Sleep Like A Bear With Bear Mattress!

Sleep Like A Bear With Bear Mattress!


Bear with me here (pun intended). Are you getting the best nights sleep you could be getting? No! Is part of that because it is time to upgrade to a new mattress? Maybe!

Maybe? Come on now you know you are tired of sleeping on that well-worn down mattress! Go take a look at it real quick. Do you see that permanent outlined indentation of your body? I know you can see it just a little!Bear logo


Now that we discovered that your mattress is most likely your biggest hinder, how about we fix it? How?

Well I have found a company that goes by the name Bear Mattress! And they offer 2 (yes I said 2) different types of mattress. Below I will be explaining very specific detail surrounding both types of mattresses.

I am doing so you can compare each one and see which of the 2 might better suit you! We have to get you to sleeping better. I am sure your husband/wife or kids would be pleased if you came rolling out of bed more awake and alert from a better nights rest. And let’s face it you may even save money now by doing this since you will be more alert in the morning, it is very possible you won’t be having to throw out burnt pancakes! (Ha ha)

Yes I do have a great mattress company here offering you 2 different types of mattress, however these guys have taken a step further. Here at Bear mattress they some great accessories to go along with their wonderful mattress. To find out more all you have to do is keep reading! That is simple right?

And last but not least I also want to fill you in on their in their guarantees, warranties, and of course what payment options they have for you.

Well enough of the round about general information let’s get into the hardcore details now!

Bear Mattress has an Innovation in Technology!

Bear mattress

I mentioned earlier these guys have 2 different types of mattress. So the first mattress I want to break down some more details about is called the Bear Mattress. What I thought that was the name of the company? Yes it is also their name of the company. I am not sure why they decided the 2 should be the same, but it what it is!

However, what I do know is the Bear Mattress is their most popularly sold of the 2 mattress. Now it might be your pick and it may not, but let me go ahead and tell you some more information about it first.

For starters since you are looking into purchasing a new mattress one question you might keep in mind are you happy with the size of your current mattress? There is no right or wrong answer for this question. However, I do want to let you know that the Bear Mattress is provided in several sizes such as Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and even California King.x and check mark

Are you ready for some more great details? Well I also would like to tell you about what is used to make this mattress. For the Bear Mattress they use graphite-gel memory foam. What is this you may be asking? Let me go ahead and break this big ol term down for us regular people that are not the scientific type!

First off how about we look at the graphite. Simply because if you are like me when this is said you think of this giant ugly rock and I don’t want you to think I am offering you a bed or rocks. (Ha ha)

Okay the graphite that they are using for this product is a completely natural mineral. This mineral in particular has a great ability when mixed with the gel memory foam. Its great ability is, it adds the benefit of helping to keep you cooler at night. So basically it helps to remove the heat from your body and lets more airflow through so you are less likely to wake up due to being overheated.

Now let’s take a real quick glance at the gel memory foam part of this. I am sure most of you have heard of this before, so I am going to tread lightly on this part.

Basically the gel memory foam forms with your body. How this can help is by reliving some of the areas of pressure. It will mold to your body as you sleep. More like cradling you in comfort.hands

Now if you put these 2 together (graphite-gel memory foam) you have a brand new technology. A bed that not only surrounds you in comfort while easing pressure spots, but will also help you to keep cooler while you are asleep.

Why stop their the also have a celliant cover to go over this mattress. Just for clarification purposes I will explain this as well so you can see the benefit this provides.

Celliant is an infrared yarn technology. Huh? Well this means is that as you are sleeping away, this celliant cover helps to recycle your body’s energy into an infrared light. This will be very beneficial to you because what this does is it helps your blood flow, in essence this will help your tissue oxygenation go up by about 8%. A little more broke down it helping your blood flow through your body while helping your tissues and blood receive more oxygen!

So there you have it folks this is the Bear Mattress. All wrapped up, it is a mattress that is designed for your comfort and health all in one! There is also a good choice of different size to meet to your wants as well.

(I know their are a lot of definitions in here, but I figured this way you could fully understand what this product is about. Also,as you are reading along with the following information, some of these words will be used again.)

Bear Hybrid a Classic Style With Much More!

