Elegant Bedding Sets-The Creme Da La Creme

Elegant Bedding Sets-The Creme Da La Creme


What is your idea of the perfect look for your bedroom? Understandably there is going to be so many different and unusual answers to this question.

The main reason is because this in this world everyone is unique. Which brings me to why I chose to build this particular post, Elegant Bedding Sets.

I am aiming to meet as many different and unique varieties of bedding as I can possibly find. But on this post I am going to focus on the people who are looking for the elegant and chic designs.

What is Elegant Bedding?

Elegance by definition is = pleasingly graceful and stylish in appearance or manner. Although this a correct definition for elegance it really doesn't have much of a feeling to it. So I really would like to bring it to life as I describe to you elegant bedding.

When someone mentions an elegant look to their bedroom. My mind begins to picture something every so slightly fancy. Nothing to bold or bright. But more of the peaceful and relaxing colors when you walk in. And you almost have to stare for a minute to find the exact pattern or style within the bedding.

Personally I think the elegant style bedding sets could fit with almost anyone. My explanation for this is souly because I know that we all have had those almost too hard of days! You know the ones where the only thing you can think of is curling up in a nice warm bed and being done for the day.

Now imagine a day like that (I am sure you can think of one) and then picture yourself walking into room. There you go keep picturing! As you enter your bedroom there is a softness in your decor. There is such a gentle and delicate feeling. It is absolutely soothing.

Keep up with me now, follow your eyes as they slowly move around the room taking in all the comfort. Next thing you see is your bed in all of its elegance. It is so soothing! All you can think to do is crawl up in that soft, elegant bedding and let the world slip away.

That is elegant bedding to me. When I picture buying elegant bedding sets, this is what I look for. Elegant bedding can be a very beautiful and soothing decor and this is the reason I say I personally think having an elegant bed set could be a great buy for anyone.

As you glance through my website here, even if it is not your intentions to buy a set of elegant bedding just have a look. Glance at the soothing beauty of the elegant style. It may not be for you in particular but it may just stick in your mind.

Is There a Difference Between Elegant a Chic Bedding?

Yep and that word is Fashionable! This word alone is probably about the only difference. In my opinion chic is every bit elegant with just a notch of a little more fashion. Let me see if I can explain this better for you.

Elegant bedding to me is, when you walk in a room and everything blends including the bed set. It is all soft and an easy flow.

However, chic adds just that little touch. Chic bedding sets to me have just a twinge more color and design. Here is a good example, in elegant bedding you might find a color of baby blue with a light swirl design.

Chic on the other hand would be like cyan blue. A little brighter, more of a little smirk, just enough to put a little pep in your step type of smirk. As far as design I see chic as being a little more defined and noticeable. Take that same light swirl design and all a little more depth, a few more curves and it may even be a little more indented to make it stand out.

In my eyes when I think of classic chic bedding, I think of walking into my room and having a little bit of class but still holding strong to the milder elegance. I personally believe in a bedroom that is centered around a more chic bedding, the bed would be closer to one of the first things you notice.

But while being a hair bit more eye-catching, chic bedding still will have a very comforting feeling with just a touch of umph. Giving the chic bedding a small, slight edge to the elegant bedding style. Or at least this is my opinion of the difference in elegant bedding and chic bedding.

How Can I Find Elegant and Chic Bedding Sets?

Now days there a vast number of ways to shop. You can go to a physical store such as Walmart, Kmart, Sears, of even JC Penny s. All of these stores should offer at least a small variety of elegant and chic bedding sets.

Buying from the TV, home shopping networks is another possibility. Have a sit down turn on the TV and see what you can find. Personally I can't say that this is my preferred way of shopping but I do know it is a very popular way of shopping. It is also my understanding that shopping channels offer a huge variety of things, such as jewelry all the way down to tools. Which means you could be waiting for a few minutes before they actually show that one special item that you want to see.

Are you ready to hear my favorite? Well it is right here! The internet! It is truly great! I can look at whatever product I am thinking about, the price is usually very easy to find, and the best part I don't have to deal with crowds of people pushing and shoving or blocking my way to see that one thing I am looking at.

My Purpose

Now we are getting down to my purpose of making this particular website. That is to the bring the virtual world of shopping for bedding right into your home. With very easy access. I am not even going to ask you to get dressed or bundle up kids. Or even grab an umbrella if it is raining.

