Throw Blankets-Baseball Style!

Throw Blankets-Baseball Style!


Get your throws blankets-baseball style here! I have all the teams, take a look!

We all know baseball is a game that really builds your excitement and get your adrenaline flowing. I would even go as far as saying it is a keep you on the edge of your seat type of sport. You agree?

But really how much do you know about baseball? Well I wanted this post about baseball to be as fun as the sport itself. So I have decided to be creative! I found some interesting history, fun facts, nickname trivia and even some intriguing baseball terms that I thought might catch your attention.

So read on and see how much you actually know. Maybe I got lucky and found out that one thing you didn't know. Or flipping it the other way if you have an interesting fact that I have missed here you can let me know.

Some Baseball History

How old is baseball? Well this is a rather hard question to pin point exactly. There are rumors of someone named Abner Doubleday being the inventor of baseball. However, they are just rumors. Actually researchers have looked all the way back to the 18th century and found kids and people playing a game that closely resembled baseball. So this is where they are saying it began.

At this time however there weren't any real set rules and the rules that were implemented were dangerous. An example of this would be the players would throw the ball at each with the goal to hit one player and that player would then be considered to be out.

Around 1845 baseball had become a more well-known sport. Right around this same time is also when a guy by the name of Alexander Joy Cartwright came into the picture. Who is he? Well he happens to be a very important person when it comes to baseball.

Alexander was the person that started to put some ground rules into effect that still reflect some of today's rules. While doing this Alexander also dismissed some of the more dangerous rules. Shortly after making these new safer rules effective, low and behold came the first official game (1846).

For fun do you think you could name the 3 oldest baseball stadiums? For the hard core baseball fans I bet this one is easy. However, I would not have know.

  1. Boston's Fenway Park this stadium has been around since 1912!
  2. Chicago's Wrigley Field is next in line, it has been around since 1914!
  3. Several years down the road came Los Angele's Dodger Stadium in 1962!

So there you have it a small but yet fun and exciting history lesson on baseball. Even better news there is more to come so keep on reading!

Moving Onto Fun Facts

When I was thinking of what I could add to this page that people would enjoy, the idea of fun facts popped into my head. Little did I know that there would be so many available to choose from. So I sorted through them and picked out what I thought would be on the funner side to learn about.Here they are for your learning entertainment!

  • Did you know that 2nd base is most stolen base in baseball?
  • The first baseball game to be aired on TV was between Brooklyn and Cincinnati. This took place on August 26th 1939.
  • If you happened to be a baseball fanatic (or fan) back in the 1880s you were called a "Crank".
  • For yet another random fun fact, did you know Johnny Bench can hold up to 7 baseballs in one hand?

These are just a few fun facts, believe me though there plenty out there if you ever want to study up on them.

Nickname Trivia

While researching the history and some facts I also discovered several nicknames' that had been given out. So I had to make it into a trivia game for you. Don't worry if you don't know I have provided the answers for you at the bottom of this page, but no cheating!

  1. Who was named "Little Napoleon"?
  2. How about "Grand old man of baseball"?
  3. Can you guess who's nicknamed "Ol stubble beard"
  4. Next how about "Slug"?
  5. Does "The Grey Eagle" ring a bell?
  6. Maybe you know the "Baseball's Greatest Living Player"?
  7. Or how about this one the "Flying Dutchman"?
  8. And finally can you figure out who is a known as the "Mechanical Man"?

Now you can mossy on down to the bottom if you want to check your answers out. I hope you got more right than I did. Just to keep the fun rolling a little more, next up is some intriguing baseball terms for you.

Random Baseball Terms

Most of us already know some familiar baseball terms like, strike, home run, ball, or even stealing a base. But here are some terms that I not only have never heard of, but I wouldn't even begin to know their meaning if it wasn't right there in black and white. So here you go see how many you might know!

  • Bad Hop- this term is used when a ground ball has been hit and as it rolls along it makes a strange little jump.
  • Battery- the pitcher and catcher are considered this.
  • Cheese- how about this one, to funny, but it represents a fastball.
  • Comebacker- interesting term for when the ball is hit and it comes back at the pitcher.
  • Lumber- this one makes complete sense it is the bat.
  • Whiff- this happens when a batter swings and it becomes a strike out.
  • For this last one I found 3 terms that mean a home run, those are Dinger, Four bagger, and Tater.

Very interesting I must say! I am sure there is a reason behind many of these terms, but it is weird to think of some of these terms as actually being used for baseball slang.

(I also wanted to mention before you leave, if I happened to missed your favorite team, please let me know in either the comment box below or by sending me a message in my email that is provided below also. I will go grab your team for you.)

Well Before I Leave You

Before I sign off of this page I still owe you answer list, I put the answers in the same number order as above for quick and easy referencing.

  1. John McGraw
  2. Connie Mack
  3. Burleigh Grimes
  4. Harry Heilmann
  5. Tris Speaker
  6. Joe Di Maggio
  7. Honu Wagner
  8. Charlie Gehringer

Since baseball is such a fun sport I thought I would share this clip with you.

So here it is the end of my fun filled page with random knowledge about baseball. Did you learn anything new? Did you enjoy my facts? Well I would love to hear what you have to say so if you would like to let me know you can leave me a comment below or even email at the address provided.

As one final thought I wanted to let you know that I have found the throw blankets that I have posted at MLBShop. And you can either click on the throw blankets themselves or you can click on the link I just provided and it will take you directly to this site for viewing or purchasing.

I hope you had fun!

Thank you so much for coming by. 

Have a wonderful day.

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  1. Lucky; i really enjoy reading your post If I was a baseballer, I sure would have a time of fun filled memory spree reading this post.

    I have learned something new from your post. All along, I never knew that these jersey’s were called Throw Blanket Your post have thought me. I bet that you have a lot of fun going into the baseball history. Did you? Keep up your good work.

    1. I am glad my sight even though you do not get into baseball. I did have a lot of learning about this. And yes these are throw blankets made like the jerseys they also wear. Really neat to see.

      Thank you so much for stopping by feel free to come back

      Have a wonderful day

  2. I may not be a baseball fan, but I definetely LOVE these blankets. It’s really impressive o find out that blankets like these actually exist.

    I would like to get these types of nlankets because they seem so high quality!! I have lso spotted a 3D bedding in your website. Man there are so many interesting stuff and a person who are into beddings would want them all 😀

    1. Thank you for looking around. There are some really great comforters out there. I have enjoyed making this site. If you decide you need a new blanket give me a holler.

      Thank you again for stopping

      Have a wonderful day

  3. Hey there! I came to check out the baseball throw blankets and ended up learning some new things about the game. How cool is that?

    I’m a Mariners fan, and would enjoy using a throw at the games…or just on the couch!

    Do you know what the size and weight of the throws are?


    1. I am very happy that I could teach something new to a fan of baseball! Mariners fan huh I have heard a lot about them, must be a pretty good team. Throw blankets are always great for occasions like you described and the plus side you could have a Mariners one.

      To answer your question on the size and weights, at the MLB store many of their blankets had a  different size so I couldn’t specify 1 exact size for all of them. However they also offer a different version of the blankets. What I mean is they also have some blankets that look like jerseys as well. You might like that look a little better and with this being said I have put links to click on that will take you directly to the MLB store and they have the size and weights of the blankets there.  But they all are different in size and weights.

      Hope I answered your question. Let me know if not and I can work with you to figuring exactly which one you would like better first and then I can more accurately tell you a size and weight.

      Thank you for stopping by I would love it if you came back by!

      Have a wonderful day.

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