Cabin Place-A True Rustic Home Store? (Review)

Cabin Place-A True Rustic Home Store? (Review)


Is it time to redecorate you home? What type of style are you interested in? Well if you happen to be a country style person I may just have the place for you to begin your search. What place am I talking about? The Cabin Place!

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At the Cabin Place they are all about the country and rustic style look. They have a very unique way of bringing the great outdoors, indoors. And what is better they have a huge variety to choose from! So how about we take a deeper look at the Cabin Place and see if this would be a great place for you!

I figure I could tell you a little more about the Cabin Place, this way you have a better understanding of what type of company they are and how long they have been around. And by then I am sure you will probably want to know what they have to offer. No worries I will cover this for you as well!

Just to make sure I have all my bases covered I thought I would also walk you through what some others have to say about the Cabin Place as well. I wouldn’t expect you to just go off of my word of how great a place they are! Does all of this sound good? Well let’s go ahead and get started and see what I can find to tell you about!

What Is The Cabin Place?

So you may or may not have heard of the Cabin Place. It is a store that is centered around providing you a country and rustic theme to your house. To me all the decor and bedding has a real relaxed and at home type of feeling to it. Although I will explain in more detail in a bit, I want to let you know they have decor for your entire house.

This beautiful and awe-inspiring store has been creating one of kind rustic style since 1999. One of the reasons I believe they have been around for this long is their willingness to make sure customer satisfaction is 100%. They go as far as to dedicate one whole section on their site to provide with multiple decorating ideas.

For example let’s say you only want your bedroom in the rustic style. Well they have tips and tricks on how to use different color ideas and other objects you can use to highlight what you already have. They also go on to tell you things like how to adjust it to the different seasons.

Now how many stores do you know that will go out of their way to even help you style and decorate your house the way you want it to look. Think for just a minute, here is a great store, making sure their customer satisfaction is top-notch and are willing to help give you some great ideas on how to make your home exactly the way you want it. That is what I call great service. But now you may be wondering what types of products they carry that can help make your home that one of a kind rustic cabin look. Good news is this is my next topic, so stick around!

The Experts in Rustic Bedding, Lighting & Cabin Decor

What Do They Have To Offer?

Are you ready to evolve your home into a country cabin style? Or maybe you are just wanting to transform one room for now! Well at the Cabin Place this easily doable. They have decor for every room in your house, whether it be the front room, bathroom, bedroom or even your kitchen the Cabin Place has you covered. Would like to know more?

How about we start with the bedroom and I give some ideas of what they carry. So first off not only do they have your bedding covered but they also bedding for cribs. They have everything from a rustic bedding like duvets, quilts, and comforters. And they offer all of these in a variety of styles. Styles like soft fall leaves, bears, camo, and even the Browning style.

And guess what? The Cabin Place doesn’t stop there, they even have curtains, valences, and a good assortment of different decor that will match the style you are shooting for. You want an area rug they have it. Maybe you think you need to touch it up with throw pillows, they still have you covered! As you can probably see this is a variety store for your bedroom decorating ideas! Why stop there, like I said they all have all your rooms in your house covered.

When you are visiting this store another great place to take a look at is the bathroom area. Yes you can also give your bathroom a country rustic style look with this store as well. At the Cabin Place they have towels, shower curtains, and even unique style toilet paper holders. This is just a few of the ideas you can check out for your bathroom at the Cabin Place.

However, you may like the look of the country rustic style in your kitchen instead. You guessed it, they have some nice ideas for this area as well. Dishes, towels, door handles and knobs, and even canisters are some decoration that you can expect to find here for your kitchen. So go ahead and countrify your kitchen. Make it as homey as you want!

Like I mentioned earlier they have every room covered. The Cabin place also offers furniture like beds, kitchen tables, end tables, and even rocking chairs. All of this plus other little decorations, what more could you ask for. So go ahead and start thinking of which room you would like to have this nice and cozy decor in! And then start looking using their easy to navigate menu selections.

Now why take my word for it! Many other people have some truly great things to say about this store. Would like to know what they are saying? Check this next section out then!

The Experts in Rustic Bedding, Lighting & Cabin Decor

Yes The Cabin Place Is A Great Place To Shop!

If you are like most other people, you want to know what others have to say about a store (especially if you have never heard of it before), before going into buy somethings. That is the main reason I make sure when I am doing a review to include what other people say about that store. I want to make sure you have a well-rounded idea before even beginning to go look! So here is some great comments I found for you from their testimonial page of their website.

  • Great customer service
  • Wow everything is so beautiful
  • Utmost in quality and design
  • Adds a personal touch
  • Quick delivery
  • Not cheap looking
  • Wonderful products, fast shipping and great customer service
  • Honest company
  • Rich colors and great quality
  • Ordering is very easy
  • Prices are very good
  • Products are much better in person

Now these are just a few of the comments I found and I did sum them up instead of quoting them word for word. But if you would like to read the whole comment or would like to see more like these all you have to do is visit their testimonial page on their site.

Cabin Place Western Bedding

What Are Some Of The Cabin Place’s Downfalls?

Of course with every single company out there is always both great and no so great comments. And I don’t know about you but I really like to read both. You know see what you are getting into before buying. See sometimes the comments are simply some people just not liking something. But there are those few that do really tell us something is seriously wrong with a company. And because of this I do search for both and bring you what I can find of both. So here you go some comments from people that are not happy and why.

  • This person said she was placing an order and she hit the wrong button accidentally. When she realized it she emailed the Cabin Place to ask them to stop the order. However, the Cabin Place said she contacted them 3 days after the order was placed and her product was already due to be shipped so they couldn’t stop it.
  • Someone did mention that a downfall the Cabin Place has is that they do have a 25% restocking fee if you are returning or exchanging the product. So when you go to purchase something from them make sure it is what you want.

Being honest here I didn’t find too many review sites themselves for the Cabin Place. But these are the 2 comments I did find. I am hoping by me also posting a review if people have had an experience with them they will fee free to let me know as well so I can bring these experiences to you as well.

Overall though it seemed like every which way I turned customers almost always had something very positive to say and have not experienced many problems with this company. So I hope this will help you out!

Cabin Place Banner Now It Is Your Turn!

So now it is your turn! I would appreciate if you have done any business (good or bad) with the Cabin Place to hear your feed back and experience. Like I said it is great to know more about any place before you do business with them.

For me and all that I have found with this company it does seem to be a very top quality company and they do seem to stand behind their products and customers alike. So if you are thinking of redoing one or all the rooms in your home this may be a good place to look into especially if you are looking to change it into a rustic cabin style look.

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I am so glad I have been given this opportunity to share the Cabin Place with you. I hope you have enjoyed everything I have brought here for you. And always please feel free to leave me a comment or even a question if you have one. I will be happy to do what ever I can to get you the best answer possible.

Thank you again for visiting, hope to see you soon.

Thank you and have a wonderful day!

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