Little Boys and Turtles = Time For New Boys Bedding

Little Boys and Turtles = Time For New Boys Bedding


There are many reasons you may be looking for boys bedding. Below I have given you a story that could be one of the reasons. I hope you enjoy the humor!

“Hey mom can I keep it?” Your little boy asks in such as an innocent pleading voice, as he is slowly pulling out his newly caught prize possession. It is a small green mud covered mess of a turtle, that you now have to decide whether or not you want to give into! stuffed animal turtle

As you are sitting there thinking do I really want to deal with this mess, he pipes up again, almost begging this time, “Well mom can I please, please, keep it? 

Now if you happen to be that parent that thinks “well, what can it hurt”, then chances are your mind has already began the race as to, what am I getting into? My own mommy knowledge tells me you are soon going to be experiencing the fun yet messy side of being a parent to a son!

In that flash of a second I bet you are already experiencing a little of what I described to you, the fun yet messy side of having a boy, and let me guess how this scenario has turned out: you have an issue on your hands now, right?

Did your little “angel” go ahead and take that muddy mess to his bedroom? Let me guess: did he plop that wonderful prize possession right in the middle of his all too clean, neatly made bed? Yes!

And oh wait you have more for me? Go ahead and tell me all about it! So now you are telling me that this went beyond a muddy mess, right? Okay, let me see if I got this right. After your son took this little turtle to his bed, he began rolling around playing with it, right? Okay I am still with you. Go on.

And what?! Somehow in this rough housing mess, he tore his favorite Batman bedding? Aha, now you have given me a situation that I can come to your rescue and be your Super Hero in! So don’t worry, Melissa is here to save the day!(I think they should make a new action figure that looks like me, don’t you agree)?

Well since they haven’t invented me as Super Hero action figure yet, how about I show you a few really great Super Hero bedding sets instead!

Yes, I do have Batman on here as one bedding set. But let’s say I got your son’s favorite Super Hero wrong. What, I made a mistake? No that’s not possible! Okay so maybe it is. But you can take a deep breath I do have more Super Heroes available. Ones like Spider-man and even the Avengers!

NASCAR wall accents and room decor at

Before I move on, I wanted to make sure that you knew, I also understand not all little boys are into the whole Super Hero theme. So, on this note, I made sure to bring some famous TV/Movie/Game characters as well.

Who knows, your wonderful ball full of energy might just enjoy walking around, trying to catch the ever illusive Pikachu on the Pokemon Go game!  Or he might even enjoy a good friendly race with his dad on Mario Kart.

I don’t know your son personally, but I am very familiar with things that little boys have the tendency to like (I have a grown son). I am making sure to cover all my bases so to speak, clear down to the classic older style, such as cars, trucks, dinosaurs, and even Army bedding sets. So let’s just have fun and see what we can find your turtle catching son!

During His Wind Down Time!

I am sure if we left the scheduling of a day’s events up to the kiddos, by the end of the day we would have some very tired, grumpy little boys on our hands. You know the kind: his shirt don’t fit right, he all of the sudden can’t pedal his bike, the list goes on and on, all signs of complete and utter exhaustion. 

Besides you know as well as I do, if our young boys were in charge of this daily agenda, they would not be stopping for thing such things as nap time or simply some time to rest a little bit. Why?

In their little sparkling eyes, they have all the energy in the world and are completely invincible, which in turn leaves them to ignore how tired they really are! And there is no way they are going to let this little bump of fatigue stop them.

Do you blame them though? There is so many exciting that can happen while he is trying to catch up on his zzz’s. He may just miss you washing dishes! (Ha ha)

We see, as parents, that down/nap time is a really important factor for our kids lives and health (And our stress level as parents). This is a good reason within itself not to hand over our daily agenda to our children, let alone to a little boy who seems to have an energy that just doesn’t quit.

Since we all are under the understanding that this daily agenda is better off with us as the parents, becauseKids Bedding and Room Decor at we value our sanity, how about we find an easy yet effective approach on how to make nap time a little smoother.

For some of your boys, it may be as easy as finding a movie that he really likes watching, like Star Wars, or one of the all time popular Transformer movies.

If you are lucky enough for this to work for you, then all you need to do is go grab his Sponge Bob pillow and blanket, put the movie in, and you should be good to go. Now if you don’t have a blanket and pillow featuring one of these characters, have a look around here. I have several to choose from.                   

However, with some boys, a movie like this can make them more active instead of slowing them down and get their attention. So why not give a cartoon series a try instead, this way you are not counter acting all of your hard?

