Bed Quilts-Also Considered Traditional Art

Bed Quilts-Also Considered Traditional Art


There is a vast amounts of different kinds of bedding these days. In this huge array you can also find bed quilts with different patterns.

For me, when I think of bed quilts, I think of my grandmas house and the homey feel it has to it. A sense of peace, warmth and lots of love.Quilts

Several people today still hand make quilts and either sell them, keep them, or even give them away as a gift. But one thing remains in common with quilts that are hand made or if they are made by mass production, that is the overwhelming feeling you get when you crawl in your bed and cover up with it.

Personally I do believe quilts go in a category all of their own. What I mean is you can get new bedding basically almost any style and you can feel like a new person when you crawl in bed at night. But now if you happen to get a quilt, I know it makes me feel like grandma special child all nice, warm and safe.

Well if your liking is bed quilts I have found some pretty nice ones that I would love to share with you. Along with some very fascinating details about quilts. So I hope you enjoy!

Quilting-A Traditional Art?

Although in today’s busy world most of our things are made by machine, quilts is still one of the few things that also can be found hand made. That is right people will sit down and began sewing these beautiful works of art.

This is something that stems from long before now. But did you know now and earlier times that not all quilts were made to be bed quilts? That’s right sometimes people choose to make these for walling art instead!

Honestly why not. I mean you can sew any design any way you want and have a beautiful piece to hang on your wall. According to Wikipedia, in the earlier years quilting was mainly done for art and home furnishing or simply to decorate something like a chair or couch.

Although there is still a lot of this type of quilting seen around now, it is more common to see them at craft shows. People can purchase these beautiful pieces of art and display them how they please.

Anything we often see now days is bed quilts being made into a type of memory blanket. The people who are doing the quilting make take and make a quilt out of things like your babies first blanket, their favorite shirt growing or almost anything else with sentimental value. Then they go hard to work to incorporate all of these into an awe-inspiring quilt to use of to keep as a keepsake.Duvets

However, if you happen to buying a quilt from somewhere that is manufactured, you may not have the personal touch but you still will have that personal feeling. Quilts are definitely a one of a kind product and no matter how they are made they can make you feel special.

Paper Quilting!

Paper quilting, now here is a brilliant idea and some fun history. Okay so paper quilting mainly took place when the pioneers were here. And of course during this time money and material were usually slim pickings. So they pioneer women came up with a very crafty idea.

When the men were out fighting or having to travel for work, they would write letters to send back home. Well the women devised a great plan with these letters and also newspapers. They took these precious papers and cut them into squares.

Which consequently this gave them a pattern to work with to make their quilts. Now it doesn’t stop there. After using this square paper to cut patterns out of their material, they would then take the paper and use it for the stuffing in between the layers of the material.

And now they also had insulation for their blankets along with allowing them to have a safe spot to keep their very important memorabilia. That is some pretty crafty people if you ask me.

Now sometimes they didn’t put the paper in between the material and simply sewed the layers of material together. When they did quilts like these they were made more for the summer times. Since the paper wasn’t in there the quilts were not near as think and warm. I think these people in the pioneer times had some really great minds.

How Quilting BeganBlankets and Throws

You ready for another crazy fun fact? Okay so upon doing some searches people are really not sure of an exact date of when quilting began.

However, they have found evidence that somewhere around 5000 years ago that people were making quilt clothing to keep them warm.

Researchers also did find that a little later in peoples writing that quilt clothing was worn by important people as a type of fashion.

As far as how far back all of these dates the reason they can not say is that most of the quilting items that were made did not survive over the years and of course the ones that did have no date anywhere on them.

So people are led to believe that quilting was used for warmth in both clothing and in bedding. And as years progressed this type of clothing was mainly found on people who had important statures.

Who knew history could be this much fun right?

Where You Can Find Some Quilts!Comforters

If you are looking for a one of a kind handmade quilt, then I am going to advise you to be on the lookout for a craft fair. The people who bring their quilts there for exhibits do a very nice job and they are truly an outstanding sight to be seen.

However, if you are okay with a good quality bed quilt that is not handmade but still give you the wonderful sense of being at your grandma’s house, then I have a great place for you to look at. The Company Store.

Here the have a wide selection to choose from, they are handcrafted, and they are very stunning. Now The Company Store has been in business since 1911, so they do have an excellent reputation. And they do offer quality products.

They do have different patterns and colors to choose from as well as many options on sizes. I personally would recommend them to delivering a product that is one of the closest ones to finding one at a craft fair. So go ahead and check them out they do great work. I am sure you will be amazed.

So What Is Your Opinion Of Bed Quilts

Personally, I do love all bedding there is so many ideas to choose from when picking out new bedding. But, I do have to say quilts hold a very special place in my heart. Simple because they do offer more of a personal feeling than comforters do.

I found all the information I shared with you very interesting and fun. I hope you felt the same way. I love to look into the history of things like bed quilts that seem to have been around for a while. And basically find out and share with you of why they have played such an important part of our past.

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I want to thank you for stopping by today. I hope we get to talk soon. And in the meantime if you have a comment, idea, questions, or even suggestions, please feel free to leave them for me below in either the comment box or at the email address I provided.

Would you be interested in learning how to make your own quilts? He is a video to help guide you!

Thank you again and I hope you have a wonderful day!

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  1. Wow Melissa:

    I didn’t know that there would be so much to know about quilting, beds, mattresses and pillows!

    Thank you for all that you have here!

    BTW, awesome header image with the Gecko on the bed!

    1. Hi Christopher. I always have loved quilts. It reminds me of spending time with my grandma. She would always be making quilts and as she did we would just sit and talk forever.
      There is a lot of very neat history behind quilting and quilts themselves. I am glad you had fun reading about it. You are welcome for all of my information. And yea I like Gecko he adds character makes it more fun.
      Thank you for coming by and I hope you have a wonderful day.

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