Is the gel memory foam not really in your comfort zone? Well Bear Mattress took that into consideration as well and the have built a mattress that more resembles the classic style spring mattresses. And poof the Bear Hybrid is born!bear mattress

The Bear Hybrid is offered in three sizes, the Queen, King, and the California King. With this mattress they have decided to keep them big. But who says that’s a bad thing? Not me!

The way I see this is, I would love one of these sizes, because well let’s say I am home by myself, I can stretch out as much as I want to. On the other hand if I have a normal house full, well then I would have room for a couple of kiddos, a dog, a spouse, and maybe just enough room left for a cat or 2 to sneak in. From this perspective a big bed can be great!

When it comes to actually making of the Bear Hybrid Mattress, this is where the 2 mattress are different.

The Bear Hybrid mattress is a spring and foam type of mattress. But don’t worry this isn’t your old fashion spring mattress. They took careful consideration to ensure that the Hybrid is a high quality of comfort! How? Well let’s jump right into this.

For starters, this hand crafted mattress is produced in a Wisconsin factory. Here at the factory they take the time to make sure each and every coil is individually wrapped with a protector, providing the best comfort possible.

On the hand crafted subject, they have also created a hand crafted celliant (definition above) quilted outside covering as well.

By doing this they are making sure to keep the benefit of better blood flow with better oxygenation throughout your body.

I have another couple real quick questions for you. What kind of sleeper are you? Are you one of those perfect sleepers? I mean the type of angelic sleepers that sleep in one spot the entire night. So much so that when you wake up it doesn’t even look like anyone was ever in the bed, type sleeper.

Or can you be better described as a gymnastics sleeper? You know what I am talking about. One foot up in the air, cater-cornered on the bed, head hanging off, and moves around so much it looks like a dog chased their tail in your bed all night type of sleeper.

Well I do have some good news for you guys and any other types of sleepers! The Bear Hybrid was built with high density support ( it can withstand rough sleepers) and to was designed for every type of sleeper out there!

As you can probably see with my descriptions, both of these mattresses are unique. However, they are both made with quality and new technology. Ensuring that the people that buy a Bear Mattress are not only completely comfortable, but also can help your health out a little with the new technology.

Extra Goodies for You!girl on bear mattress

Pillows, Bear Protector, Foundation, and even a Frame is also up for grabs at Bear Mattress. That’s right Bear Mattress is here for you from the ground (frame) all the way up to the pillow. Just like the amazing mattress they have created the took the time to ensure every little detail on their accessories as well. So how about we take a look at these as well.

I really want to start with the Frame since it is the ultimate starting point to a great nights sleep. My reasoning for saying this is, no matter how great of a mattress you may have, if your frame is broke then your mattress isn’t going to sit level and well there goes the peaceful sleep, right out the door.

So here it is for you! At Bear Mattress they used fiberglass infused with resin to create a heavy-duty frame. This frame is so strong it can hold up to 2500 lbs! Just to give you an idea how much this weight is, an elephant can generally weigh up to 2500 lbs. So let’s look at that right quick Bear Mattress has built a frame for you that could hold an elephant! Well if you have jumpers for kids then you won’t have to worry as much about them breaking this frame!

Speaking of kids jumping on the bed (not that I am condoning this action), you know how your frame makes that creaking noise, crying in pain? Well with this frame from Bear Mattress they have made it stable enough it doesn’t make the creaking noise. I know this a good thing for your ears but a bad thing because now you won’t know if your lovely children are being little monkeys jumping on the bed.

One last thing I wanted to make sure and tell you about with this frame is that it is smooth, otherwise it doesn’t have any sharp edges! This is good for a couple of reasons. First let’s look at your children, if you have a small child who is crawling or just learning to walk you won’t have to worry about them cutting themselves on this frame if they happen to fall or grab it.

Next it is a benefit for you. I know one of the chores I dislike doing is making my bed. This is partially due to the fact as I walk around pulling down all the corners it becomes inevitable that I am going to scratch my self on the calf of my leg . You know the deep scratches that burns for days! With this frame that won’t be a problem anymore.

Alright how about we move along. Still working from the bottom up. Next we have the Foundation (similar to box springs). When deciding, to design this one aspect Bear Mattress thought it to be important is to match all the wonderful sizes they are offering in their mattress sets. So yes you can still find the foundation in any size of mattress that you would choose from.

Another key factor is they wanted to make sure this product was also built very sturdy you know for your little monkey’s (kidding). How they did this was they created a foundation that was slatted but it is also crafted out of solid wood. By doing this they are enhancing the foundations’ durability.

