Full Size Bed Sheets-What are the Dimensions?

Full Size Bed Sheets-What are the Dimensions?


Full size bed sheets! I am pretty sure that sheets are not a raging topic that is discussed often among your friends and colleagues at the ever so popular BBQ event or even at a birthday party. What I mean by this is chances are you are not going to sit around and discuss bed sheets the same way you would discuss say your favorite TV show or even who won the Super Bowl.

However, through my writing, I plan to hopefully help you see that sheets can actually be intriguing. For an example, did you know there are more than 10 different kinds of fabric that you can choose from for your bedding sheets?

Or how about did you know, that when trying to decide on a set of sheets there are many different thread counts available? Thread counts, why is that important? I have great news for you, if you read on you will find the answer to these questions and many more like it!

My intentions for this post is to pack it full of very helpful and interesting information about bed sheets. However, I do want to inform you that this post is focused towards full sized sheets for your bed. Now this does not mean that some of the great aspects you find here about full sized sheets will not be available in other sizes. What do I mean?

Simply put, let's say you need Queen sized sheets. It will be very likely that you can find the fabric, thread count, and even the colors that I am discussing here in full size sheets for your Queen sized bed sheets as well.

With this being said, even if you don't want full sizes sheets you may still find some information on this post that will help guide you when it comes to choosing a different size of bed sheets.

Earlier I mentioned that bed sheets are not likely to be a raging topic among fun gatherings such as a BBQ get together. However as I turn you loose to read my valuable information below, it is a possibility that you could stumble upon an intriguing fact that most people may not know about. And if you take that fact with you to the next big bash, it is a good possibility that you could have just started a whole new and fun  conversation among your friends and colleagues.                                                         

So here you go start searching for that new conversational tid-bit. Oops, what I meant to say is have fun reading new ideas for your bedding needs (ha ha).

 How Do I Know If I need a Full Size Sheet Set?

This is probably not a very common question I am sure. However, I am just as sure that there are some  people out there who don't know the best or easiest way to find out what size sheets they need for their beds. Besides that, even if you do already know this handy little bit of information, I may still surprise you!

Now before I can explain to you how you can find out if your bed is a full size, I have to make sure that you first understand the difference between a fitted sheet and a regular sheet. I know, I know, you are ready to get to the exciting information of how to figure out if you have a full size bed. But just be patient you will understand better in a second as to why this is an important first step.

A fitted sheet is pretty much how it sounds. It is simply a sheet that fits snugly over your bed. As you put it over the 4 corners it should be a tight fit. This will be the first sheet you put on.

As for a regular sheet this will simply spread out over the fitted sheet, it should cover your entire bed with a little extra all the way around.

Alright good now that everyone has a better understanding of the difference between the 2 sheets. We can move on to a more exciting things like how you can figure out if you are dealing with a full size bed.

Now for this next step it would be good if you had a tape measure and possibly a pen and paper (if you are forgetful) handy. You only have a ruler!!! Well that might slide by okay. Alright now you are going to take which ever measure tool you managed to muster up and you are going to measure your beds width first. (Just in case you are not sure, the width is going across your bed not top to bottom.)

You got that number? Great, now if you are anything like me, very forgetful, you may find it a lot easier to jot this number down. Make sure when you do that it is in inches not feet. 

Almost there, you got this, I have faith in you! 

Alright here we go with the next step! It is another super easy one! So take your measuring equipment again and this time you will be measuring the length. (Once again, just in case you are not sure, the length is from the top to the bottom.) Still hanging in there? I hope so! Now you also want to write this number down, still in inches.

Don't worry you can put away the measuring tool. Now we just need to put your numbers in the correct form.

Here is an example of how your numbers should look, (width) 54" x 75" (height). You want to know a great part about these numbers? Well these numbers should also be what is on your paper if you own a full size bed! 

You like how I did that, give you an example and answer all in one? Pretty sneaky (in a good way) I would say. I will even let you use this trick for your conversation starter at that get together we talked about, if you want to.

Alright let's get to the fun part. Shopping!!! From this point all you need to do is have that piece of paper with your numbers on it and look for a fitted sheet that matches those numbers. Just remember I did say fitted sheet. I will explain in a second.

So, you know how I mentioned earlier that the regular sheet will be a bit larger as to cover your whole bed with extra? Well that is why we are using the fitted sheet measurements and not the regular sheet. Because a fitted sheet is made for tightly fitting over your mattress which means these 2 numbers should match (fitted sheet and your mattress numbers).

