Girls’ Bedding-All About Inspiration And Creativity

Girls’ Bedding-All About Inspiration And Creativity


Here is my thought when it comes to girls’ bedding, I think it is as unique and creative as each girl. So many colors and designs just like girls each one holds their own thoughts of what is the best look.Welcome to Blancho Bedding affiliate program!!

That is why I want to give you a good variety of ideas when it comes to girls’ bedding. You know ensure we cover several bases at once. As I am sure you know it is very important to support our daughter’s inspiration and creativity. There are several ways that you can accomplish this. Things like dance class or even softball.

However, today I want to show you another way to support her, and that is in her bedroom. You see her bedroom is her castle, her go to place. So I want to help you build her castle up and let her be the princess she desires to be.

Letting Go Little By Little

Kids in general grow up so fast, almost like you took a deep breath and they are 5 years older just like that. This is especially true when it comes to little girls. Both boys and girls may grow about the same but if you really look a boys growing is more subtle.

While a girl it seems to go from pretty frilly pink dresses and cute little bows to fan girls and going ga ga over the next biggest singer. With her life changing this quickly sometimes it can be difficult to keep up and to gradually loosen that tight grip we hold onto.

One thing you can keep in mind though just because she is changing this fast doesn’t mean you have to let go all at once. Take some small steps, ease into this change with her.

How you may ask? Well how about I suggest you start with her bedroom also know as her castle. You can update her room to fit her more grown up personality. And it can be simple start with her bedding. Change it from the cute little teddy bears to something with some style. It doesn’t have to be too bold. Remember you are doing this little by little.

Blancho Girls bedding Rediscovering You Daughter

Most of us as parents never want our little girls to grow up, unfortunately we do not have any control over this issue. So the next best thing we can do is rediscover who our precious little angle is turning into and support this change as it happens.

Soon you will see your daughter does not like things she used to like Barbies and Hello Kitty. But now as it seems she may like things more like bright colors like neon green and even different patterns that seem to pull you into staring.

Well I got great news for you! As you are rediscovering your daughter this will help you to make subtle but necessary changes enabling her to grow especially in her creativity and inspirations.

If you are wondering how you can easily implement these changes, I am here to give you some great suggestions. Here why don’t I give you a hint. Her bedroom is an amazing place to start in helping to rediscover your daughter.

Change Her Bedding For StartersBlancho Duvets

As a girl grows she starts to desire her own privacy. And most usually this means she will be spending more time in her bedroom. This is a place she can close the door and listen to whatever music she likes or even call a friend and talk about the latest incident that happened at school.

Naturally since this is where she will be spending most of her time now days, it would be a great starting point to rediscover you precious little girl. What do I mean by this?

Here is what I mean and how to go about it. As I mentioned as she is growing you will start to see her inspiration and creativity come out. And if you help her by changing her bedding it could be an access door to find out new little details of what you daughter likes and what she wants.

So here is my suggestion to you, ask her one day if she would like a new-look to her room. Of course, she is going to say yes. Now sit down with her and go through some girls’ bedding ideas I have. This way she is content because she is getting to pick this out the way she wants, but you also benefit. You may have not known that her favorite color is now lavender where it used to be rose pink. See you are getting a peek into her world.

Girls’ bedding usually does help portray what she likes and what she wants, it is a great starting point to opening up her world to you. Things you may find out when changing her bedding is maybe the style she picked is vibrant which can show you she wants to be seen or heard.

Now if she happens to pick something more soft and flowing you might be able to assume she is turning into a more laid back person. One who is a go with the flow type of person.

So now are you starting to see how changing your girls’ bedding can play a role in figuring out who your daughter is becoming? Also, how it is showing you her new inspirations and creativity? They do go hand in hand if you think about it.

Blancho banner Is It Starting To Tie Together?

This whole article has been about letting your little girl grow and you growing with her. While allowing her to grow you are starting to let go little by little no major jumps. And as you begin to loosen that grip just a little it will give you a chance to rediscover your daughter especially when it comes to her creativity and inspirations.

I have also tried to show you that by changing your girls’ bedding that this can be a small but significant way into not only watch your little girl grow but also it could help you to see who she is becoming. Ultimately it all ties together in a new path of rediscovering who your little girl is becoming.

There are numerous amounts of little changes like redoing her bedding design that could also help you to subtlety see what her outlook is now. You could even do things like new clothing or including her more when shopping for your home.

All of these could leave some wonderful clues as to what she now likes and dislikes. Ultimately in the end seeing her from the creativity side.

Are You Going To Let This Change Happen?

As I mentioned earlier all of us really want to take our children and bundle them up tight and keep them at home with us where we know they are safe. But life changes and so do our kids. Girls just seem to be more of an eye-opener. With that they tend to need a little more delicate touch. And you will need to be a little more creative in order to learn who she wants to become. But do it little by little, this will allow it to go more smoothly.

Do You Need

Some Creative Ideas? 

I want to thank you for coming by. I am sure you probably have some comments or maybe some suggestions on this article. Well if you do you can leave them below in the comment box or if you would rather you can email them to me at the address also listed below. I would love to hear from you.

Need some inspiration and creative ideas for a girls room? Have a look at this video.

Thank you again for stopping and I hope you have a wonderful day!

8 Replies on “Girls’ Bedding-All About Inspiration And Creativity

  1. The image got my attention.
    I love all things having to do with bedrooms and housing. Housing like buying furniture and decorating the area. The decorating your “daughter’s” is very nice. I’d like to surprise my child with it. A bedroom defines us as well. Some people don’t think so.

    1. Hello Linda.

      I have to agree with you the way you have your room and house decorated can define us and really show people what we like. If you decide you want to change over your daughters room let me know I have some great ideas.

      Thank you so much for coming by

      Have a wonderful day. 

  2. Decorating a room is a way I let go of stress. Making an inspirational atmosphere is great for us. Especially for any teenagers or children. It’s great to see teenager become inspired in having a vision in life. Colorful and vibrant. My taste in colors and taste in music, or fd or décor has changed so much. I need a new comfort.

    1. Hello Linda 

      I have to agree teenagers seem to need this big change to help them grow and change. It can bring a whole new feel to any person. I would be glad to help you in any way possible if you need a change. 

      Thank you for coming by 

      I hope you have a wonderful day.

  3. I just read the article Girls’ bedding-Inspiration and creativity. I am enjoying this site. And I love how this post in particular shows that your daughter’s choices display her personality as she grows. This isn’t something we would automatically think of when thinking of sheets and a blanket. Great site and article.

    1. Hello Michelle 

      Thank you for coming by. I am glad you enjoyed the reading part of my article. I have a two daughters and I really thought about them as I was writing this article and how many different time their tastes changed. And each time it seemed like a new  personality came with it.

      I am glad you enjoyed this post.

      Thank you so much for coming by and I hope you have a wonderful day

    1. Hello Michelle
      I have to agree when girls seem to hit a certain age it seems like they take on their own personality and what a better way to let her shine than to let her help make decisions that directly affect her.
      Letting our kids is hard enough but we can take it in small strides.
      Thank you so much for coming back.
      Have a wonderful day.

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