Memory Foam Mattress-From Live And Sleep!

Memory Foam Mattress-From Live And Sleep!


Are you honestly getting the best sleep at night you possibly could get? If not, have you tried sleeping on a memory foam mattress?

Now I do understand that there a plenty of other things that could easily affect your sleep. Things like pillows and even your bedding sets. But your mattress does play a large role in your sleep.

Live and Sleep memory foam mattress

A memory foam mattress is designed to cradle your whole body allowing pain from pressure to help be resolved. If you would like to know more about this and the way the design can help alleviate pain keep on reading. I would love to explain how a mattress like this can help you with various pain that you may be suffering from.

With miraculous mattress I am sure you have questions. Maybe questions like how long can a mattress like this actually last? Or maybe even you might be wondering how to care for this type of mattress?

Honestly these were types of questions I have asked myself. So I you might enjoy what I found and I will go ahead and share this with you as well.

No I know one other concern a lot of people have a with memory foam mattress is how they can trap your body. And yes this is a problem most of the time. However, I have found some really great tips to help with this as well.

So if you have ever wondered if a memory foam mattress could be for you, I invite you to stick around and see what I have to offer for advice.

What Is The Average Lifespan?

Lifespans for any mattresses vary depending on several things like,

    • materials
    • usage
    • density
    • how you care for it
    • damage

These are a few of the major things to take into consideration when trying to figure out how long any mattress would last. However, I am going to be bringing the memory foam mattress to the front line for this article. So what is a memory foam mattresses lifespan like?

Well to be honest on a general aspect a good memory foam mattress could last you anywhere from 10-15 years. Now this is saying if you take proper care of it and be careful not to damage or spill anything on it. Why?

You see if you spill something on any mattress not just a memory foam mattress the mattress itself will soak up what ever is spilled. As this soaks in the material in the mattress begins to change form. Making it go from one solid piece of material into several little balls eventually wearing the mattress down even faster.

Now for memory foam the density plays a huge part in its lifespan as well. The more dense the memory foam is the longer it will last you. Here let me give you an example to help explain this part a little better.

Let’s say you have a can of Coke a Cola, now if this can is completely full (more dense) then it is next to impossible to smash it. But if you take this same can of Coke but now it is only have full (medium density) your chances of smashing it has been greatly increased. For the last one how about we say this Coke can is completely empty (least dense), well with an easy push down you have a smashed can.

Memory Foam Mattress and a smail So now take this and apply it to the density of a memory foam mattress. The more dense it is the more stability it has and it should be around a lot longer than one that has a medium or even next to no density. So this would be one thing I definitely check out before deciding which memory foam mattress you would like to purchase.

But like I mentioned there are other things that do come into play and most of them are dealing with how well you take care of your mattress. Given the best of care and a highly dense memory foam mattress should last you 10-15 year though.

Tips And Tricks To Care For Your Mattress

As I mentioned above how you care for your memory foam mattress can play a huge role in how long of a lifespan it has. But I am sure that leaves some of you with the question on how do I care for my mattress.

Good news is I have found some very helpful information that I would like to share with you. This way you can get your money’s worth out of your memory foam mattress.

  1. Foundations-I have found that have a good foundation is one of the most important things you can do to help sustain the lifespan of your mattress. You see having a solid frame allows for your mattress to lay flat and even. So if you have one with slats that are spread apart your mattress could easily sink in between these gaps, in the end causing it to break down faster than what it should.
  2. Water proof mattress pads-These are little miracles workers all by their selves. Say on the off chance you spill something on your bed (you know we all do) you can easily remove the mattress pad and wash it. Now if you are lucky you can catch this spill before it soaks through to the mattress itself. However, if it does soak through following the next tip would be a great plan.
  3. Soapy water-Okay so here you are, you didn’t catch that spill fast enough and now you have a good sized spot in the middle of your bed. How do you go about cleaning this. Well this part may be a little tedious but it is the most effective and best way so as not to mess with the material of the mattress too much. Get soapy water, dish soap will be the best option, and then get a towel, soak up what you can first. Then take the soapy water and a rag dip your rag in the water then make sure to wring it out the best you can. Simply you don’t want to add more liquid to the problem. Next easily start scrubbing on the spot. Once it is up take a towel and dry up what ever else you can. It is also a good idea to leave the bedding off for a bit so it has time to completely dry.
  4. Rotate it-Another thing I found from several sources is it is a good idea to rotate you mattress. Although, you probably don’t need to do it as often as you would a regular mattress it still needs to be rotated. A good measure of time would be about every 3-6 months. I am sure as you get more used to sleeping on your new mattress you should be able to tell when it is getting close to this time by the feel of it. Now a key part of this is a memory foam mattress doesn’t necessarily need to be flipped but more so put the head at the feet and the feet at the head of the bed.

