Organic Sheets-Are Your Sheets Really Organic?

Organic Sheets-Are Your Sheets Really Organic?


As we progress further and further in this day and age, one thing we are learning more about is organic products. Now of course the most common one we hear about is organic food. But did you know that organic sheets and bedding could be just as important?

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Organic food can help you be healthier, but you are still sludging in chemicals if you haven’t taken the steps to also minimize the chemicals in the rest of the products you use. For this article I want to take a look at your bedding. I want to show you some more about organic sheets and how to tell if you are actually getting an organic sheet set.

How about we also take a step to seeing how these sheets can help your health and sleep. And although overall organic sheets can be very helpful, did you know there are also a few downsides as well? If you stick around I will be happy to explain all of this to you. I am sure you will find some very beneficial information.

Is My Sheets, Organic Sheets?

One thing I have noticed in my research is that on some products the products say they are organic, but in fact several of these that claim this is not always 100% accurate. You see some of them do contain some organic quality to them but they may have used something like certain dyes for colors that may not be organic.

Let’s take a look at 100% organic cotton sheets. So if you read the information on this some things you will be looking for is are there any chemicals or pesticides used in the cotton growing fields. And then how about if you weren’t a sheet set with color. Well you also need to look and see if the coloring was made organically as well.

You see really there is not that many resources available to change the color of your sheet while still letting it be organic. So most of your colored sheets are not going to be completely organic. So how can you tell if you are purchasing completely for sure organic sheets?

Well I want to tell you about two of the simpler ways to find this information out. First read the product information list. You are looking to make sure no chemicals or pesticides were used in the cotton fields. You are also looking for what type of process they have used to make your organic sheets.

If you see anything like bleach or dyes, chances are this is not completely organic. Also, if you are not finding any of these keywords but you do see something about the coloring read it and make sure it is a natural dye. Something plant based would be a great example of a type of dye that can be found organic.

The other easy way is to look at the product information and see if it is GOTS certified. What is GOTS? Well it stands for Global Organic Textile Standard. Easier said it is the place that companies will send their products to have tested. Here they test for all different kinds of things to ensure that this particular product is truly organic. They do have a lot of criteria that these products have to meet to be considered GOTS certified.

So if you want to look for a set of organic sheets, make sure to take the time to read all the product information. One little chemical is all it takes for this set of sheets to become inorganic.

Jefferson Lane sheets banner How Can Your Bedding Affect Your Health?

I know to me it seems like I hear more and more about people who have asthma, allergies, migraines, skin conditions, and even chronic fatigue. Now honestly for a long time I had simply thought some reasons I heard more and more about these illnesses was because we were discovering more about them and there is more access to finding out information about these types of things.

But honestly now that I have taken a research tactic of looking, I am finding out that these types of illness are related to a ton of the chemicals we digest, bathe in, sleep in, and even wear on our bodies. That is right there are chemicals in almost everything from food we eat to lotions we put on our bodies.

The same go with bedding. Take just a second to think about this aspect. Our sheets, pillow cases, pillows, and even blankets could very well contain a tremendous amount ofJefferson Lan handwoven cotton blankets chemicals. And here we are thinking we are doing our body good by getting 8 hours of sleep at night. But the real fact is unless you have organic bedding you are laying in a bed full of chemicals that over that 8 hour period are continuously soaking into our bodies.

Now I am not saying that all of these chemicals are deadly. However, many of these chemicals used can affect each person differently. Some of them may cause allergies, or if you already have allergies it could add to the problem as well. The same things go with all the rest of the illness I mentioned.

Chemicals are not good for your body and if you are sensitive to them they can have an adverse effect you. It could even be such an effect that you may not realize like sleep quality which can lead to chronic fatigue.

So taking the time to choose your bedding is a very important thing to consider especially if you are person who already is very sensitive. And as I mentioned above you can check to see if you have 100% organic sheets and bedding by simply reading the product information very thoroughly.

Con’s To Organic Sheets?

