Contour Living-Where Do They Stand? (Review)

Contour Living-Where Do They Stand? (Review)


Before I really knew what I was doing, when I first started my comforters galore, I went crazy finding companies to become affiliate with. I didn’t realize at the I should actually check if their product sold comforters and bedding. Well, when I typed in bedding Contour Living came up. Naturally I clicked to sign up with them.

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Later after I started figuring out how this works low and behold Contour Living sent me an email letting me know they accepted me into their affiliate program. At this point I checked them out.

As many of you  probably know indeed it is a bedding sight. But they don’t offer items such as comforters or sheets. But I am not one to let any opportunity slips through my hands if I can help it. So what I came up with instead was I would do a review on them. Which, brings me to here.

Contour Living – Who are They?

At Contour Living they have an extremely large amount of different products. Just to give you a few examples.

  • Cpap pillows
  • Different style and sizes of wedges
  • Lumbar support cushions
  • Back Max foam bed
  • Bamboo pillow
  • Velour pillows
  • Mattress Genie Adjustable bed wedge
  • Ortho Fiber 2.0
  • Cloud cool air edition pillow
  • This list could go on and on!

I am sure I could keep going for miles on how many products that they offer. In my eyes Contour Living has really taken the public into consideration with their different needs and offering them diversity in comfort needs.

Along with all of these great products, I also seen that they had pillow cases to offer. I am sure this is probably due to the fact that so many of their products are very uniquely shaped and I don’t see a normal pillow case being able to fit most of the different products. So, if you are going to purchase something you may want to check the pillow cases out also.

star bursts

So here is my rating on the variety part I am giving them 10 out of 10 stars!!!!

The Review for Contour Living Awaits You

Because of the massive size of their products I find it better for now to narrow it down some. So I have picked some of the most commented on things for Contour Living.

For starters, yes there were great reviews on several products, but I wanted to let you know up front, most but not all the great reviews came from people who were suffering with things such as back surgeries, Fibromyalgia, herniated discs, and other related medical issues.

I am starting with something that I consider to be one of the most important aspect of most business.

customer service representativeCustomer Service! – (The Good)

  1. The compliments about great customer service came in multitudes!
  2. One customer posted that their customer service center made her feel special. Almost like the representative that she visited with was picked exclusively for her. This representative helped her choose which make and design of pillow would best fit her needs. She simply did this by walking through why the woman was seeking out their products and what special needs she may have.
  3. Yet another customer commented that Contour Living’s customer service was very prompt in helping them settle the issues she was facing with their products along with information on refunds and returns.

Customer Service! – (The not so good)

For this side of things I really only found 1 bad comment. But I am still obligated to you to share it.

  • Apparently this lady that posted this comment had bought one of their wedge pillow products. And it was damaged in the shipping (which we all know can happen). Somehow there was a hole all the way through the box and the pillow itself. So her next step was she called customer service. At this time they asked her to return the product and they would refund her the money as they no longer carried that particular product. I guess after some time she still hadn’t received her refund so she called them again to find out what their hold up was. Now this time the customer representative was singing a different tune. She had explained to the lady she was not sure why she sent a damaged product back in the first place. And second they wouldn’t be able to give her the refund now because too much time had passed.

Now from reading this post further I did gather that the lady who made the purchase was still working with Contour Living on this situation and they are trying to get it resolved.

How would I rate their customer service 7 out of 10 stars!!stars

Product Review Time for Contour Living

As I stated earlier Contour Living does offer a vast variety of products. It really wouldn’t be feasible for me to try to fit the good and bad of each single product in one post. My solution I took a few of the most talked about products and decided to bring them to the table instead. 

 Twist Pillows This is a soft bendable pillow that is U shaped. It is designed mainly to support your neck while watching TV, reading or it can even be taken on a car ride for neck support on the road.

Here check out this video about the twist pillows.

On the positive side! 

  1. Numerous amount of people were extremely satisfied with how well the Twist Pillow helped relieve their neck pain.
  2. Another positive feature that was mentioned, is when you twist this pillow into your desired position it will hold that position until you change it.
  3. Flexibility is always a great word to see when purchasing a product. Guess what I found it several times in reviewing the Twist Pillow. It mentioned that this pillow is very easy to twist to meet your desired needs .
  4. Apparently in some pillows similar to this one, the foam has a tendency to break down. So people made sure on their comments to reassure us that the foam will hold up in the Contour Living’s Twist Pillow
  5. And last but not the least. In all areas that I searched there were people all over saying that this is a Great Pillow and a great value!

On the down side!