These do seem to be the most important tips and tricks I could find out there. It seems anyone that had something to say about caring for a memory foam mattress had mentioned at least one of these, if not all of them. So I take them in since they were mentioned by a variety of different people. I hope this helps you to care for yours as well.

Teen mattress Banner Can It help Alleviate Some Of Your Pain?

You know one thing I have come to realize here recently is, we are tough on our bodies. It is like we expect them to just keep going and stay caught up with our minds. But as we all know this is really not possible for most of us.

What it does lead to though, being this hard on our bodies, is different kinds of pain. The most common type of pain from all of this hard work, (sitting or standing all day) is usually found in our backs.

But did you know that if you are not sleeping on a good mattress this could actually make this pain worse? Yep it is true! However, if you have a good solid mattress it should actually benefit you instead. Now just for the sake of knowledge there are a ton of really good mattresses types out there.

However, for today I want to tell you how a memory foam mattress could help alleviate some of this pain. Now this is not scientifically proven, but there are several people all around the world that do agree a memory foam mattress will help lessen the pain and allow for a better nights sleep.

How could a piece of foam help you sleep better? Well here is how it works. First off it is memory foam, which means it molds to your bodies shape, size, and weight. So in essence it will sink in more on the heavier parts of your body and stay a more shallow shape for the lighter parts like your arms for an example.

A memory foam mattress will sink in to more or less cradle your whole body. This is great because it helps support your weight which ultimately can help in taking pressure off of place like your back. Not only does it help by taking off the pressure but because it molds to your body, this will also help with alignment as well.

You know how you were always told to sit with your back straight and have a better posture. Well this is kind of how alignment works. If you can keep your neck aligned more straight with your spine it should ultimately help with some of your back pains.

Now as far as a memory foam mattress goes as it molds to your body it helps to keep your back and neck more aligned as well. Which as a result should help ease some of your back and neck pain.

So if you are person who suffers nightly with neck and back pain, a memory foam mattress might just be a huge help to you. I do want to mention this last thing real quick, and that is just like every other mattresses out there a memory foam mattress will also come in different types of firmness.

And each one will help with different areas of back pain. So make sure you figure out which one would help you the best first.

Live and Sleep memory foam mattress Memory Foam Gets Too Hot! Help!

One of the most common complaints you hear about a memory foam mattress is that they get really hot throughout the night. And this is a true statement by all means. The memory foam is very solid and doesn’t allow much room for airflow and breathablity.

However, there are some things you can do to reduce the heat problem so you can still enjoy the benefits of this great mattress. Would like to see some? Good I will explain some of them for you.

    • One of the easiest solutions is to get a mattress topper or a mattress pad. This will put some distance between you and the mattress allowing less body heat to become trapped.
    • Make sure you have a foundation that is solid but has some space. This can allow air flow up through the bottom helping to cool the mattress off from the bottom side up.
    • The gel memory foam does tend to have a better airflow compared to a standard memory foam. So you could take a look at one of these as you are deciding.
    • Some mattresses have a celliant cool technology as well. These mattresses have been specially formatted for great airflow.
    • Now some other hints are you might want to make sure you have sheets that have a lot of very good airflow. One of the better type of airflow sheets is 100% cotton.

There you go some great easy and very doable ideas to help with the heat problem that seems to go hand in hand with a memory foam mattress. This way you can still consider a memory foam mattress without the worry of being overheated.

Is Your Curiosity Satisfied?

Although, not scientifically proven, there are large amounts of people saying how beneficial a memory foam mattress can be for your sleep. While also helping to ease the different aches and pains you may be suffering from. Honestly I think this can very well be true as long as you have the power of knowledge in what you are buying first.

I am glad that I got to explain so of this information with you, this way you can be more sure if a memory foam mattress would benefit you and your sleep habits. I would be happy to hear what you have to say as well.

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Live and Sleep Banner Thank you so much for coming by if you would like to let me know about your experiences or if you have any questions at all please feel free to ask away. I have left my email address for you or you can leave them in my comment box below.

