Nautical Bedding-Or Is Coastal Bedding More Your Style?

Nautical Bedding-Or Is Coastal Bedding More Your Style?


You know one of the things I love about bedding is you can choose to decorate your room any way you please. And what is even better you can change your theme how many ever times you would like.

For an example, maybe during the spring and summer you want to give your bedroom an uplifting feel. Much like the same feeling as you would get being out in the warm sun or even laying out on a beach. If something like this sounds like what you might be interested in, you may try nautical bedding or you could even try a coastal bedding theme.Beach sunset

Although all to often the coastal and nautical theme are considered one there are some differences between the 2. Don’t worry I plan on explaining some of these differences are so that you have a better understanding of what would best suite your needs in designing.

Which style do you prefer, nautical or coastal? Not sure well if you stick around I will help explain the differences between nautical bedding and coastal bedding. I will even throw in a bonus! What is that? How about I also give you some tips to decorate the rest of your room to match your bedding decor.

What Is Nautical Bedding?

What am I talking about when I say nautical bedding? Nautical describes things more like sailors, ships and navigation. So if you were to have a nautical bedding set you would have a bedding that is more like the parts of a ship than let’s say the ocean or beach itself. Here let me go ahead and list some types of nautical bedding designs you would be able to find at the Cabin Place.

    • Anchors
    • The wheel to steer the ships
    • A design surrounding the main sail
    • Lighthouses
    • And some even striped colors sets


Basically going with a nautical style would be in a sense like choosing a favorite theme about a ship. Still dealing with the beaches and water but more towards sailing the open waters. So what do you think is a nautical style bedding for you?

Well if you still like the beach and water theme, but you are not as much into the ship side of things, you very well may just like the coastal style them better! I would love to tell you more about this one as well.

What Is Coastal Bedding?

We all have different ideas of places to go to lay back and relax. You know just to take a break once in a while. So my question for you is, is one of these places the beach, sea or even the ocean? If so what is your favorite part? Is it the nice warm sand or all of the variety of seashells? Maybe it is the endless colorful coral you can find in the water!

Well if any of these sound appealing to you, did you know that now you can bring back those memories with you? That is right! Create your bedroom with this type of theme add what ever you like to it for memories of the beach/sea life. Now with the Cabin place they can start you off with some great bedding with these designs on them.

So what is coastal bedding? Here let me give you some examples of coastal bedding ideas you can find at the Cabin Place!

    • Caribbean tropical bed sets
    • Sea stars bed sets
    • Island tropic bed sets
    • Ocean blue with sea shells bedding sets
    • Coral reef bedding sets

Sea shells on the beach

These are just a few of the coastal bedding sets you can find on the Cabin Place. So now do you see how you can easily bring this peaceful feeling you get from the beach into your home?

Transform your bedroom into a calm and relaxing place you can visit any time of the day. Don’t forget to shut the door. This way you can ensure complete peace and tranquility!

Now that you know about how many choices you have with the nautical bedding and coastal bedding how about we take a glance at some ideas on how to help decorate your room! To help make sure you are living the fullest and closest experience possible.

Are You Ready For A Nautical Bedroom?

Since you now have a better idea of the bedding designs for the nautical bedding and coastal bedding styles that you can find at the Cabin Place, we can look at the rest of your room. You know since our goal here is to bring the same complete serenity sensation to your bedroom that you can find while on a ship!

Alright I am sure many of you have some terrific ideas of different decoration ideas for this project. However, I wanted to give you a few that I thought of as well. This way you have more ideas to choose from. So have a look and see what I have come up with!

Well since nautical is the idea of ships, sailors and navigation, I thought I would first off suggest some wall hanging decorations.

  • Family/spouse pictures on a ship
  • Pictures of different ships
  • Mirrors shaped like anchors
  • Mirrors in the shape of light houses
  • Maybe a steering wheel from a boat

Ship in a light bulb

Now these are just a couple of ideas that I have for your walls. You can also paint your walls to look like a sail from a ship. And if you like the family/spouse idea you could find a frame with some anchors or sails around them. The nice part about these kinds of pictures is you can also make them a nightstand picture instead of a wall hanging picture.

I know one of my favorite places to go for knick-knacks like these are Hobby Lobby. There they have a ton of different wall hanging options along with different picture frames. So you might want to start here for some ideas to incorporate these added touches.

Now that we have the walls and bedding covered how we explore curtains.

