Organic Pillows-Sleep With Less Stress?

Organic Pillows-Sleep With Less Stress?


Welcome to Organic Bed Pillows and More! I thought I would share with you some great ideas for pillows that I have recently discovered at Homescapes.

On my review for Homescapes, I mentioned how massive this site is and how much it carries. Well I was doing something thinking (I know not always a good idea ha-ha), and I knew I wanted to fill the public in on all of these wonderful opportunities that Homescape has to throw pillows

But with so many great products it was difficult to find a starting spot. So I pulled down the first menu regarding Bedding, the first sub column of this was pillows. Well I looked further down and saw Music Pillows now this got my attention. I then let my eyes wander a little further and I guess my eyes liked what they saw, because they made my brain jump into action.

Low and behold my end result I have found a way to give you some wonderful ideas and information on several of the pillows that Homescapes has to offer. With that being said here you go, see what you think!

Music Pillows

So I was trolling around the vast amount of different products that Homescapes has to offer and figure out which one I wanted to start with. I stopped cold in my tracks when I came up to a spot that said Music Pillows! I have never heard of this and of course it caught my curiosity.

Now in my lifetime so far, I have heard of many pillows, such as body pillows, feather pillows, down filled pillows, and even pregnancy pillows (which is my next topic). However, I have never heard of a Music Pillow! So I went ahead and done some research for you and me and thought I would fill you in on what Music Pillows are all about.

Homescapes have created a pillow that now have speakers inside them allowing you to listen to music while you are laying there on this nice soft comfy pillow.

No worries though, they thought of a lot of details to include to make sure it is what a consumer would like. Detail like the speakers are removable, making it so that washing your pillow is still a breeze. Just slide the speakers out throw it in the was put the speakers back in and wham you are as good as new again.

musical notes

Another feature they made sure to include is a long connection lead. This connection lead is so that you can hook up which ever device you choose to play music through. The connection lead is compatible with 3.5mm jacks. Now if you are not sure what has a 3.5mm jack here are some examples.

    • I pads
    • I phones
    • I pods
    • mp3 players
    • mobile phones
    • radios
    • and many more items like these.

So basically what I got from this is they took the most common resources that people use these days to listen to music and made sure to include this into designing the Music Pillow. As just one more pat on the back for them for making sure to provide great quality Homescapes made sure that the speakers they have included into this pillow were high grade and top quality, ensuring you the best sound possible.

Now they didn’t stop there, of course they have come up with a great idea and ensuring top quality and convenience, but they also wanted to make sure that the pillow itself was up to top standard as well.

For starters, they have made a casing for the pillow itself which is 100% organic cotton. Another feature with this casing is that the casing is anti-dust mite. This can be beneficial to everyone not just people who suffer with allergies.

One last thing that Homescapes took into consideration is not everyone likes the same time of pillow. With that being said they have offered these wonderful Music Pillows in a variety of different fills. What kind of fills you may ask. Well here let me list them below for you.

  • Duck Feathers with Down fill
  • Duck Feathers
  • Goose Feather with Down fill
  • They also offer a Super Microfiber Square pillow

Let me throw in one last final temptation when it comes to these amazing Music Pillows offered at Homescapes. These pillows are offered at very good price. You can purchase one of these pillows for as low as $18.15 and even better the highest one is $25.14

So basically for under $30.00 you can have a great nights sleep on one of these amazing pillows that are easy to care for and you get to listen your favorite music while dozing off. And not to mention you don’t have to worry about staying in one place so as not to pull your headphones out. Great deal huh!

Pregnancy Pillows

Pregnancy is one of the greatest miracles of life. It is a moment to be proud of no matter if you are the mother of the wonder or even if you are the father of the little miracle, you deserve to be proud!