  1. It was mentioned by one person that she had purchased a Twist pillow and for the first couple of weeks it worked great however, shortly after her neck began hurting again.
  2.  Another person mentioned that in their opinion the padding was too soft. Which lead to lack of support.
  3. And yet another person made the statement that in their opinion it was too thick, making it very uncomfortable.
  4. Last but not the least, someone mentioned that they have sewn the care tag into the seam. This meant the tag was rubbing on their neck and causing some minor irritation.

circle of stars

Now for my rate I say 9 out of 10 stars!!!

Shop Contour Living Today for All Seating, Sleep and Comfort Products! Flip Wedge -This is a fiber filled wedge. Its purpose is to make sure that you could use it in many areas that need support. Such as you can tuck it behind your back in bed to sit up bed. Or you can tuck it under your knees to relieve some pressure. There are many ways to use this pillow to help alleviate pain and pressure.

Yep I like it!

  1. Several comments were made that support the flip wedge as a great design.
  2.  It was mentioned many times that the flip wedge is a great product because it could be used in at least 10 different positions. Making it a huge plus to optimizing comfort for different areas of your body.
  3. Another person stated if you follow the directions provided, and put it in the dryer for an amount of time the flip wedge will puff up and sustain the look and comfort it is designed for.
  4. One mother had purchased a flip wedge for her son after his shoulder surgery and they agree that this product worked wonders.
  5. This last person stated that she expected it to work a little better than what it did. But she went on to say that it worked great while she was reading in bed.

Nope I don’t like it so much!

  1. “Its too plushy I sink into it”, was one comment I found.
  2.  “It’s too small’,is a statement a couple of different people had made.
  3.  Someone else said the form didn’t hold up very well.
  4.  “After a couple of uses it became paper thin”. Is one persons point of view.

colorful star

Yep that time again! I say 6 out of 10 stars!

Shop Contour Living Today for All Seating, Sleep and Comfort Products!

 CPAP Pillow 2.0-This pillow was designed for users of the CPAP machine. It is designed with open spots on each side of the pillow. This is so the mask part can rest there while you are sleeping.

Yes I think is a great buy!

  1. One gentleman said he currently uses the cpap pillow and it does help him to have a more quality nights rest.
  2.  A lady was very happy with her purchase for 2 reasons. First a regular pillow fit it perfectly and second, the  way the cpap pillow was designed allowed her to easily use her cpap mask.
  3. “Well made and great product for the money” is one statement that I found. She also went on to say that her favorite part was a strip of fabric that was added. The reason for this was this strip helped hold her tubing for her cpap, in place.                                            
  4. Here is what another had said that made it their favorite buy, She said that she likes it because at night when she is uses her cpap machine this cpap pillow lessened the leaks that she was having problems with.
  5. Last but not least it was also described as providing great back support.                                                          

No I think I will look elsewhere!

  1. One comment was made that it was too shallow.
  2. There was one guy that said the cpap pillow does not work well with people who have a shorter neck.
  3. Another man mentions that he finds himself having to sleep on the very edge and this is due to the fact that the pillow is to thickly made.
  4. Someone else had mentioned that the cpap pillow was extremely hard and he would rather sleep on a bed of rocks.
  5. I did come across a couple comments that said it was very thin and very uncomfortable.

My rating I am going to 7 out 10 stars!!

There You Have It Folks

So there it is the nice and good right along with bad and dirty. Now you have to decide whether this product is something you could see as being a great use to you or if there is something else that you would rather spend your money on. But honestly in my eyes these products are pretty good and if I had the need for one of them I would purchase from Contour Living.

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Shop Contour Living Today for All Seating, Sleep and Comfort Products! I want to thank you for stopping by. Your feed back is important to me, so feel free to leave me a comment with your opinion below.

Thank you and I hope you have a wonderful day!

4 Replies on “Contour Living-Where Do They Stand? (Review)

  1. I love this company too! Awhile back I was looking for wedge pillows for meditation. I kept thinking if I could get my body real comfortable, I could sit quietly longer. I found a few pillows that I purchased and tried to make them work, but they are not perfect. So I’m happy to have happened on your page today. Do you know if there are multicolor choices for the pillows? Thanks for your review!!

    1. Thank you for stopping by. This was a very hard review to write mainly due to how many products they do offer. Had a very hard time narrowing it down. I am glad that they somewhat helped you. As far as the multicolor question, I went back and did some checking it looks like it really depends on what product you are wanting. Some of them they do but it doesn’t seem like have a large variety in colors for the ones that they allow to have different colors.

      Thank you so much stopping by. Feel free to come anytime!

      I hope you have a wonderful day. 

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