  • You of course could go find some curtains to purchase with ship ideas on them like sailors, sails, or you could even do an ocean blue color.
  • But say you can’t find curtains like this already made and ready to hang. Don’t worry, you can still do some of these ideas for curtains by looking in the fabrics’ department. Many stores have a fabrics’ department, like Walmart, Kmart, Target, and yes even Hobby Lobby has you covered as well.

As you can see there are many ways you can get curtains to highlight your room with the nautical theme design. But why stop there! Yes there are more things you can do to touch up your nautical style room. You can find a throw rug or you could even do those ships in a bottle and display them. If you want something more subtle you could put a book shelf in your room with books that are about ships or sailing.

I have to say there is just so many ideas you can do to support you nautical bedding and create your room around it. However, I do want to caution you not to over due it. Just adding some small simple touches does wonders. So don’t go overboard! (No pun intended) Also I think a good reminder is, it doesn’t all have to be ships and anchors. Sometimes just adding colors to match will make a perfect room as well.

So what do you think a nautical bedroom sound like your place to be? If so great! If not you may like a coastal setting a little better. I have some wonderful ideas for this as well! Just keep reading!Anchor and Light house

Or Is A Coastal Bedroom More Your Style?

One of my favorite quotes is to each their own. This really applies here. For some of you the whole nautical theme may be the perfect relaxing setting for you. However, for others this might not be the case. Now I am one of those who this is not the case. I do love ships and boating, but, for me my love for the water and the beach is much greater. So if I wanted to pick one of these themes I would be doing the coastal theme.

Now just like the nautical theme, if you want to do a coastal theme room the best place to start is with coastal bedding and build out from there. So take a look at which bedding best suites you first. Then here are some magnificent ideas for the rest of your room!

  • How about we start with the walls. Now one idea I have for the walls is to paint them a beach sand color and add sea shell borders up. A border with waves could also be a very nice touch.
  • As far as decorations on the walls go, yes you could also do the family/spouse pictures on the beach or playing in the water. But, you could also find flip-flops to hang on your wall or even little umbrellas. Heck the nice thing about this theme is you could even find things with lounge chairs to hang up.

Sun hat, flip-flops, and sea shell on the beach

Honestly when it comes to coastal themes, there are a ton of options to look at. Now one of my favorite that I would love to have in a room like this is the cups and vases that have the multi colored sand with little sea shells in them. This would make a great decoration for a night stand or even something to sit on top of your dresser.

For me personally, I don’t know that I would go with a decoration for the curtains but more of a color. Like for example you can get some curtains that have a mix of colors that are similar to a sunset or sunrise. I think this would add a nice shade to the room and not be too overwhelming.

As far as most of these types of decorations you can also find them at the stores I mentioned above. But an even better idea is when you go to the beach next time collect some of these items your self. There is always seashells, and you can get a can or bottle and fill it with the sand. Easy as pie, make your own design just the way you want it.

I know I gave you a couple of different items that would be a good mix but, I thought I would throw a couple more your way as well. Now these you can use in place of the ones I mentioned above or you can even make them in addition to them.

  • Sea stars
  • Coral
  • Sunglasses
  • Sea turtles
  • Sea gulls

Flip-flops on the beach

The same goes though with the coastal theme, I wouldn’t over due it. You want a nice soft gentle flow throughout your room. Not so much that you begin to feel overwhelmed and crowded. These designs and theme are meant to bring you a calm and inner peace.

A couple of last suggestions that would work good for either room is having air fresheners that have an ocean or beach scent. Also, you could have a sound in the back ground of washes splashing up on the beaches. Just make sure it is a subtle and soothing sound. You are looking for a place to melt all your troubles away.

Two Great Themed Bedrooms! So Hard To Choose!

Whether you are a person who loves the nautical theme or the coastal theme, there are some fabulous ideas out there for decoration. Bring your favorite place right into your bedroom. While you are redoing your room into one of these themes you can easily make it a peaceful and relaxing room simply by adding a few little touches. Jut remember don’t over due it. You want space too!

The Cabin Place Has These Bedding Designs And So Many More!

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I am sure glad you came by to visit me and see what I have to say about nautical bedding and coastal bedding. Also, how easy it can be to transform your whole room. If you have any suggestions on more decorating tips or even if you have any questions please feel free to leave them below in my comment box. I will be more than happy to visit with you and help in any way I possibly can.

Thank you again and have a wonderful day!

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