Now we have covered the 2 bottom basic essentials, so why don’t we go ahead and move on up to cover 2 of the top areas essentials.

Keeping it in order, next I would like to tell you a little more about the Bear Protector. No, this is not something you can take with you out into the woods that deters bears away! This protector is a cover for your bed, and even if you are a bear of a person it is not going to deter you the other way!

spring sale at bear mattress The Bear Protector uses Hei Q Adaptive Technology. I know another fancy smancy word. So here is an easier common English version. Basically what this means is it is very similar to the graphite gel mix that I talked about above. Meaning it is more breathable and with this it helps to pull away heat and moisture to help you sleep cooler through the night.

Are you or your kids drink spillers? Well Bear Mattress has you covered for this one as well with the protector! It is waterproof! I like this idea because, being klutzy doesn’t come with an age. And now you have a product that you won’t have to worry about your little spill accidents! Great idea!

The last great detail I want to mention about the Bear Mattress Protector is that at Bear Mattress they have put the being healthy spin on this as well. Here’s what I am rambling about. This mattress protector will hold less dust, fewer bacteria, and have few allergens than most mattress protectors would. And if that was enough in the healthy department they also implemented the celliant design here as well. Helping your body take excess energy and turn it into oxygen benefiting your whole body (more on celliant listed above).

Now for the final accessory the pillows (available in Queen or King). I know you know how hard it is to find a good pillow! Well I think Bear Mattress has done it! They have invented pillows that have a lot of the same materials while offering the same great benefits as all the rest of their products.

Such as hypoallergenic, anti microbial, keeps away dust mites, less bacteria, and allergens. Wait their is more! At Bear Mattress they have decided these health factors weren’t all of what is important, so they have even more to add. Things like double ice factor which is another type of fabric that will help you stay cool while you sleep.

Loft X-Foam, this foam will help to ensure you the right amount of support while you are sleeping. And to help back up the double ice factor, the have also made a these pillows with a dual mesh cover. Which is kinda similar to a pillowcase but it is a mess product, so that it will also allows for a better air flow. And there is no need to worry they made this easy removable for washing purposes as well.

Well there you have if folks some wonderful accessories that you can purchase through Bear Mattress to go along with which every mattress you have decided to choose to fit you.

But please stick around just a bit more, I have some savings and information on warranties and such on the next part!

It Gets Even Better!

Now that we have these great products covered, I also wanted to let you know about a wonderful offer Bear Mattresses has in place! First off I need to tell you that everything that you read about above is available for purchase separately. However, if you want a great deal and need a couple of these items Bear Mattress has a combo that is called a Sleep Bundle offer.

With this Sleep Bundle you will be receiving the mattress of you choice, 2 (Queen) pillows, and the Bear Protector. You can add the foundation for a little more if you would like it as well. Now the great part about the Sleep Bundle when you purchase these multiple products with the bundle they are going to give you 5% off of your order. How very nice of them put a package together with several of their great products and give you a discount for ordering them in a bundle!

To ensure your satisfaction, Bear Mattress also went ahead and decided to give you a 100 night trial period that doesn’t start until the day your mattress is delivered. With 100 night trial if for some reason you are not completely satisfied call them up. They will give you a full refund and come back to pick up the mattress for free.

To make sure I give you all the information possible I also want to let you know about their warranty plan. There is a 10-year warranty plan on the mattresses, protector, and the pillows. Now the foundation has a 1-year warranty and the frame has a 5-year warranty. Great products with great warranties what more could you ask for? OO wait their is more!

They have 0% APR financing available for you, and if you choose to pay early there is no penalties for the prepayment!

I must say wow their are a lot of positive features at the Bear Mattress store.

a couple on a bear mattress

What Do You Think?

I know this was a bit lengthy of a post, but with all the great products and innovations that Bear Mattress has to offer I found it easy to carry on about them. Let’s look back just for a second and sum it all up.

At Bear Mattress you can choose from 2 totally different mattress each with great qualities, you can also purchase pillows, bed covers/protectors, a foundation/box springs, and even a frame.

I think they have a wonderful job in providing some great products that have some wonderful and even healthy benefits. And then just to top it off Bear Mattress takes it one step further to even give you the possibility of a discount. What an amazing company we are talking about here!

