3D Bedding Featuring the Vast and Beautiful Ocean

3D Bedding Featuring the Vast and Beautiful Ocean


The Ocean, what a magnificent and wonderful place to be. From the soft winds, warm sand, and the crystal blue water on the top, to all the mysterious and beautiful creatures living below.

Now what if I was to tell you that you could have all of this amazement of the ocean in your own room. Well you may ask how? 3D comforters! With their amazing images it looks like you are right there at the beautiful ocean. Can you picture walking into your room and seeing the a close to real life looking beach or Sea Turtles, Dolphins, Manta Rays, and even Orcas?

For me personally this is my play ground, my favorite place to be! I love the ocean, being able to watch all the brightly colored fish and breath in the distinct salty smell that you can only find at the there. It brings an overwhelming sense of peacefulness and tranquility.

I think it is easy to see why the ocean would be a great design for a comforter. I mean beauty and tranquility combined with coziness and warmth. Who could ask for more!

In honors of the ocean and all of it's unique creatures that inhabit it, I want to introduce the 3D ocean styled comforters! Below are several amazing facts about the ocean itself and a few animals that consider the ocean their home.


This is of course a great starting point, right? There are a vast amounts of facts out there about the Ocean, however, there is even more that is unknown. As a matter of fact it was stated that we have only explored less than 5% of the oceans! Wow, looking at that for just a moment, this means all of this wonderful knowledge we have about the ocean has been found by only searching less than 5% of the oceans. Makes one wonder what all could be discovered in the other whopping 95%. How is that for a head scratcher?

Even better, oceans cover 71% of Earth's surface, but it is a huge 97% of Earth's water! Now listen, all of this is divided up between 5 oceans (Arctic, Atlantic, Indian, Pacific, and the Southern Ocean). Now if you dig a little deeper into research it is says that actually there is only 1 ocean! This is referred to as the World's Ocean/Global Ocean. All the ocean's water runs together as one!

As some fun final facts about the ocean itself, I want to tell you some about the depths of the ocean!

On average out of the 5 oceans they have discovered that the average depth is around 3,688 meters (12,100 ft.). Can you imagine what all you could find at that depth? How cool would that be to travel that far down. I am sure you can find some very interesting life at these kinds of depths.

Like I said that is an average depth, however, let's look at the maximum depth! So far recorded the maximum depth can be found at Mariana Trench. This miraculous discovery is recorded at 10,994 meters (6,831 mi). All can I say is wow there is so much left to be discovered!


Dolphins are considered to be one Earth's most intelligent creatures! Are you wondering why? Let me fill you in with what I have found! It is stated that as people were observing dolphins they witnessed them doing a number of things that would mimic what us humans also do. Here are some examples for you. 

  1. They have been witnessed teaching their young different things such as defense mechanisms and hiding techniques using sponges and coral as helpful tools!
  2. It has also been studied and seen that dolphins are fully capable and do grieve.
  3. Dolphins are also well-known to be completely capable of learning new things. Showing off at Sea World would be a great example of this. There they have to learn new tricks on a regular basis.
  4. How about, did you known they are great at scheming  and manipulation to get what they want?
  5. Another factor that is similar to humans nature is these animals also can be social. What I mean here is dolphins are perfectly fine traveling by their lonesome or they will travel in pods with dozens of other dolphins.
  6. One last thing that dolphins display that has been noted is, they are a very cooperative animals.

Crazy right? I know this does seem unreal! Ready to know more? A few more fun facts real quick!

  • There are a total of 40 different species of dolphins right now.
  • They are more color impaired than most mammals.
  • Males are called bulls, while females are called cows, and yes their young are called calves!
  • Some dolphins can travel up to 55.5km/h (34.5 mph).
  • And last but not anywhere near least, their closest relative is hippopotamuses. (Diverged 40 million years ago.)

How's that for some fascinating information? I don't know about you but I truly do admire dolphins!

Sea Turtles

Sea Turtles, I admire them also! They seem to be easy going, laid back, go with the flow type of animal. Kinda like there isn't a care in the world. Fascinating creatures really!

But, did you know there are only 7 species of Sea Turtles left!

  1. Green
  2. Loggerhead
  3. Kemp's Ridley
  4. Olive Ridley
  5. Hawksbill
  6. Flatback
  7. Leatherback

Out of these 7 species remaining the Leatherback is the largest one, it can weigh up 700 kilograms (1,500lbs). However, all of them are fairly good in size. The reason for this seems to be because they mainly stay in the ocean. There is such a vast amounts of space that they can easily have enough breathing room so to speak for them to be able to continue to grow.