 Here let me give a few examples of some more calming cartoon TV series to watch instead. How about The Teenage Mutant Turtles (That one is irony for you since a turtle started this adventure), the Lego cartoons, or maybe he would rather see a Harry Potter show. One of these will surely be a great fit for your amazing, little turtle catcher!

As parents, we need to team up from time to time in order to keep the kiddos happy, healthy, and safe! Knowing this is why I am bringing you this kind of variety of bedding sets for the little man that melts your heart. And offering you all of these different characters is a small effort of mine to work with you for your son’s happiness!

Is It A Bird, Is It A Plane? No It’s Your Son’s Favorite Super Hero!

Super heroes, they are always the good guys, the ones to save the day! So of course one of these characters could easily be seen as your son’s all time favorite idol.

And let’s face it one these would be a great idol to have. However, with this many Super Heroes and all the different abilities, I can not saying for certain that  there won’t be the occasional dispute of which Super Hero reigns supreme, you know top dog!               

Looking at all the Super Heroes out there who could blame your son for choosing a character like Batman or Spider-man to help keep him safe at night while sleeping ever so peacefully in his bed.

Why stop there, Avengers and Captain America are a couple of other great classic Super Heroes that could possibly be his top pick.

There are just so many out there these days each one having their own special powers and abilities. Which is why each little boy could admire a different Super Hero, or there is even a chance for several boys to admire the same Super Hero for a whole different reason.

What ever his reason may be for that one Super Hero to be the best Hero in his eyes, you can look on here and find that one Hero that will complete his bedroom. And in turn making it the best bedroom on the block (of course).

Fixing up his room with his favorite idol (we will just say Super-man for now), may work out to your best benefit as well. I can see it benefiting you because if he is sleeping on bedding with his favorite Hero it may help him feel safer, and ensure a more restful night of sleep. Which in the end we know is a better nights sleep for us as well.Kids Bedding - Girls Bedding Sets & Boys Bedding Sets 

Boys Will Be Boys!

Another common way a lot of young little boys tend to lean towards when playing, is being fascinated with toys such as cars, trucks, and even dinosaurs. Although these have been around along time now, they are  more modernized and offer little boys for this day and age the same fun filled experience.

For an example what young, little man wouldn’t love taking his favorite Hot Wheels cars through a small working version of a car wash. Or how about even being able to take that same Hot Wheels through a 7 loop automatic race track!

Another great up date they have made for these great classic toys is the trucks. I am talking about toy trucks like the Tonka Trucks. With these wonderful toy trucks your son can use his imagination to the full extent, and who knows you might end up with a one of a kind dirt city in your backyard.

If you happen to have a little boy who seems to like toys like these instead of the ideas I mentioned above, like Super Heroes or a character from a cartoon series, I am prepared for that as well with my bedding site.

So go ahead and let your little boy be a little boy as long as he can. While you and me work together to create the bedroom of his dreams. (Keep in mind you may still end up with a muddy mess with all of this great playing) It will all be worth when you get to see his little, brown, eyes light up like a bright shinning star!

Wait a minute, what if you have a son that is a tad older and has outgrown many of the bedroom themes I have talked about earlier? OO no! Now we are in a pickle! Just kidding! I have found some wonderful bedding ideas that I am sure a young man at this stage would also be grateful to have.

Young men at this age, have a tendency to want a look that can be perceived as a more mature look. They are growing up way to quickly for us, and I know we would love to keep them in the younger boys patterns. However, at the same time we have to allow them room to grow into wonderful men! (Who knows you may end up with a famous Marine Biologists whose main focus is on turtles).

One way we can help support this beginning stage of change, is to help them find a bedding set that would more closely coincide with their age! You know the stage I am describing, where he doesn’t see himself as little kid anymore, but in our eyes as parents, we still see him as our little baby.

Okay, so now what do I have to offer this fast growing young man? I think you both will be pleased with this answer.

For starters is your son into maybe an Army type of theme? If you answered yes then I have a couple of bedding sets on here that will serve him nicely.

The reason I have chosen these to show on here, is it seems more and more in today’s world that young men have the desire to grow up and serve our country in the Army. What a great honor that would be if your son choose this path for his life! So to honor his choice I wanted to make sure I have something available for him.

Now I understand that this is not the life for every young man. So if your son is not into the whole Army theme how about we look at some more bedding ideas that can truly be just as great!

Here is a couple of examples of bedding that may be more suitable for your son’s liking. How about we start off with a basic look. What I am saying is I have a couple of boys bedding sets on here that are a basic solid color. Like the black one I have right above this paragraph. Or you may have even seen the one above that was a nice color of orange.