What there are downsides and cons to having organic sheets? Yes there is! Although, the cons to have organic sheets and bedding is by far less of a problem than the health factors are with the chemicals, there still is some cons I want to tell you about.

  • Price-price is always something we really take into consideration with purchasing any kind Jefferson Lane organic sheets bannerof item. Well while the organic sheets and bedding are far a more healthy benefit, they are also usually going to be more expensive. The best explanation I have for this is that it take a lot more caution, time, and work to produce a good quality while still trying to ensure not to include any chemicals, perfumes, or dyes.
  • Colors-our natural resources used for dying any item are very limited. With this being said it is more likely you are going to find a set organic sheets in white or maybe a creme. So going organic can but necessarily will, limit you on your color selection.
  • Availability-although more organic things are on the rise, there is still a very limited amount of products that are being produced organically. Now they are working on this issue and we are seeing more organic items. But for now it still can be a little tedious to find.

Now there may be more cons, however, these are the top three I think that are worth making sure to mention. The reason I am saying this because, we are in a world today were we are all about color and design. We like things to look vibrant and bold. We also like to have our choice in variety. And of course we are always looking for the best price and deals available.

So I think these are things we need to think about. Our health vs our wants, needs, and of course our budgets. That’s just some thoughts for you!

Here is more reasons why organic bedding is a good idea!

To Be Organic Or Not To Be?

Alright everyone, there you have it the low down on organic sheets and bedding, what you need to look for along with some ideas on how the chemicals can affect you, as well as some downsides to choosing an organic set of sheets or any other product for that matter.

So now the decision is up to you. Is all the risks worth having color and style or would are you a person who suffers immensely from these types of illnesses and you are ready for some serious relief? I think you have some thinking and deciding to do.

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Jefferson Lane banner Well everyone, how have I done? Did I give you the information you need? Did I leave anything out?

Please let me know what I can to do to help if you are still lost in your decision, I will be more than happy to assist you however I can. If you want to ask me anything or suggest something please feel free to do so in my comment box or at the email address I have listed.

Thank you so much for stopping by, I hope to hear from you soon.

Have a wonderful day!

6 Replies on “Organic Sheets-Are Your Sheets Really Organic?

  1. Very interesting article about organic sheets. I do believe that sheets can affect your sleep if are not comfortable. Yes, these sheets are more expensive but as with anything else, you get what you pay for in the end.

    1. Hello thank you so much for coming by. Yes I really didn’t realize the impact sheets could have on your sleep till here recently and even more so how they can impact your health. Thank you so much for coming by and if you have any questions please feel free to let me know.
      Thank you again and have a wonderful day.

  2. This was an interesting article. I was not aware there were chemical issues with normally manufactured bedding. It makes perfect sense that it would have with the widespread use of chemicals in our world today.

    The Global Organic Textile Standard sounds like a good beginning to safe linens. I have many allergies and because of your article, I will be looking at finding some new sheets. You are providing a good service to the community. Thanks.

    1. Hi Paul.
      Thank you so much for coming by. I am very glad to hear that this article is very helpful for you. I did realize about some of the chemicals, however until I really started digging into the matter I didn’t realize how many there were or how badly the can affect a person who already suffers from allergies of even skin irritations. I am glad this was very useful and I hope many more people will find it helpful as well.
      If you decide you want to get some new sheets or if you have any questions at all please feel free to come back and visit me. I will be glad to help you out in any way I can.
      Thank you again and have a wonderful day!

  3. I try and make my life as natural as possible. I have never considered having organic sheets. This is very interesting, you have provided so much information on the topic. Would you know if the organic sheets are hard to iron? Always consider cotton sheets get very creased when washed.

    1. Hi Tania. Thank you for coming by. I am glad you have found some very good information on this post. And great question by the way! Actually from different areas I have read they say it is not necessary to iron them for the most part. I did find a really good post that I would love to refer you to so that you can see the best way to wash and care for these kinds of sheets. The article is called Organic Cotton Bedding! Here is the link that will take you there. I hope this helps. Thank you for coming by if I can help any more please let me know.
      Thank you and have a wonderful day.

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