Emoji’s Bedding-Explore The Fun!

Emoji’s Bedding-Explore The Fun!


Emoji’s, now there is a very popular word with a lot of meaning behind it. I am sure when I say Emoji almost every knows exactly what I am referring to. Them little personal icons that give you the options of helping you to express yourself to others in a more personal way without saying a word!

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Emoji’s have become so popular that they have created all kinds of different objects to represent them. Watches, pillows, backpacks, and now even Emoji’s bedding sets. Now days you can find almost anything you are looking for with some kind of Emoji decoration on it.

Since this is a high demanded icon now, I don’t want to be left out. I want to make sure I have something that everyone enjoys. So I have some Emoji bedding sets to include on to my every so fast growing website.

Now just to add a little spice, if you want to take the time to read, I thought I would also explain how Emojis have changed over the years along with how helpful they can become when communicating with other people especially nonverbal. Then I am going to tell you a little more about the different Emoji’s bedding sets I found. I hope you like everything!

emoji beddingemoji beddingemoji beddingemoji bedding

Emojis Have Come a Long Ways

So I am curious as to how many of you out there actually know how old the Emoji’s are, how it got started, who invented them, and even more why they even became so popular? Yes they are expressive little figures that we all enjoy, but do you know the history of them?

First off I want to also make sure you know there is a difference between Emoji’s and emoticons! Emojis are those are they ones which you find on your phone that can be anything from a happy crying face to a hot dog.

But Emoticons are less personable. They don’t have the animation and more personal touch that Emoji’s offer. This is an example of an Emoticon :). This can still get your point across that you are happy, but with Emoji’s you can pick something like laughing so hard you are crying. See the difference?

Actually emojis haven’t been around all that long. They were first invented in 1999 by someone the now call the father of emojis, his name is Shigetaka Kurita. Emojis were actually invented due to a weather forecast in Japan. When describing how the day was going to be they said it was “fine”.

emoji beddingemoji beddingemoji beddingemoji bedding




Well this sparked up conversation that they really needed to come up with something better to help describe the world. So Shigetaka set off determined to make what we now know as a sun emoji. Showing that it was going to be sunny that day.

Now of course he did come up with a couple other emojis, but at this time they were very basic emojis not the huge array that we have available today. How did they become so popular?

Well that was in part due to Apple! They took the designs he had created and went with it, making even more personable emojis. Apple let these designs loose around 2005. Which is when the more current emojis came around, and still evolving every year since then.

I thought this was really neat to find out how and why they got started and how they became as popular as they are today. So I thought to myself I wonder if someone else can see this is an interesting topic. I do hope you enjoyed this topic. Now let’s talk about how they work.

emoji beddingemoji beddingemoji beddingemoji bedding

How Emojis Can Help Us Communicate Better

It is kind of funny if you think about it how some little character can mean so much. Simply put when you are sending someone a text or even a message in messenger, no one knows exactly how to take that message or what you are meaning.

These are simple words just put out there. And while the sender may have been trying to send something funny since their face and voice wasn’t present, the message could easily be misconstrued as being rude or mean. But this is where the emojis can step in and help up to communicate even better.

Looking just a little deeper, let’s look at different countries. Each country has its own set type of vocabulary. Some words could be the exact same but have complete different meanings in different countries. What her in the US might be an okay word, might not be a good word at all in let’s say Great Britain.

Here is a great example, let’s say for instance someone in London has a friend here in the US and they are texting back and forth. The person in London says that they are eating fish and chips. Well the person here in the US would probably be under the understanding that their friend was eating something like fish and Doritos.

However, in London chips are fries. So the person in the US may not completely understand the subject.

Well this is where the emojis can come in handy, simply put a picture of fish and fries and wham bam, now there is a great understanding between both parties.

Although, that is one example, above I mentioned communications of thoughts and feelings as well. It is very easy to go ahead and insert a crying happy face or even something like a surprised look into our text enabling us to help bring our really emotion that we are trying to portray to another person.