This is going to be the easiest and most relaxed way to find a bedding style of your choice. And guess what I am going to bring some of it all together right here. This is to save you from having to stress out trying to find different sites that might or might not have what you are looking for.

When it comes to elegant and chic bedding I have found a couple of sites that I think have a vast variety. Now let me reveal my two favorite site for the elegant and chic designs.

The first one I want to tell you about is Bedding inn, this website has a huge selection of different bedding. And they have what I would consider elegant and chic bedding sets. When I visited this site I was in complete awe. Immediately I began picturing what some sets would look like in my room. Don't worry I am going to display a couple of these below for you viewing pleasure.

Here are some reasons why I am so impressed with Bedding inn.

  • They offer a large variety of bedding sets
  • There is a good variety of different fabrics (such as cotton, bamboo, goose feather down, and even white down duck)
  • The whole set up is there. You can buy each item separate or they offer whole bedding sets.
  • They also sell items like towels, pillows, pillow cases, sheet sets, and more.

Have you found the elegant or chic bedding set that you desire yet? Well if not let's jump to another store I would like to share with you! Bedding Inn! All I can is wow! At www.beddinginn.com you can also find a wide variety of bedding sets. I have to say that I really praise this store on their huge variety.

A lot like wholesale beddings they do have plenty of things to offer, but I am here to show and tell you about some of their many elegant and chic bedding sets. When I was looking through their site I did find several of the softer, lighter colors that I would associate with being elegant. Also, Bedding Inn offers more of a variance in the unique styles of bedding.

No I am not leaving out chic. I have to say I really was fascinated with them when I went searching for chic bedding. So many different styles that had that little pep. The colors alone were enough to give me a small smirk.


But now when it came to designs for chic bedding. Wow! This store is definitely out to please all of their customers. They truly have a variety of everything you are seeking when you have chic bedding in mind.

Comparing the two sites Bedding Inn, I think does have a much larger site than Wholesale bedding. But to me it seems like Wholesale Bedding's main focus is on the bed and bath department.

However, Bedding Inn to me it is more of an all sorts sale. What I mean is not only do they have a wonderful selection of bedding, but I also found that they are selling anything from wall art to car accessories. So I could classify it as a bedding store with more.

Want to see some more elegant Bedding?

Please Come Back and Visit
You know when I first started this post, I knew what I wanted to share with you. But honestly I didn't think I could get it on here in the same way that I was thinking in my head.

I have to say I came pretty close. And in doing so I hope I portrayed to you some very helpful and insightful information. Along with giving you some ideas to think about when choosing your next bedding suit.

Come Take A Peek At The Creme Da La Creme!


Please feel free to leave me some thoughts or comments below! Or if you have any questions you can email me at

Thank you for stopping by!


4 Replies on “Elegant Bedding Sets-The Creme Da La Creme

  1. The light blue 4 piece bedding/duvet color looks so soft! I might just be tempted to sleep in constantly if my comforter was this awesome. I can imagine the good deep sleep I could have with a fluffy comforter like this. This one does seem like more of a tween/teen bedding. My daughter would likely love this one. After looking at beddinginn, they have lots of unique comforters to choose from. I may have to go look for my next comforter soon.

    1. Thank you for stopping by. I am very glad that you seen what I did. These are great place with lots of offers. I am like you one of these on my bed and well forget about me for the day.

      Thank you again have a wonderful day.

  2. Hi Melissa! I am living in Portugal and as the houses here are often not very well isolated, the winters can be very cold. Right now, I would love to have something similar like the Solid Light Blue and White Color Blocking Fluffy 4-Piece Bedding Sets/Duvet Cover. It looks so fluffy and soft, I bet it is super comfortable and keeps your feet warm in a cold winter. I will definitely check out the website. Do you know if they ship also to Europe?

    1. Hello thank you for stopping by. I am sorry to hear the houses are not built very well there. Maybe this particular set would be great for you. 

      I did check into the shipping and I am pleased to inform you that they do have world wide shipping. It is a great set and I bet it would be very helpful for you. Please by all means if you have any other questions that I can help you out with please let me know. I would be glad to get this into your home so you could have something warm to wrap up in in the cold.

      Thank you again. Let me know if I can help

      Have a wonderful day.

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