Thank you again and I hope you have a wonderful day!

8 Replies on “Memory Foam Mattress-From Live And Sleep!

  1. I must admit your post on memory foam mattress has gotten my attention, I am in need of a new mattress and keep putting it off simple because I become overwhelmed with all the choices of mattresses on the market today.

    My present mattress without a doubt is affecting my quality of sleep, I wake up several times with aches and pains from the springs poking my body throughout the night. I suffer from muscle pain and stiff joints, I was wondering do you think a memory foam mattress would be more gentle on my body?

    1. Hi Jeff. Have raised a very good question thank you. Yes I do believe a memory foam mattress or even a memory foam mattress topper would be of great help to you. They way memory foam works is as you push down on it, it molds to you it will sink in just a little more for the heavier parts of your body like your torso to support it and by doing this it also helps relieve the the pressure of the lighter body parts like your legs. I molds to form your body but just enough so it still will hold great support all the way around. I know you have posted this on my memory foam mattress post, however if this is something you would like to look more into and get other ideas on I also have a memory foam mattress topper post about Cloud 9 and memory foam mattress topper as well. Regardless if you need more ideas or any more questions please feel free to let me know I will help in the best way I can.
      Thank you so much and have a wonderful day.

  2. Good day Melissa
    I see that turning the mattress frequently is recommended. We have a memory foam topper on our organic latex mattress. I am just wondering how detrimental it would be if it is not turned frequently, since many boats and RV’s have custom mattresses that can’t be turned. I would like to get your thoughts on that, please?
    May you enjoy a wonderful day!

    1. Hi Sharlee. I am glad you came by and you have provided an excellent question. So here is what I have learned. It is good to turn your mattress every so often so a certain area will not wear into the same form. This could cause some uncomfortable support and eventually it will be affecting you sleep as well. Now the other thing I have learned is this makes your mattress break down faster. But it is only recommended to turn them about every 6 months with the memory foam. But it you can’t turn it make sure its foundation is in good shape if you can because this can also help support the mattress ending a longer lifespan. So basically if you can turn it is really is better, it helps to even out the wear. But if you can’t try to do what you can to make sure your foundation stays in good shape. I am so glad you have brought this great question up. Please let me know if you have any more. I will be glad to help. I also want to make sure that this answered has helped you, so I would love to hear from you.
      Thank you again and I have a wonderful day.

      1. Hi Melissa

        I apologize for the delay in getting back to you.

        Thank you for the thorough answer Melissa, I really appreciate you taking the time to respond to my question and for helping us with this.

        Our bed is on a good base, so that shouldn’t be a problem. It is just that with boats and RV’s, sometimes the angle of the one side of the bed is different than the other side, i.e. straight against the wall and curved at the foot-end to allow the door to open, etc.

        What would you say is a reasonable lifespan for a 2 inch thick memory foam topper, Melissa? Is there certain signs of ageing to look for?

        May you enjoy a lovely day!

        1. Hi Sharlee. I am glad you got back to me. It seems life keeps us pretty busy sometimes.
          Yea unfortunately in that case you probably won’t be able to turn it. But usually the life span is around 10 years. I honestly think since this is an RV and may not be used as much the life span should be around this or a little more. Where as a mattress in your room you would use more often so it would wear down quicker, especially if you couldn’t rotate it.
          With memory foam mattress, I am sure you notice when you go to lay on it, it forms to your body but later slowly pops back out. Well if you start noticing that it is not going back to the normal mattress then that is a good sign it is wearing down. Memory foam is meant to go back to its original form so if it is keeping your shape then it is probably time to start looking into a new one. And of course there is if things like you notice your back starts hurting more or even stiffness. The are tell tale signs your mattress is not working as it should.
          I am so glad you got back to me. Was there anything else that I could help you with? Great questions by the way.
          Thank you so much and I hope you have a wonderful day!

          1. Hi Melissa

            Awesome, thank you very much! I will have a look at the mattress. Great pointers.

            Nothing at the moment, thank you Melissa, but I will definitely be back should another question arise! 😉

            Thank you for your help and may you enjoy a wonderful day!

          2. Hi Sharlee. I am glad I got all your questions answered and was able to help. Please feel free to come back if you need any more help at all. It has been a pleasure visiting with you. Hope to talk to you soon.
            Thank you and have a wonderful day!

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