Bed Pillows-End The Restless Nights!

Bed Pillows-End The Restless Nights!


Let me start by asking you a quick question. How do you feel when you wake up? Are you groggy, tired, or even achy? Did you know that this could be due to your bed pillow that you currently have? How about, do you suffer from allergies or even headaches? Guess what, this also could be due to your pillow!Bed Pillows

Simply put your pillow can affect you in so many ways, not only in your sleep but also in you well you feel the next day. My intentions are to help you to see some of the symptoms that can come from sleeping on a bad pillow, which kind of bed pillow will work best for you, along with the different kinds of fills that you can find in selecting pillows.

By the end of this article you should have a more rounded idea of what type of pillow would best benefit you and your health. As the bonus you will ultimately being waking up much more relaxed and feeling on top of your game! Sounds pretty good right?

Symptoms Of Sleeping On A Bad Pillow

Do you suffer from any of these what seem to be normal problems?

    • Headaches
    • Neck pain
    • Shoulder and arm numbness
    • Or just plain discomfort throughout your body

Honestly these are not supposed to be normal problems! Yea I know right thought I was just getting older too. Hmm so what can we blame these things on then?

Well you can partially blame some of it on the wrong pillow. With each different sleeping position it requires a different firmness of a bed pillow. Which, I will describe more in detail a little further down. However, if you happen to suffer from constant sneezing or even wheezing then you might have another issue.

Sneezing and wheezing by themselves are great indicators that your pillow might be too old. But, if you mix these 2 with any of the other symptoms above, then it is almost a complete conformation that your pillow is too old.

How old is too old you may ask? Normally it is recommended that you change out your pillow every 12-18 months. Now if it is a really good pillow you may be able to extend it for about 2 years. But this is pushing it.

Now are you wondering how an older bed pillow can cause this many problems in your health? Well with an older pillow for one it can become more wore down. Which could cause all the achiness and discomfort that I mentioned above.

However, also as a pillow gets older it has a tendency to trap things like skin cells and dust mites. Also, over time it can eventually start to contain mildew, mold and fungus. Which is where the sneezing and wheezing come in!

After reading all of this can you honestly say you don’t need a new pillow? This kind of information makes me ache and my skin crawl just thinking about it.

I want you to be rest assured though we will be going through some things in order to get you not only a new pillow but one that will ultimately help you with a more restful nights sleep and leaving you feeling like a new person in the morning, so just keep reading!

Which Bed Pillow Works Best For Your Sleeping Habits

Generally there are 3 main type of sleeping positions,

  1. Side sleepers- main you sleep on one of your sides
  2. Back sleeper-you mainly lay flat on your back
  3. Stomach sleeper- you sleep on your belly

Now each of these types of sleeper require different firmness of pillows. The reason being is how well your bed pillow can help to support your neck and back alignment with each of these sleeping positions. Here I will break them down some more for you so you can get a better idea of what I am talking about.

  1. Side sleepers- This positions happens to be one of the most common sleeping position. And if you happen to be on these sleepers it would benefit you best to find a bed pillow that is thicker but still firm or even extra firm. There is a good reason behind this. The thickness will help hold up your neck and head better. While the firmness will help to ensure the alignment of your neck and spine stay more straight. In the end causing less discomfort.
  2. Back sleepers- Although this is not as a common sleeping position, it is actually the best sleeping position for you. It offers better spine and neck support by allowing everything to stay straight. However, you still need the right pillow to make sure and help this alignment along. So which pillow is best for back sleepers? Well for you back sleepers it would be best for you to have a thinner pillow. You don’t want a big fluffy pillow because it will prop your head up to far and ending in a creak in your neck.
  3. Stomach sleepers-Now sorry to say stomach sleepers but this is the worst position you could sleep in. Why? Simple the alignment, that I have pointed out as very important, is completely missing. Your neck is usually twisted from turning your head to one or the other sides, and usually your head is propped up which put your neck/back alignment in a huge pinch. But it is understandable that some people find this to be the most comfortable position to fall asleep. If this is you then you would benefit best to find the thinnest bed pillow available to ensure your head being more in align with your back. Another option with a stomach sleeper is no bed pillow at all. Allowing as close to the alignment as possible.

