My Pillow Reviews-Is It The Real Deal?

My Pillow Reviews-Is It The Real Deal?


My Pillow Review!    I am sure you have heard a lot of great news about this product. How it is supposed to be one of the best pillows out there.

Well I decided to see for myself and visit numerous sites to see if what everyone is saying about this being one of the best rated pillows out there is possibly right. I have found all this information and more. So I am going to be sharing them with you. (I want to inform you that in no way can I prove any of this information to be 100% accurate I have just complied information that I found).

My Pillow

Let’s see, how about we start with some tools and information that  will be offered to you

when visiting their site to look around or make a purchase at My Pillows.

For starters they provide you a chart and three questions that is used to best find the firmness to suit each individuals needs.

On the chart they will ask you what is the size of T shirts that you wear. Depending on your size of shirts, depends on the color they will recommend that is best for you. So let me set this up in an easy way to view!

Sizing chart = helpful ?

T shirt size                 Women             Men

  • Small                                       Yellow                             White

  • Medium                                    White                             White

  • Large                                        White                              Green

  • XL                                             Green                              Green

  • XXL                                           Green                               Blue

  • XXXL                                         Blue                                  Blue

My Pillow

Now I am completely sure if you are anything like me, you may be looking at this chart, scratching your head. What does all the colors means? I have provided the color key below.

  • Yellow = Least firm
  • White = Regular fill
  • Green = More fill
  • Blue = Firm

Now that we got the color thing out of the way (ha-ha), I mentioned earlier they pair this chart with three other questions to make sure that My Pillow is providing you with the best pillow type to fit your needs.

Here we go, the three additional questions you will be asked.

  1. In what position do you sleep in the most? Example = do you sleep on your back or are you a side sleeper?
  2. Are you a man, a woman, or a child ?
  3. Do you currently sleep on a down or feather pillow? (My Pillow recommends if you are currently using one of these of these two pillows, it may be best to reduce your level of support by one).

Being completely honest here I am glad that they have some sort of help guide to assist me in choosing which firmness would suit me best. But, on the other hand I am very confused on how they came up with this formula it is unique.

So all in all on this particular part if I was to rate them I would probably go with 8 of 10 Stars!

Pricing ! A Good Deal or Not ?

Most consumers in todays’ world are interested in how much something costs and if it is worth the price. Upon seeking out information on My Pillow, I have found a pricing guide along with several opinions. Now let’s dig in and see what you think!

My Pillow accessories

Starting with prices, here you go this is what was provided at
  1. $79.98 for standard/queen & $89.98 for king. Now this is for their regular bed pillows. They come in a set of 2 and My Pillow advertises this as being “Buy 1 get 1 free”.
  2. $99.98 for standard/queen & $109.88 for king. This pricing is for their 4 pack special (2 bed pillows & 2 go anywhere pillow).
  3. $79.98 for standard/queen & $89.98 for king. For this set up you are looking to purchasing my pillow premium. (No discounts apply).
  4. $89.99 for standard/queen & $99.99 for king. Pricing for Giza elegance my pillow. (Also no discounts apply).

Interesting right! Here is a couple more helpful points I found for you also when it comes to the prices. Who knows, this might help to soften the deal a little.

  • Any purchases made over $200.00 they offer financing.
  • When buying the regular bed pillows it will automatically come with 2 pillows. (You are not allowed to choose only 1).
  • The company does provide a 60-day refund or return guarentee And last but not least
  • My Pillow stands behind their product so they have installed a 10-year warranty

My own personal rating for this part, well I think I will give them 7 out 10 Stars!

Now that you have a ball full of information where do you stand? Still not quite sure yet?

Maybe some of these review comments might help you tilt either, yes I am ready to buy or I think I want to keep looking for what else is out there.

On a starter note, honestly while I was looking through different pages of comment it seemed the good comments outweighed the bad reviews by a huge consideration. Just to reassure you, after seeing all the positive comments, I really tried harder to search for more compelling. With that being said I think starting with the positive comments and reviews is a good way to go. So Tada!

My PillowUpsides

  • One person stated that they compared a Serta pillow and the My Pillow. They claimed the My Pillow stayed fluffed up a lot longer.

  • There were multiple people stating that My Pillow has the best neck and back alignment support that they had ever had.

  • Another positive statement that I found from many people in several sites, is that they were sleeping better, waking up more refreshed, and even more energized throughout the day.

  • Since it is also machined washable and dry able,many people saw this a positive attribute.

  • I found 2 people in my search stating that My Pillow remained cool overnight and they didn’t wake up sweaty.

  • Some people went as far as stating that My Pillow is a superior pillow also that it is a very high rated pillow.

  • Great customer service was also a popular comment that I found. Apparently if you call them and they can’t answer they will call you back in a very short amount of time and make it very easy for you by already having your information handy. Another person that said they have great customer service mentioned his pillow was just not a good fit. So when called and explained this to My Pillow they immediately exchanged with no problems what so ever.

My Pillow

As you can see, there are numerous amounts of great comments out there supporting the My Pillow. Continuing to stay on the positive side for just another minute here, I also uncovered some other positive points out there in random spots, and I really want to share them with you. So here you go.
I saw in my reading that My Pillow was the official pillow of the National Sleep Foundation.

For those of you who are asking where it was made, I got it. It was made in the USA.

As always with upsides there are downsides. However, like I mentioned earlier the downsides seem to be fewer and far in between. But I still feel obligated to fill you in on these too.


  • One persons’ comment mentioned that they thought My Pillow was a cheaper end quality product. But that it evened out because it was a lower end price

  • Another comment followed a similar path, except this person put My Pillow as a mid range product with a mid range price

  • And yet another person stated that they slept okay, but had, had much better sleep with the more expensive pillows.