Although being pregnant is a true thing to be proud of, I am also aware that it comes with many uncomfortable things as well. Being able to find a comfortable sleeping position is only one of the hurdles to cross as your baby continues to grow within you.Pregnant woman

If you have gotten to that point where you have decided you will never find another comfortable sleeping position while trying to sleep, I would like to suggest for you to try out a pregnancy pillow.

At Homescapes, they have designed a couple of pillows with you uncomfortable sleepers in mind. They have made pillows in different sizes and shapes, such as pillows that are in the shape of a V or a U and they even have the ever so famous and comfortable long body pillows!

In ensuring the comfort quality, Homescapes also understands that everyone has a different liking when it comes to the filling of their pillow. With that being said let me tell you what kind of filling they are offering in these pregnancy pillows

    • Super Microfiber
    • Duck feathers with a Down filling
    • Memory foam
    • And just to top it off they also have Goose feather and Down filling

You ready for some even better news? Each of these pillows come with a special casing. These casings are hypoallergenic and anti-dust mite as well. So with these pillows you can not only sleep more in comfort, but also they are better quality for you and your never ending growing little one.

I am sure the facts that I have provided for you are probably a good eye catcher, however I wanted to throw in 2 more enticing bonuses.

First of all these pregnancy pillows are also great for after your little bundle of joy arrives if you are nursing. They are designed to use as a prop as well. Giving your arms a break. We know new borns’ are not tremendously heavy, but it can be wearing on your arm to hold it in one position for a length of time.

The other added little bonus I wanted to tell you about is the prices, they truly are a great deal! You can getone of these oo so helpful pillows starting at $20.95 and the highest one is priced at $41.91.

Think about that one for just a moment, you can purchase a well-designed pillow that will help to ensure a better sleeping quality while pregnant and then even offer comfort for you and you baby after they arrive at a very good price. If this sounds like a great deal to you scroll down to the bottom of this page and hit that button I have for you and away you go to more comfort!

Chamomile and Lavender Aromatherapy Pillows

Are you a person who suffers from one or multiple of these conditions, Allergies, Stress, Anxiety, or even Insomnia? With this crazy wold today I am sure many of you answered yes to at least one of these conditions. There are so many factors out that there that can now trigger any one of these issues within your body and mind.Flower fields

It is a well-known fact now days that Chamomile and Lavender are very beneficial for many reasons. Because of this many marketers are coming up with a variety of different things to incorporate these 2 into.

Well at Homescapes they are no different, they have found a way to incorporate these 2 beneficial organic flowers into a pillow! That is right, they have made it possible to have a pillow with a small pouch that you place in a pocket of one of their pillows, to help you get a better nights rest while also helping you to alleviate some of these conditions you may be suffering with.

How about we take a little closer look into this. Okay so here is what they have done. Homescapes has taken and made an infusion pouch with these 2 dried ingredients mixed together. Next they designed a pillow a little pocket to place this pouch into. What a great idea you can get the soothing relief you need while sleep and still have ease of being able to wash the pillow as needed.

And just to ensure they are giving you the ultimate comfort with one of the Aromatherapy pillows they have also made different fills available here as well. Take a look and see if there is one you like listed below.

    • Microfiber
    • Goose feathers
    • and Down fillingbasket of lavender

Now just like their other pillows they have produced these also have a casing that is anti-dust mite and hypoallergenic. This casing is made out of breathable 100% cotton to ensure these soothing scents can reach you easier as well.
Another benefit that Homescapes has included with these Aromatherapy pillows is that they are offering a choice from 1 to 4 colorful covers.

You know I can’t leave just yet I got to let you know you could pay for these healthy and beneficial pillows. Well I think you will be pleasantly surprised. The great pillows start at $9.77 and the highest priced is $27.94. Not too bad of a price for getting such helpful benefits!

Odd and Ends of Pillows

At Homescapes they do have a wide assortment of pillows available. I thought I would bring those 3 mentioned above up individually simply because they do offer extra special items and benefits.

However, I encourage you to go look around even if you are not looking for these special benefits. Simply because they do offer a lot of choices when it comes to pillows.