Now that you have read this do you have a better idea of how the thickness and firmness can affect your sleep and your all over well-being?

The next topic I am going to be explaining will go hand in hand with picking out a perfect pillow just for you!

Different Types Of Bed Pillows

Along with the subjects I already mentioned, the type of pillow you have could very well be another factor in your sleeping habits. I had no idea there was so many kinds of pillows available. But let me tell you what there an endless amount of different kinds available. Now I am not going to write about them all but I do plan on giving you a significant amount of options. I also would like to explain just a little about each one of them so you have a better understanding of what you are searching for.

  • Sleep apnea/cpap bed pillows-This pillow in particular works very well if you are a person who suffers from sleep apnea. Which is a condition that is basically described as you are not getting enough airflow while you are sleeping and it can cause some serious issues. This pillow is best designed for you because it has open spots on the side where your sleeping mask can comfortably sit will you are sleeping.
  • Anti snore bed pillows-Snoring basically stems from back sleepers, but not always. Snoring generally develops when your airway is blocked. Usually you are sleeping with your mouth open and your tongue falls back blocking off you airway. So this pillow is designed to help re position your head so that your airway is allowed to be more open ultimately giving you a better airflow.
  • Cooling bed pillows-These pillow will definitely be beneficial if you happen to be a person who wakes up in the middle of the night thinking you have been sleeping next the sun. Getting woke up because you are too hot or sweaty is never fun. If this happens to describe you a cooling bed pillow might just be the thing for you. It has special mixes with in it to either help the airflow keeping you cooler, or it may have a mix that helps to trap your body heat at night. This can be helpful to keep the heat off of you and allowing you to sleep cooler through the night.
  • Water bed pillows-That is right water pillows instead of water beds! Now this one is interesting to say the least. This very unique pillow is filled with water to fit your needs in soft, firm, or extra firm. You simply add the amount of water to it for your preferred firmness that you want or need from your pillow.
  • Organic bed pillows– Now here definitely a different one for you. These pillows are best suited for people who tend to let stress affect their ability to fall asleep. They normally are somehow infused with soft scents that are calming and relaxing like lavender, coconut, or even chamomile. In the end help you to relax and go into a more stress free nights sleep.

Keep in mind this is just a very small amount of the different kinds of pillows that are available in this day and age. If you have heard of another one that seems like it better suit you, let me know I would be glad to get you some great information on it as well to help assist you in the best purchasing decision.

Different Types Of Fills For Your Bed Pillows

For this final topic I wanted to give you some ideas for different types of material fill that you can also choose from helping you to get closer to the perfect purchase for your bed pillow.

With so many varieties of pillows available there is an equal amount of different types of filling you can find for your best pillow yet. So I also wanted to give you a few of this in order to help you finalize your decision on the best bed pillow for you.

  • Feather bed pillows-Now this is a kind of common sense one. Yep if you choose a feather pillow then simply your pillow will be filled with feathers. I also did want to mention though that you can find different types of feathers, such as duck or even goose. So you may want to look into that before choosing a feather pillow
  • Down bed pillows-These are also from birds. However, instead of using the feathers the use the soft fluff underneath the feathers. Ultimately giving the pillow a soft plump feel, instead of having the feather poking you throughout the night.
  • Memory foam bed pillows- This is a type of foam that helps to hold your shape throughout the night. A normal pillow would fluff back up a little after your roll another directions. But with memory foam it will hold your position until you roll back that direction.
  • Buckwheat bed pillows- These pillows are all natural pillows. They are made from the husk of buckwheat. Heads up though although these pillows are made from all natural items it is a pillow well-known for hard support. So if you are looking for a softer pillow this would not be a good option.
  • Polyester bed pillows-Polyester/synthetic pillows are one of the cheaper and more lightweight pillows. You can still find the firmness you are looking for within these pillows. The downfall to them is most likely the will not hold up as well or long as most of the other pillows with different fills.

Okay guys just like the different types of pillows there is also a vast amount of different kinds of fills available for your pillows, so I figured I would provide you a few and invite you to ask me if you have any questions about other types of fills available. I will be glad to provide you with any additional information you made need in helping you to making your decision.