  • There was a couple of comments being made that people found My Pillow a little lumpy.

Well that pretty much sums up the negative reviews that I found from peoples statements. Not very many like I said. However, just like the upsides, I did find just a couple of negative points in random spots also. And here they are.

My Pillow is not an anti snoring pillow ( sorry all you non snorers, sleeping with snorers).

The only other big thing I found was My Pillow was involved in a couple of lawsuits.

The main reasons that I saw were pertaining to false advertisements. This particular article stated that My Pillow claimed that their pillow could help cure medical issues like, insomnia, sleep apnea, fibromyalgia, and multiple sclerosis. Now reading all the way through that comment, it also stated that My Pillow has fixed these misguided advertisments and paid their lawsuits in full.

I sensed after reading this thoroughly that it has been squashed like a bug.

Just One More Interesting Fact

This one surprised me! So in case you didn’t know, I wanted to be sure to share it with you as well.

Did you know that at that they offer other things than just pillows. They also are selling pillow covers, bed sheets, mattress toppers, and even pet beds. All I can say is wow. I wasn’t expecting that, or know anything about it.

For my final rating on My Pillow I am going to have to say I would give it 8 of 10 Stars!

Do you want to know the My Pillow story?

Laying it to Rest

Well I know I certainly found a lot of good and interesting information. I really thought about buying these for my family for a Christmas present but I hesitated, and decided not to once I saw the price. A little too steep for my budget. But now that I have this review for all of you out there, I just might change my mind. It is sounding like a pretty good deal to me.

I will leave it up to you though to decided what your ultimate opinion is. My goal was to provide you some insight and I hope I have successfully done this for you!

My Pillow A Great Buy?

If you would like to leave your opinion or any information you are encouraged to do so. I have provide you with a comment box below.

Thank you again


16 Replies on “My Pillow Reviews-Is It The Real Deal?

  1. Hello! After becoming a my pillow customer about a year ago, I can easily say it has been the best pillow I have ever used.
    It does keep cool over night!
    It does keep its form and doesn’t become a flat piece of matted pillow!
    It does help me fall asleep faster!

    Your input and sharing of the my pillow reviews and information is outstanding! I really appreciate the time you spent on this and thank you for the advice!

  2. I enjoyed reading your review about these pillows and was pleased to read the positive side as against the negative.

    I must say I was confused about what the size of T shirt had to do with the comfort or quality of a pillow. But, as I read further I came to terms with my confusion and thought about how many uncomfortable pillows I had in my lifetime. I have yet another uncomfortable pillow. Maybe I’m just hard to please with pillows, but there are many factors to be considered, especially as one grows older.

    I was pleased to read about the Customer Service and how they would ring back if they couldn’t be contacted immediately.

    All in all, a very good review. And I was pleased to read that this company stocks other product as well.

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to my review. I am glad you enjoyed it. I am very sorry I couldn’t provide and answer on how they can connect your t shirt size to pillow firmness. I looked all over for an explanation. I thought this was very strange and unique my self. Well if you decide you want to give it a try and see if it is any better for you sleeping comfort please feel free to stop back and look into. From what I have found it sounds like a good deal. 

      Thank you again

  3. I know for a fact that My pillow works like they claim, we’ve had one for over a year and it still as good as it was when we got it. This is a good review of it, thanks for that.

    1. Thank you for stopping by and letting me know your experience with it. Most of what I read was great and you just added to it. It seems like a product well worth the purchase.
      Thank you so much for visiting have a wonderful day.

  4. Hi! Melissa,
    I learned a lot from your article on how important to know much more about a product I need to buy. Considering the quality and price is such a big thing to deal with where you have just help me on your review. I always say to myself “Buy what you need not just what you want”. I mean, reviewing a product you intend to buy will help you decide if it is really worth to spend for…
    I enjoyed reading ,lots of info…

    All the Best!

    1. Thank you for visiting. I am very glad that it you found it helpful. Even after all the review I have done I have others commenting on how good they are. Sounds like a great buy and a necessity for better sleep. Thank you again for stopping by. Feel free to come back

  5. Hi Melissa,
    I wanted a My Pillow for a while and finally got one for Christmas. I thought it was the greatest thing when I first felt it but now it seems to go flat quickly. HOWEVER, this is probably my fault since you are supposed to fluff it up by putting it in the dryer on high. I think you are supposed to do this each month. So, I need to put it in the dryer and it will probably be good as new!

    I wish it was narrower since I end up with my head in a trough and a bunch of pillow up around the sides of my head. This would be handy for certain sleep positions however and get around this by turning it around and using the narrow end. It works much better for me.

    I think My Pillow is innovative and a great step forward in pillow technology.

    1. Thank you for letting me know your experience with my pillow. It kinda sounds like you had a few small issues. But it seems to be working out now. Have you checked to see if they have anything more narrow? Well i would love to hear back from you after you try to put in the dryer and see if it fluffs it back up. I have heard so many good things about My Pillow so far. So if you want to feel free and come back and let me know how things go.
      Thank you for stopping by
      I hope you have a wonderful day

  6. Hi Melissa,
    I wanted to get one but never looked into it. Your review and customers’ review was quite helpful in answering some of the questions I had. Good to know they sell other products…one stop shopping for bedding.Thanks for taking the time to write this.


  7. Hello Melissa, nice product review. I am currently getting my new bed frame together, and may need to purchase some new bed sheets and pillows soon. I may need to look into getting My Pillow. Thanks again, and continue to do what you do!!

    1. Hello Ahmad. Thank you for coming by. I think the My Pillow was one of more favorite and fun to do. I am glad it was helpful for you. After you get all set up and look into some more information of interested in a purchase please let me know I will help any way I can.
      Thank you again and a wonderful day!

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