Moving on. Now how about we look at the regular sheet, size. One thing to keep in mind is this is just an average for a regular full size sheet. If you prefer you could go a little bigger or maybe a little smaller, but I would vary by to much. With all of that being said the numbers you are looking for when it comes to a regular sheet are (width) 81" x 96" (height).

My reasoning for saying not to go to big is you could possibly end up with the never ending sheet. And it would just be in your way! On the other hand if you go to small well let's face it you may not cover your whole bed and you have then defeated the purpose of buying a regular sheet.

There you have it folks, some useful information and maybe a few facts to become conversation starter! Now are you ready for even more?

What is Your Favorite Color?

(Here comes another fun trivia fact that you can use also)

By any chance does Sir Issac Newton ring any bells? Well this man was an inventor. Of what you may ask? The First Color Wheel! He was the first to discover how the different color spectrum's worked. Without this wonderful man, I wouldn't be here today offering you the world of colors that I am.

So yes he was the first, but over time our range of colors have developed even more. And in doing so inventors have also learned how to incorporate it into different items, such as the sheets I am explaining about on this post. So before we begin I just want to say a big Thank You to everyone involved in bringing us all of the colors we can find today.

Now moving on as I mentioned we now have colors in everything and not only are they in everything but there is a multitude of colors available.

With all these colors readily available they also have managed to come up with some great names to give them. Names such as Teal, Burgundy, Olive, and even Lime Green. These are just to name a few.

Another great thing about all this new colors such as plum and apple red, being brought to our world is that people are also coming up with ideas to have multi colors in one item. This allows to find an item with swirls of color or even waves of color. Why is this a great thing you may ask?

Well here let me give an example. Say you are sitting out on the beach watching the beautiful sunset. I am talking about the sunset of a lifetime. It has the perfect mix of Yellows, Oranges, Reds, and even a slight hint of purple.

Now let's just say for instance that while you are sitting there admiring this beautiful view, a thought runs through your head. This thought might go something like this "Wow this is so relaxing I wish I could capture it's beauty and put it in my room so I can see it everyday".

You can!! This is what I am trying to explain. My headline for this is what is your favorite color? This doesn't mean you have to choose just one anymore. Now your favorite "color" can be a bunch of colors mixed together. Here is a great example, my daughter has decided that her favorite "color" is Camo. 

Camo is a great example of what I am describing. It's not the solid white, black, or even green any more a color can be a whole new mix of colors.

So keep in mind as you are reading through my post you can make your favorite color whatever you would like it to be.  Now just in the whole scheme of making things a little easier for you, what I have done is brought a few samples of bed sheets here to my post for you to view.

Now don't worry if you don't see one that you like or if you can't find exactly the right one for you. See I kept you in mind. All you have to do is click on these pictures and they will lead you off to a site that has many other different options to choose from as well.

So what are you waiting for. Go ahead click and explore! Find the perfect match made for you!                      

Moving Onto Fabrics

Fabrics, now there is a make or break your sleep at night, topic. Here let me explain. I said at the very beginning of this post that there are over 10 different types of fabrics that you can find available when buying your bed sheets.

Since there are so many to choose from finding the perfect fabric is essential to your sleep. Why? Put it this way, say you are the type of person that stays extremely hot through the night. Well the flannel fabric probably wouldn't be a good decision for you. Although it is very soft and comfortable, flannel also has a tendency to trap your body heat. Which over night could result in making you hotter.

Now for someone like this, that is hotter in nature at night, cotton may be a better fit for you. Cotton is well known for its breath-ability. Allowing more airflow so to speak through this particular fabric. In the end it will help to keep you a little cooler through the night and lead to a more restful nights sleep.

To give you a better idea of what might work best for you I have wrote out a few different types of fabric and some of the qualities they possess. Go ahead and read through my list below you might be surprised at what you might find.

