Wholesalebeddings.com-Is Quality Important?(Review)

Wholesalebeddings.com-Is Quality Important?(Review)


As you have browsed through my site, I am sure that you have seen various bedding from Wholesalebeddings .com. They are one of my favorite place to work with.

When I go to visit their site I can find pretty much anything I am looking for. The have a nice assortment of different products, and they don't stop there. Along with this great assortment of products, they offer many types of fabric, thread counts, colors, and even different levels of bedding. By levels, I mean you can find elegance or a more homey type of pattern.

Since I use them so frequently I thought I would do a review for you. Show what all they have to offer and even some other peoples thought and experiences. Give you more of an idea if this is someone you would enjoy purchasing from!

Who is Whole Sale Bedding?

Wholesale Bedding is a site that I visit and work with frequently. You see no matter if I am looking to advertise bamboo sheets, comforters, pillows, or even mattress toppers I know if I visit them they will have it all for me in one convenient location with quality standards behind them.

Here let me show you what I am talking about when it comes to variety!premium quality

    • Sheet sets=Bamboo, Deep pocket, Cotton percale, Waterbed, Wrinkle free, and more
    • Pillow cases=Bamboo, 100% Cotton, Wrinkle free, Soft microfiber, and even Embroidered
    • Down Comforters and Down comforters alternatives=White duck and goose feathers, Silk, Bamboo, and plenty more
    • Duvet covers=100% Cotton, Bamboo, Microfibers, Silk, and many more
    • Bed in bag=Cotton percale, Microfiber, and a few more
    • Comforter sets
    • Curtain and Drapes- they even offer black out curtains, Panels, Scarfs
    • Quilts and coverlets
    • Mattress toppers=Waterproof, Hypoallergenic, Memory foam
    • Pillows and pillow protectors
    • Bed skirts
    • Towels=Bamboo/cotton blend, 100% Soft cotton
    • And to save you money they even have a clearance section

As you can probably see they have done a fantastic job in covering most all the bases when it comes to your bedroom!

As for my rating I really think they deserve a 10 out of 10 stars for having vast amount of assortments to choose from!

bullhorn with starsbullhorn with stars

More Great Features!

On top of having a huge selection to choose from, Wholesale Beddings also have some more great features I would love to share with you.

  1. They carry 3 popular name brands and those are
    1. Royal Tradition
    2. Royal Hotel
    3. Abripedic
  2. They have a wide spread of options when it comes to thread count. You can find some anywhere from as low as 300 all the way up to 1000
  3. If you are searching for a specific color they also have many options of those
    1. Coral
    2. Periwinkle
    3. Sea
    4. Royal bluedots of colors
    5. Sage
    6. Ivory
    7. Gray
    8. White
    9. and the list goes on and on!
  4. They also International shipping!

So let's just take a second to regroup, this is a lot of information to take in all at once! Okay, are we good now?

I am sure you are starting to see why I adore this site. I think they are truly out to satisfy the consumers needs and desires.

Once again I have to give 10 out of 10 stars.

bullhorn with starsbullhorn with stars



Well I am sure you are also itching to know what some other peoples opinions are and what kind of encountering they have also had with Wholesale Beddings. So let me go ahead and scratch that itch for you with the next couple of sections!

On the Favorable Side of Things!

When I went looking for reviews on Wholesale Beddings, there were several people who gave them 5 star ratings but did not provide a detailed explanation as to why. But don't worry I did find some comments, I hope you enjoy them.like

  • Quick shipping/came quickly-Showed up an enormous amount of times throughout my search.
  • Great/terrific bedding was a common finding throughout the different statements.
  • Comfortable sheets, they were soft, was wrinkle free and continue to be wrinkle free
  • Friendly and great customer services is another very helpful pro side. Also, with the customer service part a different person said that the customer service department went way out of their way to resolve the issues that this person was having.
  • Beautiful and immaculate products was also mentioned several times
  • Amazing quality for the price they paid
  • "I finally found a sheet that will fit my thick mattress". (This one was also stated a couple of different times as well)
  • "I purchased their black out curtains and am very pleased with the results"
  • "Their towels are very absorbing and super soft"
  • A couple of people said how much they love the unique style of their bedding
  • One person mentioned that the comforter she received was nice and thick just the way she liked it

thumbs up thumbs up

As you can see several people think very highly of Wholesale Beddings. Reviews similar to these with five star ratings seem to be never ending!

I think here they deserve a 9 out of 10 stars!check list

On the Not So Favorable Side of Things!

So we all know with the good there is bad, even when it comes to reviews. Sites and stores can do their best at all times to make sure that they are getting the best reviews possible. However, no one or nothing is perfect 100% of the times.

The same goes with Wholesale Beddings. They have made mistakes and I am sure they are grateful people let them know what was wrong so they can begin to fix these errors as they arise.

Well here you go, this is what the people had to say that Wholesale Bedding need to address and work on to improve their site.