Here let me give a few examples of other types of pillows offered.

  1. Wool pillows
  2. Extra large pillows
  3. Continental pillowsbed pillows

There are even more than that. So if you are out searching for a certain pillow with a great price that has great quality written all over it, it very well could be worth your time to check into the variety of pillows that are offered at Homescapes!

What’s Stopping You From a Good Nights Sleep?

As I have mentioned several times, there are a lot of inhibitors that could stop you from getting a well-deserved, peaceful nights sleep. Many bedding companies are seeing this now and as a result are producing different products to help cease these problems. All in with giving you a better nights sleep in mind.

Do you how beneficial Lavender can be?

Homescape is one of these many companies that are trying to make sure that all the people in the world can actually sleep with ease.

To See What A New Pillow Can Do For You!

 As always your ideas, comments, input, and questions are very welcome! You can leave them for me in the comment box below or even yet you are more than welcome to email me at the address I have provided as well.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you have a wonderful day!

8 Replies on “Organic Pillows-Sleep With Less Stress?

  1. Hey Melissa,

    Thanks for the information and review about Homescape! It seems they have a good range of pillows available and I am super interested in the music pillow!

    I like to play some ‘meditation’ type music or the sound of soft rain or the ocean waves before I go to bed, so this could come in handy. I wonder how it will go playing the music throughout the night!?


    1. Yes for me personally I don’t know if I could normal music that I listen to while sleeping. But it would be great for softer and soothing sounds.

      As far as playing all night it should be fine since you plug in your device to it. The pillow just has the chord and the speakers you use your device to plug in. So just make sure it is charged and you should be good to go.

      Thank you so much for coming by I hope to see you soon.

      Have a wonderful day.

  2. This was so cool to read! I really liked the music pillow but I think my favorite has to be the aromatherapy pillow! I love anything to do with aromatherapy so I HAVE to get this pillow. I like that I can easily get it from your website, too. I found the reviews to be very helpful with making my decision. Thanks for the post,


    1. I am so glad you enjoyed my site. Yes I thought the herbal pillow was a terrific idea. Something to help you relax into a wonderful nights sleep. Who wouldn’t love that. Well if you decide you want it please come back by.
      Thank you for visiting and have a wonderful day! Hope to see you soon.

  3. Music pillows?! Now that’s a first for me.

    While I would like to try one of these, I also have concerns about the safety of such products. Couldn’t there be any health hazards associated with their use in the long-run?

    I’ll be glad to learn more…who knows? I might end up getting one for myself out of curiosity. At a price of $18 to $25, I can say they’re really affordable and might be worth trying.

    1. Yea music pillows was a first for me also. I had to ask my daughter about them. Funny how time changes.

      I could check into the safety of the long run for you if you would like. However, I am not sure that there would be that much since the actual music comes from your phone, I pod or whatever device you choose. They are providing built in speakers and the ox cord to play it with. 

      Yes it is a very good price and could be well worth checking into. Let me know if you would like more information. 

      Thank you for stopping by and I hope you have a wonderful day!

  4. Hi Melissa, thanks for this post on the pillows and Homescape. We don’t have a Homescape here in the UK but we do have shops that stock the same sort of items. Anyway, back to the pillows. I have heard of the music pillow and think that this is a great idea, being able to listen to music without having to worry about moving sounds so good.

    The pregnancy pillow, I would have loved to have when I was pregnant so that I could have got a decent nights sleep as that was one of the worst parts of being pregnant, not getting enough sleep.

    The Lavendar and chamomile one would be a definite no no for me as I loathe the smell of lavendar.

    Have a good day Melissa.

    1. thank you for coming by I know they mentioned they do international shipping as well. I am glad you enjoyed my post. I am with you on the lavender some how i am one of those few that I don’t like the smell. But I may like the chamomile.

      Well thanks again for stopping by. Hope to see you soon.

      Have a wonderful day

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