  • Let's go ahead and start with most common 100% cotton- this is the most basic fabric, it is usually more affordable, it is soft, durable, and has very easy care instructions. However, they have also come up with different types of cotton now also,(examples Egyptian, Upland, Pima, and Supima are just a few) but they still have the same great qualities of pure cotton, with some minor changes whether it be a little more durable or even a tad softer along with other small changes.
  • Flannel, yep now it is not just a type of shirt but it is also been made into a fabric for bed sheets. So how about we take a look at this one. Although flannel sheets are very soft they still remain flannel. What I mean by this is having flannel sheets could definitely be a plus during the colder winter months. They help to trap the heat and keep you warm and snug. But in the summer time this may be a little too much. (I personally liked them year around they are super soft)
  • Moving on how about we look at polyester next. Polyester can also be referred to as microfiber. Now polyester sheets are also known to trap heat. Although polyester is often mixed with cotton to make a softer feel it still doesn't contain the breath-ability that you can find in cotton. On plus side polyester does seem to be more resistant to entrapping a stain. And because of how it is created it also is a little on the cheaper end of your budget.
  • Bamboo, now this one I am not very familiar with so research was a must. And with my research I found some interesting things to share. So here are some things I have found. One thing that I have found in a couple of different spots is that bamboo is often called rayon. This seems to be because they mix rayon and bamboo fibers together. Bamboo by itself is a very rough texture so adding the rayon has softened it up some. But from my understanding mixing these 2 fabrics together also creates a very soft, breathable fabric that adapts to your body temperature, helping you to not wake up covered in sweat. One other feature I wanted to leave you with is these bamboo sheets are also hypoallergenic.
  • Finally, I thought I would also cover silk. Now I am sure many of you are very familiar with this product. Silk is a luxurious fabric. So yes it can be a bit more costly than something like cotton. But it really does make for a very smooth and silky sleep at night. Other things you may want to take into consideration when looking into silk are how to care for it. Silk is a more delicate fabric and you can not just throw it into the washing machine on any old setting. So this may be something to think about as well. One last thing on the plus side for silk is it to is also hypoallergenic.

This is just a small sample of different fabrics you can look into when considering your bed sheet purchases. Please remember that fabric really can make a difference in how well you sleep at night.

(Did you find any knowledgeable facts to take with you to that birthday party? See I am knocking things out at once, teaching you and giving you facts to make you the life of the party.)

Can't Forget the Thread Count

For those of you who are not familiar with thread count I am going to give you a simple break down. Thread count in bed sheets, is basically how many pieces of thread or yarn is contained per square inch of the sheets. Now for most this means the higher the thread count the better quality of the product. (False)

I even believed this until I started to do some research. Yes a higher thread count can make it a little better product but not by itself. What I mean is you also need to consider the fabric that you are dealing with. Another factor that plays in the quality seems to be, what ply is it? Simply put say you are purchasing a 600 thread count sheet that is a 2 ply, well basically because it is only a 2 ply the 600 count now becomes equal to a 200. So if it is a lower ply it decreases the value of the thread count.

Several of my researches in thread count have stated that 200-800 3 ply thread count is very good. One other thing that I have seen is that thread count above 800 is not necessary. It is all about the same quality and durability after 800. This is just another way to mark up prices.

With this all being said I am not a person who looks at thread count when purchasing a sheet set. However, I have aunt that swears she will not buy anything less than 1000 count sheets. She has said that it makes for a better product and undeniably more comfortable.

So be it as it may. I just have brought you the information that i have read about and I will let you be the decision maker in this. If you would like to put your thought in on this it would be great to have. You can leave it in my comment box below. Might be interesting to see what other people think.

I thought I would offer this video showing the other side to thread count. You decide.

Final Thoughts

 So there you have it. I have provided you with lots of information on this post. My idea is simply to help you make sure you get the right size sheets for a full bed, the color that catches your eye and will light up your room, all the way down to helping pick out a fabric that best suit you with the right thread count.

(As a bonus). I started this post out mentioning how I am sure that bed sheets would not normally be a raging topic at a get together such as a BBQ or a birthday. However I also stated that you may learn some very valuable information that could be a great conversation piece at one of these events.

Come Experience

The Joy Of New Sheets!

So what do you think? Can you find one trivia piece that you may not have known before and now you can use as a one up so to speak at a get together? I hope you did!

And if not I at least I hope I have provided you with enough helpful tools that maybe shopping for full sized bed sheets will be a little more interesting and easy. 

As always I would love to hear your feed back. If you decide you would like to please feel free to leave it in the comment box below or you can simply email it to me with the address provided.

Thank you for stopping by. I hope you have a wonderful day!


2 Replies on “Full Size Bed Sheets-What are the Dimensions?

  1. Hi Melissa,

    Thanks for an informative article.

    We usually buy cotton, but for the colder winter months we use flannel as well. I’ve never been too concerned about thread count. I knew that the higher the better, but didn’t give it more attention. I’ll change that in the future!

    I might have a look into bamboo/rayon sheets the next time around. I wonder what they would be like in summer?

    Thanks 🙂

    1. Hello I am glad that I have provided you so useful information that you were not currently aware of. I see we have the choices in fabric. I think it is the softness.

      As far as the bamboo/rayon every article I read said they mix the two in efforts to keep the fabric both soft and cool. So they may not be to bad at all during the summer months.

      Thank you for stopping I hope to see you soon.

      Have a wonderful day!

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