Check out this review on Bear Mattress. Find out what other people have to say.

Bear Mattress definitely has my attention and I really hope it got yours with all this wonderful information.

I hope you have enjoyed my post! As always I would love to hear your thoughts, opinions, and ideas! You can leave these for me in the comment box below or even email the to me at the address below.

Thank you for coming by and I hope you have a wonderful day!

8 Replies on “Sleep Like A Bear With Bear Mattress!

  1. How would you rank Bear Mattress vs the competition such as Leesa and Casper? I tried my first foam mattress this year and I was hooked but I am still not sure which one to get. I know a mattress is a long term buy so I just want to make sure I make the right decision.

    1. Very good questions. I took a look at some of basic things to compare them all. For starters I think Bear Mattress beats the Leesa Mattress. Let me tell you a few differences. I looked at the Queen size for both of these. First off the bad part Bear is a little more expensive (+$135). However the Leesa only offers 1 free pillow with this. Bear mattress offers 2 free pillows plus a protector. Then as far as quality goes Leesa did seem like a decent product, however Leesa does have a mattress that would keep you cooler but Bear has that and a new technology that helps with blood flow and also helps to circulate oxygen throughout your body. So for the comparison of these two alone you may pay a tiny bit more but I think Bear Mattress offers a better quality and it also gives you more product when purchasing.

      Now just a quick comparison between Bear Mattress and Casper. Once again I used the Queen size to compare. As far as the prize Bear is $80 higher, however where Bear comes with 2 pillows and a protector, Casper has a cover which is not water proof and Bear has a protector that is water proof. Also Casper doesn’t offer any pillows. Now for the quality Casper is like the Leesa and offers a cooling agent but still lack the new technology that helps with blood and oxygen flow throughout your body.

      I know it is a long answer but I really wanted you to see why I think Bear Mattress still wins against the 2 products (Leesa and Casper) you asked about. Bear Mattress is a little bit higher in price but you get more bang for your buck and also they offer some truly great health options.

      I hope this will help you in your search to purchase a new mattress. Yes they are expensive and so comparison is great. 

      One last thing I wanted to mention to you is I also have a Cloud 9 Foam mattress topper review on here if you want to look at it. It is also a great product as well and a little cheaper than buying a whole mattress. 

      Well I hope I have helped you out with your decision making. If you have any more questions feel free to ask me and I will find the information out for you.

      Thank you for coming by hope to see you soon and have a wonderful day! 

  2. Just when I thought I knew so much about mattresses! Your article really goes into depth on the make up of all these products, and it was very helpful. I have such bad allergies throughout the year, and never knew what to do about it. The Bear pillows seem to be exactly what I need! Thank you so much for al you help!


    1. You are very welcome. I had someone else ask me the difference between Bear Mattress and a couple of other ones. I gave him some different reasons as to why I believe Bear Mattress and its products are so much better. One of the reasons I pointed out was because it does seem like at Bear Mattress they are doing a wonderful job on looking out for your health.

      Allergies are pain and any little thing you can find to help out with is great. If you have any more questions let me know and I will help so that you can make a great decision. 

      Thank you for coming by and I hope you have a wonderful day!

  3. This is interesting because I love the idea of the modern memory mattresses but I get too hot in them.
    Are you saying this graphite gel technology helps you keep cool at night?
    That would be wonderful.
    Get the best of both worlds, a comfortable mattress and a cool night’s sleep.
    As for what kind of sleeper I am? well, have to ask someone else that, won’t I?

    1. Hello and thank you for stopping by. I understand getting too hot sleeping on the memory foam. Yes at Bear Mattress the list this graphite gel technology. And they have it described as helping you to keep cooler while you are sleeping. I think this a great feature. I also like infrared technology that helps with the blood and keeping oxygen flowing better.

      Well regardless of which kind of sleeper you are they got you covered. 

      Thank you again for stopping by I hope to see you again soon.

      Have a wonderful day.

  4. Wow. Seriously, I want one! In the near future, I’ll be looking here again!
    The cooling factor sounds wonderful. I’m glad it’s not a super strange chemical doing that.
    Great info!

    1. Hello Dianne
      Thank you so much for coming by. I also really am intrigued by these mattresses. They do sound terrific. And like you said even better news they are not made from chemicals.
      I am glad you enjoyed this read and I hope to hear from you soon.
      Have a wonderful day.

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