lot of various products and I think they are doing a great job at it.

A Few Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Do they deliver word wide? — Yes, Homescapes has International deliveries and also offer Express Deliveries.
    2. How much is their delivery charge?–They have free standard delivery for purchases over $49.99. (Not available with the purchase of furniture)
    3. Do they have a financing program?–Yes, Homescapes offers financing for purchases over $300.00
    4. How about do they offer a return policy?–Yes at Homescapes they have offered a 30-day return policy. (Make sure you read the return policy they do have a few rules with it).

Here are some great tips of what to look for when you are buying quality bedding.

The Grand Finale

Alright, there you have it! Keeping in mind with everything that I have brought to you, this is a small portion of what this amazing site is and what it holds. In my perspective Homescapes is simply put a very astonishing store indeed!

Go Ahead Take A Peak!

You Know You Want To!

 I want to thank you for stopping by. I hope I gave you some very valuable information to read over. As always if you have any questions, comments, ideas, or suggestions I always love to hear them. You can leave them in the comment box or email me. Both are listed below for you.

Have a wonderful day!

6 Replies on “Homescapes-Better Than The Game?(Review)

  1. Thanks for bringing this retail outlet to my attention as I’d not heard of them before. Just checked the website and the prices do seem to be very reasonable and have passed this onto my other half.

    I was wondering, to become an affiliate do have to approach the company directly?

    1. Hi Mick thank you for coming by and I would love to have your other half stop by as well. I do love this site. They have some great prices and a lot to offer. 

      As far as being an affiliate with them I have them through Awin. 

  2. Hi Melissa

    Thanks for the review of homescapes. I actually had not heard of its before stumbling upon your review today.

    I appreciate you giving us the full low down on the good and bad of the site. Would be one for me to bookmark then when our house finishes and we need new bedding! Exciting!

    I look forward to more of your reviews 🙂

    1. You are so very welcome. I am glad you liked it. It does seem like a good place. You know you are more than welcome to come back to my site and access them very easily through there if you would like. And if you happen to have any questions at all please let me know I will be glad to help you out.

      Thank you for stopping by and I hope you have a wonderful day.

  3. funny story about the video game… did you end up trying it out? might be a good idea to write a review on that too! ;). So is Homescapes a cheaper purchasing site? Is it similar to Way Fair? And are they available to ship to Canada? I love Way Fair because they offer free shipping in Canada for any purchase over $70 – do you know if Homescapes offers the same deal?

    1. Hello Lyndsay thank you so much for coming by.

      Yea I was confused for a moment and then I did remember that game being advertised. No haven’t tried it out yet. Doesn’t seem like my cup of tea so to speak.

      In my opinion it does seem to me that Homescapes is slightly cheaper than Way Fair and a better deal on the shipping prices as well. Rest assured they do do international shipping as well. I wrote some more details about the shipping towards the bottom if you have more questions I am sure that will help out.

      If you have any more questions please feel free to ask away.

      Have a wonderful day

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