So in my opinion Shigetaka Kurita has really made a discovery in helping to change the whole world when it comes to being able to communicate better between all of us! What a great invention, don’t you think?

emoji beddingemoji beddingemoji beddingemoji bedding

Emoji’s, A New Trend Here To Stay

As I mentioned earlier, emojis started off as a very simple way to better help describe the weather in Japan. However today they have become immensely popular and have been developed even further.

We can find emojis that closely resemble our selves. What I mean, (but I am sure you already know) is that there is now emojis that we can create to look a lot like our selves but in animated way. And my opinion I think this is one reason why they are a trend to stick around for a while.

Emoji’s have become so popular that industry people have jumped on this band wagon as well. As a result we now have emoji options in a lot of the normal everyday things we buy. Here is some examples for you. You can now find emoji bedding, backpacks, watches, earrings, clothes, pillows, toys, and even headphones this is barely touching the ice berg so to speak.

emoji beddingemoji beddingemoji beddingemoji bedding

Now many people like them all and why not they are kind of cute in their own way. As for others they have their favorites, may be a smiley face with sunglasses or even the basic smiley face. There all kinds of variations of emojis out there today.

So not only can you pick your favorite out of the bunch, but most likely you can find a product such as bedding that has your favorite emoji featured on it. Which brings me to this post, I am featuring some emoji bedding!

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So What Was Your Favorite Part?

Before I wrap this up, I would love to know what your favorite part of this post was. Was it the history behind the emojis? Or could it have been how helpful the emojis can be in communication? Or maybe it was the bedding itself?


Well which ever one or multiple it was, I am very glad you enjoyed your time here, and I hope you have learned something new along the way. As always it is a pleasure having you visit!

Thank you so much for stopping by. I hope to hear from you again soon. If you would like feel free to leave me a comment, questions, or ideas in the comment box below.

And as always I have also put my personal email address below if you would rather talk to me there.

Thank you again and have a wonderful day!



6 Replies on “Emoji’s Bedding-Explore The Fun!

  1. How cool! I had no idea about the history of emojis! I use them on a daily basis but i have never really thought of were they came from.
    You are right they sure are everywhere now a days, pillows, blankets and i guess also bed sheets! But for a children’s room this could be a really fun item.

    Thank you for sharing the history that was definitely my favourite part.

    1. Thank you for taking an interest in the history of it. I was hoping people would find that interesting. I know I did. When it comes to something like emojis and how popular they have become I really like to find out how they started out.

      Thank you for stopping by I hope to hear from you soon

      Have a wonderful day.

  2. Interesting historical info on how Emojis came into being. I’m surprised to hear they’ve been around since 1999 and got there start to describe the coming weather in Japan. I know them only in recent years from use on my mobile phone.
    I agree Emojis are a great way to communicate globally.
    Cool and fun comforter styles too.
    A novel website….

    1. Thank you so much Ann. I am glad you enjoyed this post. I did find it very interesting in how they came to be. Something so popular came from something nowhere in the same meaning as we use them today.

      If you have any questions feel free to ask I will be happy to get the answers for you. I hope to hear from you again soon.

      Thank you again for coming by and I hope you have a wonderful day.

  3. ahhhh these are great! One of my daughters is obsessed with the “poop” emoji…. These are perfect for children and young teenagers and I know my daughter would love the Sh%t Happens one! The pricing is very good! How long is the typically ship time on one of these? Where are they made?

    1. Hi Amanda. This is ironic my soon to be daughter in law is also obsessed with the poop emoji as well. As matter of fact I made her Christmas presents all about this.

      It is funny how much this attracts people. But I guess each to their own. 

      These bedding sets come from Amazon and they do have great quality for great prices. I know with Amazon they usually have relatively fast shipping. Normally 2-3 days sometimes even faster. I hope this answers all of your questions if not please let me know and I will do some more looking for you.

      Thank you so much for coming by feel free to stop by anytime.

      Hope you have a wonderful day!

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