Have you ever wondered about some different ways you could use your bed pillows to decorate your room? Here is a short videos showing you a couple of great ideas.

How Well Do You Know Your Bed Pillow

Mercy, unless you are an expert on pillows, I bet you didn’t know there was so much information to consider when choosing a good bed pillow. Even if you did realize it, I hope that I have at least given you one piece of information that you didn’t know before.

One thing remains, making sure you have a pillow that is made to surround your sleeping habits the best will in the end help you to achieve the best possible nights sleep. Your pillow is important to your health and well-being, so take a minute or two and really think if you have the right pillow for your.

Is Your Pillow Ready

For Retirement?

I want to thank you whole heartedly for stopping by I hope you have found this post useful and that I gave you some advice you have been looking for when it comes to choosing bed pillows.

Thank you so much, please feel free to leave me a comment, your idea, or even if you have a question below in the comment box. I also have my email address below if this would be easier for you.

Have a wonderful day!


6 Replies on “Bed Pillows-End The Restless Nights!

  1. Most informative. Who would have thought that a mere pillow makes such a difference to your health and the way that you feel?

    I have a memory foam pillow. I find it really comfortable most of the time, but I do find in winter it feels harder to lie on. Is this normal?

    Someone else told me that it is best to get a feather pillow and that you just need to make sure to service it twice a year. This also seems like a lot of PT.

    I reckon as long as your neck is in straight alignment to your spine when lying on your side it should be a personal choice.

    1. Hello Michel thank you for coming by.

      I knew that a pillow could affect a lot of things but I didn’t realize it was this much still I did researching for this post. I learned a lot.

      As far as your memory foam pillow goes, yes it can become harder during the winter. It is affected by the different temperatures. Crazy I know but I guess that is how they work. 

      I am not a fan of feather pillows but I know a lot of people are. And you may be one of them. To me the feather pillow gets on my nerves because they have a tendency to poke through the pillows. But if you are looking along that line of a fill and don’t want that you may look into the down pillows instead.

      The down uses the soft fluff of the feather. Still very soft feeling of the feathers without the poking. Hope this helps you out.

      Yes the main part is to make sure you back and neck are aligned. This will help knock out some of the creaks.

      Thank you so much for stopping by I hope you come back soon.

      Have a wonderful day.

  2. Hi wow I didn’t realize pillows could be harmful to one’s health,especially the older pillows would probably need to be washed.
    I did buy a pillow recently and I liked it because it was like a memory pillow and was nice thick firm pillow but the cost was $50 but a few months later when I went to buy a second pillow for my daughter they were sold out.
    I saw your webpage about pillows and found you have some great variety on pillows the information you presented made my decision-making a lot easier because I need an asthma free pillow that will benefit my daughter.
    Thank you.

    1. Thank you so much for coming by Sonny. The more research I do the more I here people prefer the memory foam pillows and there are really good. But yes they can be a bit pricey, however I think they are worth the cost. Yes it is very important to make sure to keep up with the age of your pillow can help with your health a lot. 

      I have a lot of asthma free pillows on my site that you are more than welcome to look through. If you have any questions on any them fell free to ask. When it comes to our kids the more we know the better.

      Thank you so much for coming by. I really hope I get to hear from you soon.

      Have a wonderful day

  3. Personally, I am a back sleeper. I can be a side sleeper sometimes, but I feel more comfortable sleeping on my back. I just feel that every limb can relax. If I try to sleep on the side for too long, it is possible for my limbs to go numb so that would be horrible. In that situation, I have to get off the bed and shake myself until that numb feeling goes away

    Another problem I have is that my pillows are kind of old. They are more than ten years old. I didn’t know that old pillows can trap mold, and dust mites. Now that is scary. I better remind my wife to buy new pillows too.

    1. I used to be a back sleeper. I guess I started being a side sleeper when I was pregnant and have stayed that way ever since. 

      Yeah old pillows can cause some serious problems. You need to keep yourself healthy. I have a couple of posts with pillows if you want to find out some more information on which would be best for you. If you have any questions please let me know and I will help you.

      Thank you so much

      Have a wonderful day

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