Pelagic Zone is the main hang out for a sea turtle's first 3-5 years of its life. Why you ask? Well here it can hang out in the seaweed mats. These mats serve 2 main purposes for a young sea turtle. First they use it as a hiding spot from predators and second it is a great source of food for them.

Sea turtles have a tendency to avoid any polar regions. This is because of the fact it is too cold for them in these regions. Yep you got it they are a little picky when it comes to how warm their water is. Funny huh?

While we are on the topic of temperature being an important part for a sea turtles life, I wanted to also inform you of a neat fact about their eggs. (I like this fact) So apparently the temperature plays a huge role in if a sea turtle will turn out to be male or female.

If it is a warmer temperature most likely we will be receiving a brand new baby girl. However, more males tend to hatch if the temperature is on the cooler side of things.

Sticking with the egg subject, let me tell you a little more on this. It is also stated that sea turtle will mainly due their nesting at night. The reasoning behind this is fewer people on the beaches, along with it is harder for most predators to spot them.

And just in case in you are wondering it usually takes eggs between 50-60 days to hatch. Ready for the quinkie dink part? Well the eggs also mainly hatch at night. Hatching at night ensures a higher lever of survival rate. For the same reasons I mentioned earlier. (Fewer people and harder to spot by predators)

Almost done with sea turtles hang in there one more I fell like you should be aware of. That is I wanted to let you known that the Hawksbill is one the most endangered sea turtle and with that it also makes it one of the rarest!

On To Manta Rays

Truly a fascinating animals to say the least. What I mean by this is, Manta Rays can grow massive in size. The larger ones can grow up to 7m (23ft) wide. And yet they can glide through the water with absolute gracefulness with no problems. It really is amazing watching them glide aimlessly around.

Now like the sea turtles, they are also picky about the water temperature. As a matter of a fact, the furthest north one has been known to be is North Carolina, US. And going south the furthest point one was located was in North Island, New Zealand.

These wonderful creatures also have one thing in common with dolphins. That is these are quite comfortable traveling alone or traveling in groups that can get up to 50! Social, "to be or not to be that is the question"?

Manta Rays are also very methodical when it comes day time or nighttime. I found out that usually during the day time, is when they like to spend most of their time up toward surface or more shallow areas. And apparently they think it is best to go visit the depths of the ocean during the night!

Great facts so far? I have 2 more to go for you on the Manta Rays!

Next, I thought it would be great to let you known that the Ancient Peruvian Moche worshiped many creatures of the ocean. Manta Rays however, seem to show up more, than any other ocean animals, in their paintings. Which, leads me to think that they thought very highly of the Manta Rays.

And last but not least, did you known that Manta Rays resemble humans in one way in particular? Ready for aha moment? Well you see I found that Manta Rays also visit "cleaning stations"! Great right? O wait you are probably wondering what I mean by this.

Well here's the down low so to speak! A Manta Ray's cleaning station is around the coral reefs. Here is why and what goes on. There are cleaner fish hiding in the coral reefs. So usually when there is a high tide a Manta Ray will go "park" for a few minutes and allow the cleaner fish to well, clean it! The cleaner fish will consume almost all the organisms that have attached themselves to the Manta Rays.

In some parts of the areas around the coral reefs, there will be a variety of cleaning fish. Now if a Manta Ray is visiting one of these areas multiple cleaner fish will pitch in. Some cleaning their mouth, some cleans up their gills for them, while the rest go to work on the body. Ultimately leaving the Manta Ray mostly organism free and felling great.

How About That!

So there you have it guys. A bunch of great fun filled facts about our oceans and the animals that reside in it. Now like I mentioned earlier this is my play ground, I love the ocean and all the animals that reside in it. With this being said, I hope you had as much fun as I did learning about the ocean, and some of its wonderful and glorious animals!

In honors of this gorgeous bedding here is a short clip of ocean life!

As an added bonus you got to view some pretty amazing comforters that highlight the beauty of all of this!

Well here it is folks the end! But before you leave it would be great to hear your thoughts! Did you like it as much as I did?

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  1. that was intense, at first i admit i thought it was just another sales page for comforters. but after i began to take in all the information i could actually visualize what i was reading i felt like i just wanted to read a little bit more and then little more before i knew it i was at the end of the post and i was ready to sign up to see what else you had to offer.
    great article very nice way to integrate some actual facts in with your sales pitch! kudos friend

    1. Thank you I am glad that I kept you interested. This post is my favorite by far but it is due to the fact I love the ocean. So I had a blast writing it. I am glad you enjoyed it. I have made it easy for purchasing all you have to do is click on the pictures provided and it will take you where you can purchase them. Thank you for stopping by and have a great day.

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