  • Most of the problems I read where due to color mix ups so I am going to list them first
  • One person said that they had found a beautiful lavender colored comforter. But when they received the product it was a floral pink design. Not what she wanted at all.
  • This person still gave them a 5 star review and was okay with it, here is what happened, they had ordered beige but received a gray color instead.
  • Another person said that the product they received was nothing like the picture of the product that they thought they were purchasing.
  • Now I only found one that mentioned that they were sent the wrong color and when they went to ship it back it cost them $24.00 in shipping fees.
  • Okay moving on, apparently this couple found a beautiful comforter to give as a present to somebody, after the people had opened it they said it had a small hole in it. However, they told the people who bought for them not to worry about it and wouldn't let them send it back.
  • Someone else mentioned that while they were looking at the blanket through the package they could see some stitching wasn't done correctly for one of the squares. They way she described it was it wasn't stitched closed so the down filling could easily come out. Now she was not sure if there was any more spots like this because she didn't open the package, she just went ahead and contacted Whole Sale Bedding.
  • This person said they received their sheets and washed them immediately as the instructions said, however they noticed about 3 days later the sheets began pilling.
  • And lastly there one person who claimed the sheets were hard and scratchy.

thumbs down

I understand all places have their problems, but most of the comments that were made that something was wrong had dealt with the receiving the wrong color. And although this seemed to be a problem most of them went on to say that the customer service department was really nice and helpful when addressing these issues.

For this part of the review I think I will give them a 7 out of 10 stars.

Comforter Sets & Quilts

Now for My Final Conclusion!

Overall I really like Wholesale Bedding. From all that I have found and from what I see, they do have some very good products with high quality. To me it seems like they are willing to go above and beyond when it comes to making sure the customer is the main focus. 

Would you like to see more?

The final rating for Wholesale Bedding I am giving them an 8 out of 10 stars.bullhorn with stars

I really appreciate you stopping by today to see where I stand with Wholesale Bedding, I also hope you found some useful information regarding them.

Is Quality An Essential For You?

Please feel free to ask me any questions about this review or maybe even something I have missed that you would like to know about.

I always welcome comments, feedback, questions, opinions, and ideas as well. So feel free to me a line or two in the comment box or even my email listed at the bottom of this page.

Thank you again for stopping by and I hope you have a wonderful day!


8 Replies on “Wholesalebeddings.com-Is Quality Important?(Review)

  1. Hi Melissa,

    Thanks for your informative review of Wholesale Beddings. You’re right, they do have a huge range to choose from.

    Personally I’m sick of going to department stores and seeing the same old same old. That’s why I decided to go online and search for something different, which is what I’ve found here.

    Sure makes the search easier, finding everything in one place.

    Thanks again!

    1. You are very welcome I am glad you enjoyed this post.  They do have a large amount to choose from. I hope you found something you like.

      Let me know if you have any questions I will be glad to help you out.

      Thank you for stopping by hope to hear from you soon.

      Have a wonderful day.

  2. I have been hearing about Whole Sale Bedding around household niches. They actually put out a great job when it comes to home beddings.

    Premium quality materials, bamboo sheet sets, waterproof options, a good selection of top brands and many more!! Just what anyone who is interested in beddings can look for. Thanks for the great information!!

    1. Hello Tyler. 

      I am so glad you can back me up on this. I agree with you everything I have found has turned out to be really great. 

      Thank you so much for coming by.

      Hope you have a wonderful day.

  3. Hey Melissa,

    We have a vacation rental that needs all new bedding. I hadn’t heard about Whole Sale Bedding until I found your website. (You’ve got lots of great resources here!)

    Knowing that you gave them 8 out of 10 starts gives me confidence giving them my business. Do you know if they offer any bulk order discounts? There is a chance that we could order all new bedding for a couple of other rentals we have and it would be nice to get a discount.

    Also, since you gave them 8 stars, I’m assuming there are a lot more positive comments than negative ones? What are some examples of the good things people are saying about them?

    Thanks again!!!

    1. Hello 

      Sorry it took me a minute to get back to you I have been searching the site to see if they had mentioned anywhere about bulk shipping. I am not seeing anything but I would be glad to provide you a direct number to their customer service. I figure this way you could discuss with them about how big of a bulk you are asking about and have more accurate information that way. So here is that number for you 

      Call us at 1-877-454-4294 (Mon-Fri 9AM-5PM PST)

      As for more positive comments I have those for you as well here are a few great ones.

      Several people praise their bamboo sheets they said they are very soft, comfortable and durable.

      Delivery time was great is mentioned multiple times.

      One person said they have been doing business with them for years. They love their quality of bedding and they will continue to use them and recommend them.

      Easy site to get around

      Found 84″ CA king sheets that they have been trying to find for awhile. 

      There are a total of 3,058 on google reviews for them. And out of there star chart the 5 star review by far outnumbers the lesser of them. I hope this helps 

      If you are looking for reviews for a certain aspect of their site please let me know and I can find comments about this area as well.

      From the comments on the reviews it seems like they have great customer service so I am sure I am sending you to the right place to help answer your question about the bulk ordering.

      If there is anything else please fell free to let me know. I hope I hear from you again soon. Thank you for coming by and have a wonderful day.

  4. very disappointed in wholesale bedding
    ordered 650 wrinkle free set and the fitted sheet is not fitted at all
    online it said fits 12-15 mattresses, mine is 12inch
    when received package it said fits 18 inch.
    totally wrinkled up and not fitted flat at all
    they sent clips to use. tried them but they come off frequently and
    barely helped at all
    sent back the ones i did not open

    very disappointed in the fitted sheet not boing fitted at all but loved the texture of the sheets

    1. Thank you so very much Ann for stopping in to give feedback on your experience. Although I am very sorry to hear that it turned out this way for you. I am always grateful to hear both sides of a company and how they preform for the general public.
      I have a question. Did you reach out to them about this experience? If so how did they handle the situation for you?
      Once again I am very sorry to hear about this experience and I would love to know your outcome.
      Thank you again.
      Have a wonderful day

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