Even though these are more basic styles they can still add a very nice touch to any bedroom, including your son’s. I could be wrong, but I am sure a basic style like this could also have the ending result in your young man feeling more grown up. Maybe it will also be a little confidence builder. 

Upgrading his bedroom can be a small but significant change into the starting stage of manhood. And that is why I am including a few more basic ideas for your son’s room. I want to help you through this difficult stage in life. And my suggestion is to start with his kingdom (so to speak) and give him a more mature bedroom.

Working together I faith, your son’s bedding needs and wants should be solved before you leave. If you didn’t find the solution you are looking for, please let me know and I will give it my best effort to help you find exactly what you are looking for.

Would You Like to Know My Prospective on Obedding?

I hope as you are glancing through my site that you found many great bedding products that would be great for your son. But you might also find yourself wondering what my opinion, thoughts, and feelings are about each individual site that carries these products.

So in this short paragraph I am going to give you that information as well.I am positive you will not be disappointed in what I have to say about this check mark

For this particular post I am bringing you products from a site called Obedding, This sites focus is kids bedding. They are one of the smaller companies I am working for. However, I do like what they have to offer the kiddos.Another plus is  that they offer products for different age groups, and items for both boys and girls.

Other things I appreciate about this Obedding is that they have earned my trust by making sure they have contact information that is very easily available. To me that shows that they are willing to handle any problems right away if they occur.

Here at Obedding they also offer items for the rest of your children room. Things like wall decor, curtains, and even rugs. Which, this lets me know that they want to make sure that they have everything to complete your child’s room. And lets face it I am sure you will agree, having something convenient like that is a real plus as well.

All in all, even though this is a smaller site it does appear to me to be a great site!

Need some decorating ideas for your son’s superhero bedroom? Check this out!

I am Here For Your Next “Turtle” Incident

There you have it folks! Let your little boy be a little boy! A turtle or 2 might do a little damage, but in the end their happiness is what counts.turtle on rock

Keep in mind if another problem like this one or even something similar leaves you looking for a new bedding set for your precious little angel, come visit me lets see what we can find to still give him the bedding that he ultimately wants!

I am sure as a little more time passes I will have more to offer for little boys, so please be a stranger come back and visit.

Boys Will Be Boys

But You Can Be Ready

Thank you. I would love to hear from you. You may have some fresh ideas or have something in mind you would like to see. If so please let me know in the comment box below or you can simply email me at the address I provided.

Thank you again for stopping by and I hope you have a wonderful day!

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  1. This is a great post! I’m so glad I stumbled across these resources! I am currently looking for new bedding for my little boy and I feel like I am always finding that it is either over priced or insanely low quality. I am looking for something to meet me half-way! Thanks so much for the resources and I’m looking forward to showing him this page to see what he thinks!

    1. I am also very glad you have stumbled my page and seems like it was great timing also. I would love if you showed him. I bet he could find something he really likes. I would love to hear back of what he thought. If you find something great deal if not and he happens to be looking for something let me know and I will do the best I can to find it for him.

      Tell him I said hi.

      Thank you for coming by. I hope to see you back soon.

      Have a wonderful day!

  2. What a beautiful tour! This site is a pretty picture in a magazine! I love everything ! I adore your choice of niche.
    I know you are the creator of all of those loving bed works. They all are fantastic. Great Work! Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thank you for coming by and I am happy to hear you took a full tour. I love how they can come up with so many different types and styles in bedding. Thank you so much for stopping by. Please come back soon and visit again.
      Have a wonderful day.

  3. Hi Melissa!

    I am a Mom of 3 boys so I found myself relating to many of your antedotes in your article! Boys are messy, busy, and definitely go through a lot of sheets and bedding! My boys are 8, 4, and 10 months. My older two are into many of the shows and things that you posted throughout your article so thank you for providing lots of different options!
    I have never heard of the site OBedding before reading your article. How do their prices compare to the bigger companies like amazon or target?
    Thank you so much for your input!

    1. Wow 3 boys at those ages! I bet you do have your hands full. I only had one and sometimes I thought that was to much.(Just Kidding)

      As far as you question about the prices. At first glance it seemed like Walmart was a little cheaper. But the cheaper price was just the sheet sets. So when I looked at the full set (comforters and all) they both were about  the same price. But I did notice at Obedding they had different set ideas than Walmart.

      Well I hope I gave you some clarity. Thank you for stopping by I hope you have a wonderful day!

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